Black and White in High and Low

Inevitably, we were mid-shot today when Karen's friend walked by.  And it didn't feel weird at all hastily explaining, "Oh, we're just taking pictures for this fashion blog we do. [nervous laughter]"  But we're so used to it now, as this is our daily routine.  With the gazillion social media sites out there, this is surely another drop in the fashion blog bucket!

Another serendipitous coincidence (besides running into an old boyfriend while taking pictures of your outfits) - we both wore beloved black and white tops.  The labels could not be more different, but the fashion utility is quite the same.

This is the opposite corner of Flower and 9th.  We love the pile of oranges as a backdrop.  (Never mind that it's part of a Robeks.)

Karen says...

Another Monday morning, another unplanned outfit.  I thought I'd take the best of my blacks and see what result.  Of course, you end up with a failproof, if a little unremarkable, outfit.

I went with monochrome accents today - the scarf and shoes actually match up pretty well but are different patterns so as to not run afoul of Paloma's no matchy-matchy rule.

And, although not visible, I am wearing a short-sleeved vintage Balenciaga sweater rescued from a consignment shop.  It has a loud anchor on it that nobody seems to get; covering up the anchor is one way around it.  Of course, co-worker Jamie loved it, as she has a penchant for the couture.

I am wearing...

Balenciaga knit short-sleeved logo top
The Gap Ultra Skinny black pants
Topshop grey infinity scarf with ikat pattern
Sole Society Brooklyn in Leopard

The fit of the sweater is just heavenly, it's opportunities to own stuff like this that remind me of the little details of couture craftsmanship.

Paloma says...

I just have to talk about how much I love this shirt.  After searching and searching for the perfect classic black and white striped t-shirt, and always coming up short, I was thrilled to find this one at good ol' Forever 21 for $5.80!  Boo-yah!
Anyway, I just had to brag about it, even though my mom and my brother (hi, Drewdle!) are always telling me to stop telling everyone how cheap my clothes are.  They insist that I am always answering the compliment, "I love your [insert clothing/accessory item]!" with, "Thanks, I got it for [insert some obscenely low amount of money] at [insert some store at which I should be mildly embarrassed to shop]!"  (Example: "I love your top!" "Why thanks, I got it for $2.00 at Charlotte Russe!").  It's pretty good advice, since you certainly wouldn't respond the same way if your clothes cost an obscenely large amount of money.  Can you imagine?  "Thanks! I got it for $475 at Gucci!" 
Anyway, I digress.  Love this shirt, and am excited for endless possibilities with it.  At least, for as long as it holds up.  Damn, I should have bought three.
I am wearing...
Forever 21 black and white triped t-shirt
Gap olive green cardigan
J.Crew camel skirt (from like 1999!)
Nine West Rocha black pumps
Green and gold cocktail ring from Target (not pictured)
Black drop earrings on clearance at Macy's (only $5!! - sorry, I can't stop myself sometimes)
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+ app, Portrait scene; Overlay effect