Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Round-up: March 2013 Edition

We thought it would be fun to take a minute at the end of each month to re-cap our favorite looks.  We will each pick our favorite of the month both for each Karen and Paloma.

Here we go....

Paloma's Favorite Karen Look:  

the "schoolgirl chic" look in Same Shirt Different Day

Karen was really into collared shirts and preppy looks this month. And I loved it! This outfit is my favorite because I think the buttoned cardigan is really flattering and you can see how teeny her waist is (bitch).  :-)  And I love the chambray underneath because it's way less expected than basic white.  Plus, the heeled loafers, which are a cute neutral shoe, but a with a definitive nod to the preppy. A+!

Paloma's Favorite Paloma Look:

peplum and a pencil skirt in Clothes From Closets Past

Something about this outfit just really did it for me. I think it was partly because it was so unexpectedly cute.  I just threw on this old standby comfy pencil skirt and then saw this shirt and these shoes, neither of which I had worn in eons and thought - why not?  I was super pleased with the result because it looks polished and professional but its not my usual cardigan/pencil skirt combo. Bonus = its basically all from Target and Forever 21. But what else is new?
Karen's Favorite Paloma Look:

polka dots and hunter green from Channeling Palm Springs

Paloma started out the month with a bang.  I love everything about this, down to her Cali casual pose.  Plus, did you know this woman has had two babies?  (Bitch!)  :-)  She looks slim and chic, ready to hit Dean Martin's pool party.  Hand the girl a martini, she's doing it for the gods, Rat Pack style!

Karen's Favorite Karen Look:

slouchy sweater, skinny roll-ups, a breeze

Ha, loved this "moment" so much I forced it on my Instagram and Facebook friends, and then obsessively monitored how many "likes" I got.  I love everything about this picture because it is so hard to get high-strung me to sometimes just relax.  And I look relaxed here, exuding something like... confidence?  A lovely quote I once heard from a friend: "I want to feel like this, always."

Other notes about this outfit - I covet couture and want more of it in my life, but this is a simple lesson that Forever 21 and H&M, topped off with a good handbag and some solid boots - now that gets the job done.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Opposite Friday

Another day of completely opposite schedules. Karen was in the office for a brief moment this morning, all in a tizzy as she was returning from a court appearance and gathering her things to head to a deposition in Pasadena.  Meanwhile, Paloma breezed in wearing jeans with the full intention of leaving work by 1:00 p.m. since her schedule was suddenly cleared. These pics were (miraculously)  snapped in the harried moments this morning after Paloma strolled in and Karen flew out. 

Karen says...

Not so Good Friday for me, because I have the classic, punishing combo of court plus deposition.  This is made all the worse because Fridays are that golden opportunity to go casual.  Never one to miss an opportunity, I chose to go with something in between.  As for court, my good ol' Club Monaco overcoat helped me get by.

I am wearing...

Club Monaco sleeveless blouse in a muted eggplant color
Zara white coteon blazer
S.Y.L.K. black pleated skater skirt
Nine West black suede platform pumps

Paloma says...

I love this combo of the polka dots and the mustard.  I have been wanting to wear these two together for awhile and today was the day.  Too bad just about zero people got to see me in it, and I only wore it for a few hours.  90% of our office was cleared out for the weekend by 1pm when I left, and our entire team was out entirely (except for Karen's brief zip through the office in the morning).  In fact, as I type this at 2:30 I've changed into a black jersey maxi dress and am catching up on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Good Friday, indeed!

I am wearing...

The Limited mustard cardigan
BDG by Urban Outfitters polka dot tee
AG jeans
Target suede and wood heels
Forever21 pendant necklace

Thursday, March 28, 2013

In a Hurry

We were able to steal away for lunch today, but not for long, and not too far.  And through this blog, we have the ability to show all five of our readers every angle imaginable of the Figat7th mall.

Paloma says...
Another rushed and harried day for me, which means comfort is key... Hence, the wedges and the cozy cardigan.   But I am so excited for jeans tomorrow and since my scheduled deposition got canceled at the last minute, I am going to take advantage of our firm's half-day Good Friday and take it easy!
I am wearing...
Forever 21 sleeveless blouse
The Limited gray pencil skirt
Banana Republic cream cardigan
Nine West nude patent wedges
Karen says...

