Monday, March 11, 2013


Well, the streak has ended.  We had quite a good run there for a minute, with both of us being in the office just about every day for the past couple of weeks so we could snap a quick picture.  But today, it is back to the trusty (yet not nearly as exciting) "selfies."  At least, for Paloma.  Karen (who is in NYC until tonight) was lucky enough to have a companion who she could bribe to take a picture of her wandering the streets of Astoria, Queens. 

Yup, today Nine-Thirty to Five is bi-coastal!

Paloma says...

Usually, Pinterest serves as purely a source of wishful thinking for me.  As in... I wish I had time to reorganize my closet to look this beautiful; I wish I had time to make this awesome recipe; I wish I had money to buy all these beautiful clothes; I wish I were crafty enough to make these beautiful hand-painted lampshades, etc.  It all gets a bit frustrating when you realize that you have your Pinterest life and your real life, and never the two shall meet.
But today, I was actually able to use Pinterest in real life!  Yes, I was scrolling through my obscene number of "fashion" pins and saw that a really old one had recently received quite a few "re-pins."  Inspired, I took it upon myself to (sorta) recreate the outfit.  Take a plain white tee and black skirt, add a mustard cardigan, colorful scarf, and pendant, and VOILA!
I am wearing...
The Limited mustard cardigan
Gap white 3/4 sleeve t-shirt
Merona for Target black pencil skirt
Ann Taylor black suede wedges
Old Navy scarf
Forever 21 pendant

Meanwhile, in another time zone...

Karen says...

It's so hard to comment on New York, because what could I possibly add to the mix?  I had phases in all the predictable ways: swearing by midtown and the Village on my first early-20's visit; becoming intrigued by the Lower East Side as I developed hipster leanings; total obsession with Brooklyn when I finally got out of Manhattan; and recently, developing an appreciation for the Upper East Side and all its ritzy history, as friends started to move into the area.  But, Astoria?  Queens?  I didn't see that coming.

But, everything is different when you know someone, and my pal Ruairi is a dyed-in-the-wool Astoria fan and resident.  He not only snapped this picture - the full shot is kinda perfect, with a vanishing point - as the inveterate Instagrammer, but also took me to lots of interesting eats in the area.  I've never had such good Greek - even in Greece, I think.

As for the clothes, this was day four of my trip, so I started to give less of a damn about looking cute, and more concerned about being comfortable and staying warm.  I can sing New York's many praises, but this LA girl admits, the eventual drift from polished pixie to city-worn crazy-quilt is not one of them.  Yes, there is a studied chic to looking like a fashionable bag lady, but it's driven by misery, necessity, and the weather.  And these aren't good reasons. 

But, playing New Yorker for a day?  Certainly can't argue with that.

I am wearing...

H&M baggy sweater in dusty rose (not visible)
Maison Scotch fitted chambray shirt with dot embroidery
BB Dakota brown plaid trench (another Clover find)
De Rigueur black leggings
Franco Sarto Learn boots in cherry antique (playing the hell out of these, but super functional on a trip)

Warby Parker Liv sunglasses (so appropriate in NYC!)

Ah, city fatigue.  Now I'm ready to just sleep for days.  But no rest for the wicked, up and back at 'em tomorrow for a deposition.  More selfies to come.

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