Ripped Off

I ripped this look off directly from Jessica on the blog Here & Now (which btw, is a great blog - she is a teacher and is adorable and has great style; I gravitate toward blogs that are more approachable, fashion-wise, and also work-appropriate -- hers fits the bill for sure...btw, how many different punctuation marks do you think I could fit into this parenthetical?), and I love how it came together.  Just wish my cobalt blue pencil skirt was actually fitting at the moment because it would have looked great with this.  Also wish I had some cute gray suede pumps to pair with it.... next on the wishlist i s'pose.

Cardigan: J.Crew (alternative)
Shirt: J.Crew Factory (alternative)
Skirt: Target (similar)
Shoes: Banana Republic (alternative)
Earrings: Kate Spade


  1. I love your take on this outfit pretty lady! Thank you for being such a lovely blog reader :)

    1. aw shucks, thank you! thanks for being such a great outfit inspiration! :)


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