So this is a lazy outfit in every way.  Although my shoulder is so much better, I still didn't feel motivated to wear anything interesting.  Grabbed the usual go-to's, including these same shoes that I'm suddenly so smitten with.  They're just perfectly comfortable and slimming at the same time.
I am wearing...
Gemma for Barney's Co-Op polka-dot silk blouse
Banana Republic beige skirt in stretch wool
Classiques Entier beige peeptoe booties with lace detail
Black cotton infinity scarf (from the Korean department store)
Tiffany & Co. silver pearl necklace (have decided to wear this all week, actually)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Broken Wing

Karen says...
Paloma is nowhere to be found today.  She has been kidnapped by Big Cheese to attend a deposition with her, and the possibility of a selfy is looking more and more slim. 

I, on the other hand, have two major impediments for taking a proper photo: (1) my partner-in-crime is nowhere to be found; and (2) I have a broken wing today, having injured myself in contemporary jazz the night before.  Apparently I think I'm Beyonce, going all out on a rubberized studio floor in Culver City at 9:00 pm on a Tuesday night.  This old bird has to learn to reign it in.

But, in truth, the routine was to "Singing in the Rain" and I admit, something about Gene Kelly simply sweeps me away. 

It's the rotator cuff and here it is in all its Icy Hot and Ace bandage wrapped glory.

In any event...
I was wearing...
Lux black and white top
GAP Ultra Skinny black pants
H&M cropped tuxedo jacket
Sole Society Dahlia in nude
Tiffany & Co. silver pearl necklace
Ace bandage


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We had rather different work days, and although our offices are next to each other, the only time we saw each other was when Paloma had time to run down and snap this shot.

Paloma says...

Grumpy busy day with not enough time to eat lunch or breathe, let alone blog.  But hey, at least I am wearing a cheery floral shirt and bright sweater to counteract my sourpuss attitude!

I am wearing...

Forever 21 Floral Georgette top
Mossimo for Target cardigan in red/orange
Banana Republic pencil skirt
Nine West nude patent peeptoe wedges

Karen says...

Ahoy, matey!  Not trying to emulate a pirate, but am winking at an onlooker who saw me awkwardly posing and then invited me to smile.  It's a simple outfit that is actually rather befitting of a lovely day at work.  I had some calls to take, some documents to send around, but I was able to have a lovely lunch at Coco Laurent on Grand, across from Bottega Louie.  That really punctuated the day.  The spring weather has been consistent and I'm currently obsessed with indoor-outdoor spaces.  Coco Laurent (and Goldie's, which I patronized last night) is a very encouraging sign of the dining experiences to come.  Aside from that, my sister paid me a late-afternoon visit here in downtown, so that was a call to Sprinkles.

So, yes, when I later learned that Paloma had even foregone lunch because of her busy day, I felt a bit indulgent.  But, few days are like this for me, and I savor it when I can.

Kept this light frock covered for much of the day with my grey coat.  It's nice out, but a little breezy for my taste.  This is a simple 2007 purchase that will probably last another five years for its simplicity and versatility.

I am wearing...

Calvin Klein navy blue shift
Theory navy blue patent leather belt
Nine West nude peeptoe platform heels

Accessories (not visible):
David Yurman bracelet

Monday, March 25, 2013

Clothes from Closets Past

The best way to add to your closet is to first subtract from your closet.  Constant closet-editing also helps resurrect favorite pieces that somehow never made it to Goodwill.  We start the week out with this good practice.

Karen says...
I like to think, there was ne'er a girl more single than me - at least in terms of foolishly shedding disposable income on clothes and shoes.  I have to constantly curb myself, but every weekend, the call of the mall is too great to resist.  During a routine inventory check and purge, I excavated these neutral peeptoe booties that, once upon a spring, I absolutely adored.  I spotted them on a Nordstrom mannequin, next spotted them in my shopping bag, then a couple of years later, spotted them tucked away in a Manolo Blahnik shoebox.  (They are not Manolos.)
They were sadly out of rotation, hiding out in a designer box.  I thought they'd look nice with some other neutral tones, so out came two other work shirts I seriously wore two jobs ago.  The overall look is totally 2008 Martin + Osa, but as Paloma noticed, I'm all about the collared layering lately.
I am wearing...
Theory short-sleeved pale blue pin-striped blouse (SS08)
Martin + Osa (RIP) fitted scoop-neck cream tee with ruched collar (SS08)
Bebe black tube skirt in stretch cotton
Classiques Entier neutral peeptoe booties with bow detail
Paloma says...
Oh my goodness, it's an ever-loving miracle!  I am carrying a purse other than my beloved Coach Legacy Candace Carryall!  I really felt like I needed to mix it up a bit, so I grabbed this lovely gray J.Crew bag that my mom got me for my birthday a few years back.  I wore the heck out of it for a long time back then (I love handbags in gray and cognac because I feel like you can wear them with anything), but it hasn't been in rotation for quite awhile now.  Fun to remember how much I once loved it (and also fun to find a $5 bill in it - holla!), but I have a feeling the Coach bag will be calling my name tomorrow and it will be hard to say no.
In other "busting out items that had been long-forgotten" news, this top from Target has really stood the test of time!  It's quite a few years old but it's so on-trend with the peplum.  And the colors are nice and classic, as well.  And these Jessica Simpson shoes I bought when hugely pregnant I have worn a grand total of once, and I really don't know why!  They are a cute taupe shade and have a faux lizard (or alligator?) texture.
All in all, a great day for recycling and re-mixing old standbys.  That said, there are a few recent online clothing purchases that are burning a hole in my closet waiting to be worn...
I am wearing...
Mossimo for Target peplum blouse in navy and orange pattern
Merona for Target black pencil skirt
Jessica Simpson faux croc-embossed taupe slingback peeptoe heels
Forever 21 necklace

