Spring Forward

There are some days when we're like, I have too much to do, I don't have time for this, and we run to a corner and snap a haggard shot of each other.  Then there are weeks like this one where we're both in the office an appreciable amount, and each day we are more and more intrigued by this project.

It obviously isn't us channeling Mary-Kate Olsen listlessly hanging out on Bleecker Street with an oversized latte - it's meant to be the good, bad, and blechh of every day stuff we throw together for work.  And that work is very specific - it's lawyering, which sometimes means staid suits, other times means endless permutations of cardigans and pencil skirts.  There is potential, there, though, and for us, to redefine how we see ourselves in a job that usually does the defining for you. 

We both wore the same shade of olive green today, more like-mindedness co-working at play.  Back to Figat7th, as we hovered over a newly opened Sprinkles.  The aroma of the cupcakes will lure you from a mile away; the ridiculous line makes you turn around.

Paloma says... 

Well, what do you know?  I'm wearing another cardigan.  Sheesh.  Lord knows that I love a good cardi, but I think I might need to start branching out a bit into different tops.  Oh well.  I am exhausted (and ever so slightly hung over after three glasses of wine, mindlessly guzzled over two nail-biting episodes of Homeland), and when I'm tired, I certainly default to my old stand-bys. 
This particular cardigan was a birthday present and is presently my favorite.  J.Crew's Tippi sweaters just can do no wrong.

I am wearing....

J.Crew Tippi cardigan in black (here)
Old Navy green and white polka dot tank 
The Limited charcoal A-line skirt
Nine West Rocha pumps in black
Gold hoop earrings (bridesmaid gift)

Karen says...

The dress is a nice, slinky little silk thing that's actually totally appropriate for work because of the simple cut and muted tone.  But it's 58 degrees out and that's just way too breezy for this California girl.

I'm trying to do a mute-bright/monochromatic thing here, and if we had more billable minutes to spare, I'd probably do a better job showing off those details.  

I am wearing...

Barneys Co-Op olive green silk dress
Banana Republic chartreuse coat (SS05, thank goodness color has returned!)
Sole Society Brooklyn in Leopard (totally loving these as my new animal print shoes)

Copper leather belt with bow buckle (attached to dress)

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Flash scene