Friday, March 15, 2013

Ready for Repose

This week was bananas for us both, thank goodness to one and all that it's over!  But, swapping schedules, it looks like the next week will not let up, either.

Worth commenting that the weather is - once again - excellent, and suitable for anything and any color.  Back by Figat7th, a lot of ideal fashion backdrops at our disposal.

Paloma says...

Another whirlwind day and not a lot of time to write.

I am very proud of myself for wearing something that was not cheap today (so unusual for me!) - my beloved Adriano Goldschmeid (AG) jeans which I haven't fit into in eons.  I actually forgot I even had them. Otherwise, just trucking along in the day to day, supremely busy and overwhelmed particularly with a big business trip for a settlement conference in Reno, Nevada (glamorous!) set for Tuesday.
Anyway, I will keep on trucking and try to get some relaxation in this weekend.
I am wearing...

Forever 21 sleeveless floral top
Adriano Goldschmeid bootcut jeans
Urban Outfitters red suede shoes

Forever 21 necklace

Karen says...

I didn't really care about the outfit today, all I cared about was getting a 445-page summary judgment motion  personally served in San Francisco, of all places.  So I defaulted to a look I think of as "Madewell 101" - nothing here is Madewell, but if I open page six of the Madewell catalogue, every damn person is wearing colored skinny jeans and a chambray shirt.  Of course, they're also wearing ankle cowboy boots, but I didn't want to over-trend it.  Plus, I've been feeling kind of stumpy lately, and these boots have a much more substantial heel.

I am wearing...

Townsen green tank
J.Crew chambray shirt
S.Y.L.K. skinny jeans in red
Vince Camuto ankle boots

Hope this weather keeps up!

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