Friday, March 22, 2013

Deceptively Decorated

A good way to end the week, back to outdoor snapshots and coffee runs.  Today, we're both decorated in deceptively inexpensive jewelry.  Iced at any price!

Paloma says...

Bummed that I'm wearing proper work wear on casual Friday, but when a meeting is scheduled for Friday morning, what's a girl to do?  I love the cheery coral blouse here though, and its actually really nice quality considering it's a cheapie from Old Navy (me, cheap? shocking, I know!).  Anyway, I am also a bit saddened that my ubiquitous Nine West black "Rocha" pumps (Karen has seen me wear them so many times she remembers them by name) seem to be falling apart.  I swear, I plow through a pair of black pumps every six months or so without fail.  Seems that this is true even when I splurge on more expensive ones, so I guess the moral of the story is that either I'm way too hard on my shoes or I just need to budget for a new pair of black pumps a couple times a year.

I am wearing...

Old Navy coral short sleeve blouse
J.Crew Tippi black cardigan
J.Crew Double Serge pencil skirt in charcoal grey wool
Nine West Rocha pumps in black
Forever 21 necklace

Karen says...

Hm, balayage going out of control, and I swear I don't have Cee-Lo arms.  This is a slouchy sweater from a few summers ago and looked great, then, over some boyfriend shorts.  It's the kind of Olsenesque sweater you wear when you're fabulously thin and want to look like a glamorous bag lady.  I am not channeling Olsen, fabulously thin, or glamorous bag lady here, but I wanted something black to go with my minty green jewelry.

I'm still obsessed with my Mother skinny flares.  They're skinny skinny skinny until the very end, where they just flare over a high wedge, as is the case with my new Toms for summer.  I wish I could wear these jeans every day.

And this necklace - not a jewelry/accessories person in the least, but I waited months to find a proper Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra knock-off.  I remember seeing a photo of Reese Witherspoon wearing a black one - love at first sight.  A local Brentwood boutique had mine at, you know, 1/300th of the price.  Still expensive for me, as someone who's not that into jewelry.

I still stop in front of a Van Cleef & Arpels window every time, fantasizing about having a real Alhambra necklace.

I am wearing...

Madewell silk tank in grape
M. Fredric dolman sleeve oversized knit sweater
Mother skinny flare jeans
TOMS Canvas Strappy Wedges in Burlap (here in black; snagged burlap early on, go me!)

BCBG mint green bracelet
Faux Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra necklace in teal

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Emergency Mode

We are seriously buried in work, and it shows.  Today we both scrambled a selfy together towards the end of the day, and needless to say, they may be lacking a little artistic something.  (E.g., Karen looks like a phantasm, Paloma featured her lunch.)  But, we carry on!  And onto casual Friday, and the promise of coming up for air!

Karen says...

My outfit today is just a quick and dirty rehash of some favorite items.  I had depositions in Encino (at the site of the carousel) and had to keep it straightforward.  I would say this is as basic as a California attorney gets - skinny pants, white shirt, sleek heels, all one layer.  No need for a jacket in today's 72-degree sunny weather.  A scarf was enough, which I quickly shed when I came home.  (Yes, this is home.)

This is IncrediBooth - just couldn't capture a good selfy with the timer cam.  So this is how I looked today, if you have cataracts.  It is pitiful!  I know!
I am wearing...

