Channeling Palm Springs

What better lighting and filter than the sun itself?  It was super strong and in full force today as we took this on the corner of 9th and Flower, in front of a beautiful restaurant called Towne.  So nice seeing sundresses and sandals out, mostly worn by the girls walking around nearby FIDM.  They didn't seem too fazed by a couple of girls photographing their outfits.

Paloma looks ready for resort chic, while Karen's torn clothes are more Coachella, less legal.

Paloma says...

Wowzers, it's hot.  At 80 degrees, it's hard to believe that it's technically still winter.   Anyway, I am loving that I get to wear short sleeves and open-toed shoes!

Having the polar opposite "fit" problem with my clothes from yesterday - today my pants are way too big!  They are a post-baby purchase and I have shrunk since buying them.  Good for me, bad for these pants.  But I love the colorful jeans trend - think I need more!

I am wearing...

BDG for Urban Outfitters polka dot tee
The Limited stretch jeans in forest green
Nine West peep-toe nude patent wedges

Freshwater pearl drop earrings (gift from my hub)

Karen says...

I got a few looks today from co-workers for wearing... well, torn clothes.  One co-worker complimented me (I think) as "edgy," another flat-out told me with dripping sarcasm, "A little too casual today?"  Well, I stayed the heck inside my office except for this brief emergence into the 80-degree world.  One strategically designed tear in the jeans has since opened up a bit, and the t-shirt (brand new and all) is peppered with all kinds of holes.  Proof that, where fashion's concerned, "worn in" (sorry, distressed) is a sham just like anything else.

Later, I went to east Hollywood to get my hair fixed.  The styling assistant told me that I looked "really cute."  She then added - in all her heroin chic, bleached hair, smudged kohl eyeliner and all - "You wore that to work?"

Just this once, OK?  Plus, I love these jeans.  They're my first pair of Current/Elliotts, and by far, my favorite.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 American flag sleeveless t-shirt
Forever 21 black moto jacket
Current/Elliott skinny boyfriend jeans
BCBG black suede booties with cut-outs

Good ol' Warby Parker shades and Mulberry bag!

I immediately took the jacket off when we finished the photo!  So wonderfully warm today.

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+ app, Clarity scene