Splendid Double Pocket Shirting Top in white
Club Monaco skinny cropped grey pants
Enzo Angiolini Castalia pump in blue

Paloma says...
Oy.  The busy-ness doesn't end.  Today was busy in a "trapped behind my desk, culling through mountains of documents" kind of way though, instead of a busy "running through the airport" kind of way, like Tuesday.  This outfit was perfectly comfy for sitting on my bum all day - these pants are a recent purchase and I love them!  Been wanting skinny black work slacks for awhile and was so happy when this pair popped because they are stretchy - and were on sale for 50% off!  Paired with my new Sole Society shoes = perfect.
I am wearing...

Old Navy heather grey cardigan
Anthropologie white tank with crochet detail
The Limited Exact Stretch Handkerchief Pocket Skinny Pants
Sole Society Reanna in Apple Red Luggage

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Return of the Dove

Paloma was missed yesterday, so here she is back in ready-to-wear glory.  Featured here at the new Figat7th food court.  We're huge fans of this place.

Paloma says...

Holy moly, it's an ever-loving miracle.  I am in the office, was photographed, and actually had time to write something about it.  Finally!

Needless to say, the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of work, deadlines, and general busy-ness.   And it honestly shows no signs of stopping, but it's at least slowed to a more manageable pace for the moment. 
Anyway, this morning, in an effort to break out of my cardigan/pencil skirt rut, I dressed in this cardigan/A-LINE skirt combo!  Branching out, I tell ya!  I am actually not loving this skirt; it's a bit too A-line.  Am wondering if a serious ironing job could remedy it, but for the time being I will just hold my hands down at my sides to suppress its tendencies to puff out like I am wearing a petticoat.
I am wearing...

H&M fuschia cardigan
GAP lace-trim black camisole
Victoria's Secret black and white skirt
Nine West Rocha black pumps
Target faux turquoise dangly earrings

Karen says...

Paloma noted today that I've been channeling a lot of schoolgirl lately.  Today's collar-sweater combo and Mary Janes appear to confirm that.  I've been getting better about layering and dressing for this 60-degree weather, which generally lends to a prim, scholastic look.  Nothing schoolgirl about this one at night, though! Just kidding.  I swear.

I am wearing...

Splendid sleeveless pocket tank in neon yellow
Forever 21 black knit sweater
Armani Collezioni fishtail skirt in black and white herringbone
Cole Haan Adalyn Mary Janes

This skirt, though not very visible in this shot, is one of my truly nice pieces of clothing.  I got it on sale many moons ago at Neiman Marcus, and it cost the same as a pair of very nice heels.  In my mind, it was a big girl purchase.  The last time I wore it was in the Corner Office.

Reunited, and it feels so good, but not for long, as tomorrow I'll be out in depositions.  It never ends...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flying Solo

Paloma has flown to Reno for a court conference, and Karen flies solo back at home.

Paloma says...

[Nothing yet!]

Karen says...

I don't love this, but these were some hurried shots courtesy of Jamie, since Paloma is in Nevada today for work.  I'm fond of my outfit since I have a downtown dinner I'm dressing for, but of course, it's not very lawyerly, is it?  

I am wearing...

Topshop skater dress with black and white floral pattern
Martin + Osa red cashmere long cardigan
H&M blazer with suede elbow patches
HUE black tights
Nine West black pumps

Freedom for Topshop collar necklace

Monday, March 18, 2013

Same Shirt Different Day

Actually, it's not the same shirt for either of us, but it's the same something else.

Monday really started off with a bang, with all kinds of client and court issues we all had to deal with this morning.  We were holed up in our offices, seemingly buried in work, and in the late afternoon ran downstairs for a cup of coffee and a couple of shots.  (Photos.  Wish it were the other.)  Many of the building's occupants were leaving for the day and saw us right by the entrance, posing and shooting.  At this point, we hardly bother to be discreet.

Karen says...

I couldn't fight it, it's the return of the filter.  But I won't go overboard, I think it was just especially helpful for today, when both of us were feeling a little run-down.  In my case, it really helps the colors of my drab little schoolgirl outfit.  I had a client meeting and I also churned out yet another summary judgment motion, this one kind of par-prepared from months ago.  Go me!  But oh, the light at the end of the tunnel is still nowhere in sight.

I am wearing...

J.Crew black wool paper bag skirt
BDG dark blue chambray shirt
Forever 21 navy cardigan with white piping
Banana Republic tan faux croc penny loafer pumps

Paloma says...

[She'll say something later.  She's going on a business trip tomorrow so... whew, no time for air.]

Paloma is wearing...

LOFT blouse in eggplant
J.Crew skirt
Sole Society Reanna in apple red luggage

Earrings from Oxford Trunk
Corner Bakery Baker's Blend

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ready for Repose

This week was bananas for us both, thank goodness to one and all that it's over!  But, swapping schedules, it looks like the next week will not let up, either.

Worth commenting that the weather is - once again - excellent, and suitable for anything and any color.  Back by Figat7th, a lot of ideal fashion backdrops at our disposal.

Paloma says...

Another whirlwind day and not a lot of time to write.

I am very proud of myself for wearing something that was not cheap today (so unusual for me!) - my beloved Adriano Goldschmeid (AG) jeans which I haven't fit into in eons.  I actually forgot I even had them. Otherwise, just trucking along in the day to day, supremely busy and overwhelmed particularly with a big business trip for a settlement conference in Reno, Nevada (glamorous!) set for Tuesday.
Anyway, I will keep on trucking and try to get some relaxation in this weekend.
I am wearing...

Forever 21 sleeveless floral top
Adriano Goldschmeid bootcut jeans
Urban Outfitters red suede shoes

Forever 21 necklace

Karen says...

I didn't really care about the outfit today, all I cared about was getting a 445-page summary judgment motion  personally served in San Francisco, of all places.  So I defaulted to a look I think of as "Madewell 101" - nothing here is Madewell, but if I open page six of the Madewell catalogue, every damn person is wearing colored skinny jeans and a chambray shirt.  Of course, they're also wearing ankle cowboy boots, but I didn't want to over-trend it.  Plus, I've been feeling kind of stumpy lately, and these boots have a much more substantial heel.

I am wearing...

Townsen green tank
J.Crew chambray shirt
S.Y.L.K. skinny jeans in red
Vince Camuto ankle boots

Hope this weather keeps up!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


We talked about it today: we can't wait for the next five days to be over.  There is just too much due and we have to be out of the office quite a bit, as well.

Still, took a much needed lunchtime walk today in the glorious weather.  This was the Fine Arts building on 6th.

Karen says...

The pearls, the hair, the woebegone expression on my face... how very Stepford of me.  The only thing planned for today was wanting to wear this favorite cardigan of mine.  It's a peachy apricot color, snagged at one of Barneys' last real warehouse sales at the L.A. Convention Center.  This one is cropped with wonderful lace detail in the back.  My J.Crew wedges are the same shade, so I wore both things out to death last spring.

I am wearing...

Theory ribbed sleeveless top in navy blue
H&M grey straight-leg slacks
Barneys Co-Op peach cropped cardigan with back lace detail
J. Crew Martina patent wedges in apricot mist

long strand of pearls (looped x3)

Paloma says...

Work is getting crazy up in here!  Seriously having a hard time catching my breath with all that I have to get done in the next few days.  Anyway, I could think of only one thing to say here today, which is that clearly the cardigan/top/pencil skirt/heels combo is my default outfit.  I think it;s all I have worn this week!  Oh well, if it works, it works.
I am wearing...
The Limited cotton/cashmere boyfriend sweater
Wet Seal black camisole
We (heart) Vera [hey, thats my daughter's name!] skirt
Jones New York peep toe heels

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Reports confirm several Paloma sightings at the office today, and just now we have photographic evidence that yes, a person by her description and "I don't know how she does it" aplomb was spotted in and around Figueroa Street.  This photo should positively ID one Paloma.

Paloma says...
UPDATE: Paloma here, reporting for blogging duty.  Yes I was M.I.A. today, but I am finally logging in at 11:00 p.m. to inform our adoring readers (all 5 of you) of the details of my outfit.  Today was a whirlwind of meetings, teleconferences, and work responsibilities, and I was happy to be wearing a semi-comfortable outfit.  Especially for the two hour (YES, TWO HOUR) drive home... (Like a good Angeleno, I love my city but hate its traffic).
Paloma is wearing...
J.Crew Tippi cardigan in black
Forever 21 floral ruffle top
The Limited grey pencil skirt
Nine West Rocha pumps in black

Accessories: Pearl cluster earrings "borrowed" from my mom for my wedding and I ended up keeping them!

Karen says...
Today was whirling dirvish day for my co-worker in crime, but we did manage to chase her down and snap this shot.  What she'll say about it, we shall see.
As for myself, today was challenging on so many levels.  I'm sure Paloma can relate.  We just have so much to do right now.  The weather was just beautiful but we had no opportunity to discuss even that.  I wanted to be comfortable for the many things I had to do in the office, but also seize the opportunity to wear something summery and light.
The sullen look on my face matches how I feel!  Even if I love wearing pink shoes.
I am wearing...
kimchi blue dress with peplum skirt
Aqua three-quarter length sleeve blazer with tan and white stripes
Steve Madden fuschia suede heels
Tod's D Bag Media in black pebble leather
Burberry wristwatch
Tomorrow won't be any less of a busy shitshow, but I think we'll be able to do better.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Flings

It was meant to be selfy-day, but a quick rendezvous in the office ended up in an even quicker photography session.  Can't wait to get outside tomorrow in 80-degree perfect spring weather to snap something good for the week.
Karen says...
I have to say, I am shocked that I do not look a hot mess here, but for the skirt in dire need of a steam iron.  I am still sleep-deprived from the frenzied weekend.  I gave no real thought for the outfit today except: (1) wear something OK for a deposition in Century City; and (2) yay, spring!  Threw this together in literally 30 seconds - whatever was within reach in my bedroom - including the light cotton bolero, a closet favorite these many years for its total versatility.
I am also a believer that, besides "face-swallowing" dark sunglasses, dark lipstick also hides some of your sins.  Or amplifies them.
I am wearing...
H&M lilac cashmere sweater
Martin + Osa (RIP) khaki pencil skirt
Mike + Chris (RIP) slate cotton bolero
Sole Society Dahlia in nude
Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

Paloma says...

Spring is here (hurray for long sunny days!) and to celebrate, I'm wearing floral.   This skirt was another impulse Target purchase off the clearance rack two years ago that I have never worn until today.  I think that I was just always struggling with how to style it.  What I really wanted was to do a little pattern-mixing and wear a striped top, but would need an earth-tone striped shirt to pull that off, me thinks.   Anyway, I realized today that I have this t-shirt which perfectly matches the skirt, so ba-da-bing!  Outfit complete.

I am wearing...
Old Navy taupe t-shirt (with cute low cut back that is obviously not pictured)
Banana Republic cream cardigan
Merona for Target floral pencil skirt
Calvin Klein sling back sandals

Monday, March 11, 2013


Well, the streak has ended.  We had quite a good run there for a minute, with both of us being in the office just about every day for the past couple of weeks so we could snap a quick picture.  But today, it is back to the trusty (yet not nearly as exciting) "selfies."  At least, for Paloma.  Karen (who is in NYC until tonight) was lucky enough to have a companion who she could bribe to take a picture of her wandering the streets of Astoria, Queens. 

Yup, today Nine-Thirty to Five is bi-coastal!

Paloma says...

Usually, Pinterest serves as purely a source of wishful thinking for me.  As in... I wish I had time to reorganize my closet to look this beautiful; I wish I had time to make this awesome recipe; I wish I had money to buy all these beautiful clothes; I wish I were crafty enough to make these beautiful hand-painted lampshades, etc.  It all gets a bit frustrating when you realize that you have your Pinterest life and your real life, and never the two shall meet.
But today, I was actually able to use Pinterest in real life!  Yes, I was scrolling through my obscene number of "fashion" pins and saw that a really old one had recently received quite a few "re-pins."  Inspired, I took it upon myself to (sorta) recreate the outfit.  Take a plain white tee and black skirt, add a mustard cardigan, colorful scarf, and pendant, and VOILA!
I am wearing...
The Limited mustard cardigan
Gap white 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
Merona for Target black pencil skirt
Ann Taylor black suede wedges
Old Navy scarf
Forever 21 pendant

Meanwhile, in another time zone...

Karen says...

It's so hard to comment on New York, because what could I possibly add to the mix?  I had phases in all the predictable ways: swearing by midtown and the Village on my first early-20's visit; becoming intrigued by the Lower East Side as I developed hipster leanings; total obsession with Brooklyn when I finally got out of Manhattan; and recently, developing an appreciation for the Upper East Side and all its ritzy history, as friends started to move into the area.  But, Astoria?  Queens?  I didn't see that coming.

But, everything is different when you know someone, and my pal Ruairi is a dyed-in-the-wool Astoria fan and resident.  He not only snapped this picture - the full shot is kinda perfect, with a vanishing point - as the inveterate Instagrammer, but also took me to lots of interesting eats in the area.  I've never had such good Greek - even in Greece, I think.

As for the clothes, this was day four of my trip, so I started to give less of a damn about looking cute, and more concerned about being comfortable and staying warm.  I can sing New York's many praises, but this LA girl admits, the eventual drift from polished pixie to city-worn crazy-quilt is not one of them.  Yes, there is a studied chic to looking like a fashionable bag lady, but it's driven by misery, necessity, and the weather.  And these aren't good reasons. 

But, playing New Yorker for a day?  Certainly can't argue with that.

I am wearing...

H&M baggy sweater in dusty rose (not visible)
Maison Scotch fitted chambray shirt with dot embroidery
BB Dakota brown plaid trench (another Clover find)
De Rigueur black leggings
Franco Sarto Learn boots in cherry antique (playing the hell out of these, but super functional on a trip)

Warby Parker Liv sunglasses (so appropriate in NYC!)

Ah, city fatigue.  Now I'm ready to just sleep for days.  But no rest for the wicked, up and back at 'em tomorrow for a deposition.  More selfies to come.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Rainy Day Rooftops

LA is bee-yoo-tiful today after a night of thunder and lightning, so we headed to a rooftop to catch the light sunshine and clear skies.  Of course, we couldn't get much but the same downtown view, so it turns out a white wall is pretty much the best way to show off your outfit.

Karen says...

I was up early, packing for a weekend trip, but I still feel (and look) as if I were flattened by a steamroller.  Maybe this all lends to the conclusion that I just can't take my wine; had a sumptuous meal last night at A.O.C. for my friend Cynthia's birthday, where the white wine just flowed.  Oh, it hurts to pay the piper.

This outfit has two things in mind: casual Friday and traveling.  Putting in a few hours and gathering reams of work to take with me when I leave for a weekend in a much colder clime.  Layering is essential, but all very doable under with this loose sweater and skinny jeans.

This is my, "I look like shit so I'll vamp" look.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 white racerback tank
Forever 21 tan chunky sweater (I love this)
H&M low-waist skinny jeans
Franco Sarto Learn boots in cherry antique

Accessories (not really shown):
David Yurman bracelet
Burberry watch
Self-made necklace, single black pearl on a chain

Aside whatever's on my wrist, the whole outfit here cost $100, give or take.  I think I paid more for the boots; it's painful when you see it reduced even more, and still available in your size.

On Monday, see you from another coast...

Paloma says...

I love rainy days in LA, because when the sun does come out (it can't stay away long), the whole city looks sparkly and clean, and all the green trees look brighter.  Yup, those days make me love my adopted native city. 

Embracing the sporadically rainy weather today by wearing a variety of grays and a whole lot of comfort.  I love this cardigan/jacket because it's a bit more professional-looking than a regular cardigan, and thus makes me feel more work-appropriate, even though I am wearing a t-shirt and stretchy jeans.
I am wearing....

LOFT sweater jacket
Mossimo for Target gray t-shirt - this is a great shirt, and only $8
Forever 21 zippered skinny jeans in black
Steve Madden Sonnya boots in cognac 

aqua pendant necklace from the Melrose Trading Post

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Forward

There are some days when we're like, I have too much to do, I don't have time for this, and we run to a corner and snap a haggard shot of each other.  Then there are weeks like this one where we're both in the office an appreciable amount, and each day we are more and more intrigued by this project.

It obviously isn't us channeling Mary-Kate Olsen listlessly hanging out on Bleecker Street with an oversized latte - it's meant to be the good, bad, and blechh of every day stuff we throw together for work.  And that work is very specific - it's lawyering, which sometimes means staid suits, other times means endless permutations of cardigans and pencil skirts.  There is potential, there, though, and for us, to redefine how we see ourselves in a job that usually does the defining for you. 

We both wore the same shade of olive green today, more like-mindedness co-working at play.  Back to Figat7th, as we hovered over a newly opened Sprinkles.  The aroma of the cupcakes will lure you from a mile away; the ridiculous line makes you turn around.

Paloma says... 

Well, what do you know?  I'm wearing another cardigan.  Sheesh.  Lord knows that I love a good cardi, but I think I might need to start branching out a bit into different tops.  Oh well.  I am exhausted (and ever so slightly hung over after three glasses of wine, mindlessly guzzled over two nail-biting episodes of Homeland), and when I'm tired, I certainly default to my old stand-bys. 
This particular cardigan was a birthday present and is presently my favorite.  J.Crew's Tippi sweaters just can do no wrong.

I am wearing....

J.Crew Tippi cardigan in black (here)
Old Navy green and white polka dot tank 
The Limited charcoal A-line skirt
Nine West Rocha pumps in black
Gold hoop earrings (bridesmaid gift)

Karen says...

The dress is a nice, slinky little silk thing that's actually totally appropriate for work because of the simple cut and muted tone.  But it's 58 degrees out and that's just way too breezy for this California girl.

I'm trying to do a mute-bright/monochromatic thing here, and if we had more billable minutes to spare, I'd probably do a better job showing off those details.  

I am wearing...

Barneys Co-Op olive green silk dress
Banana Republic chartreuse coat (SS05, thank goodness color has returned!)
Sole Society Brooklyn in Leopard (totally loving these as my new animal print shoes)

Copper leather belt with bow buckle (attached to dress)

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Flash scene

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Long Lost Sweaters

Here we are on the busy corner of 7th and Figueroa, after a leisurely ladies' lunch at the world famous, Michelin-rated California Pizza Kitchen. 

Don't judge.  Their kung pao spaghetti and Thai crunch salad were great for sharing.

Karen says...

This outfit seemed like a good idea last night, but I guess just photographs terribly.  I was not happy with anything Paloma snapped and she must've come up with 30 photos.  I was so irritated by the outcome that I made her take another shot inside my office, this time without the cinchy belt.

The sweater was something I "had to have" and didn't think twice about buying, despite a not very forgiving price tag.  There are many things I covet at Karen Millen, the kind of store I always go into but from which I never buy anything.  But hopefully that changes; their prints and shoes truly are so gorgeous.

Side note: once upon a time, I was obsessed with Tod's.

I am wearing...

BCBG silk and cotton patchwork v-neck high-low white blouse
Karen Millen grey and navy striped layered and belted sweater
BCBG leggings
Sole Society Sophie boots in black
(got them 50% off, which is more correctly priced given their actual quality)
Tod's D Bag Media in Black Pebble Leather
(gift from my sister years ago!)
Paloma says...

This cardigan was an impulse purchase off the clearance rack at Target two years ago.  And I have worn it exactly once since I bought it.  Granted, I was pregnant for nine months and took a four-month maternity leave in that two-year period, and therefore had limited access to my normal wardrobe, but still.  It needed to be re-introduced to the world... and today was that day.  As Karen and I discussed today over our very serious (OK, not really) lunch at CPK, blogging your clothes every day means you are constantly rediscovering what you already own, which is pretty cool.  This should also mean a decreased need to shop, but that has yet to occur for me.
I am wearing...
Merona for Target cardigan
J.Crew tweed pencil skirt
Steve Madden shoes
Urban Outfitters skinny brown belt
Starbucks half-caf
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene (no effects lately!)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pretty Ladies

A walk to coffee today led to memory lane, and reminiscences of our favorite childhood dolls.  Of course, Paloma had heaping boxes of Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids of varying age and size; Karen had Barbie's friend Tracy, who she played with until her head fell off, and one beloved CPK as a prize for winning a piano competition.  All this, of course, called for a visit to the Barbie aisle. 
So here we are, standing in front of quite an assortment of pretty ladies.
Paloma says...
Mild writer's block today, probably due to hours and hours of review and analysis of boring legal documents, causing my brain to fry. 
Anyway, I got this pencil skirt back from the cleaner yesterday, and had to wear it immediately since it's wool and the weather is still somewhat winter-y (cloudy and 62 degrees is winter, yes!), so I gotta get as much use as I can out of it.  Also, I'm certainly keeping up the black and white top trend lately... I think three days in a row??  In direct opposition to that, my online shopping habits (a.k.a. filling a shopping cart with clothes and never buying them) of late reveal that I am getting eager for spring: florals and bright colors like whoa!
I am wearing...
Old Navy black and white blouse
J.Crew double serge wool pencil skirt in charcoal
Nine West 7Cress pumps
Pink crystal necklace (gift from my brother)
Karen says...
I've been trying to find more ways to wear this floral dress, something I consider cute-ugly.  The pattern looks like an explosion of dead poppies, and the cut of the dress is about as complicated as styling a paper bag.  But it has that hipster house dress feel, which isn't quite the thing for work (surprise, surprise), so I matched it up with a black cardigan, black tights, and some high boots.
I am wearing...
Aqua navy floral patterned sundress
Bloomingdale's Cashmere black cardigan with floral appliques
Black tights
Franco Sarto Learn boots in cherry antique
And here's Karen taking off with the Disney princess pack - all the pretty ladies in one box with a handle.
Dolls and coffee and photo-blogging - what can't you do at a Target?
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene