Return of the Dove

Paloma was missed yesterday, so here she is back in ready-to-wear glory.  Featured here at the new Figat7th food court.  We're huge fans of this place.

Paloma says...

Holy moly, it's an ever-loving miracle.  I am in the office, was photographed, and actually had time to write something about it.  Finally!

Needless to say, the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of work, deadlines, and general busy-ness.   And it honestly shows no signs of stopping, but it's at least slowed to a more manageable pace for the moment. 
Anyway, this morning, in an effort to break out of my cardigan/pencil skirt rut, I dressed in this cardigan/A-LINE skirt combo!  Branching out, I tell ya!  I am actually not loving this skirt; it's a bit too A-line.  Am wondering if a serious ironing job could remedy it, but for the time being I will just hold my hands down at my sides to suppress its tendencies to puff out like I am wearing a petticoat.
I am wearing...

H&M fuschia cardigan
GAP lace-trim black camisole
Victoria's Secret black and white skirt
Nine West Rocha black pumps
Target faux turquoise dangly earrings

Karen says...

Paloma noted today that I've been channeling a lot of schoolgirl lately.  Today's collar-sweater combo and Mary Janes appear to confirm that.  I've been getting better about layering and dressing for this 60-degree weather, which generally lends to a prim, scholastic look.  Nothing schoolgirl about this one at night, though! Just kidding.  I swear.

I am wearing...

Splendid sleeveless pocket tank in neon yellow
Forever 21 black knit sweater
Armani Collezioni fishtail skirt in black and white herringbone
Cole Haan Adalyn Mary Janes

This skirt, though not very visible in this shot, is one of my truly nice pieces of clothing.  I got it on sale many moons ago at Neiman Marcus, and it cost the same as a pair of very nice heels.  In my mind, it was a big girl purchase.  The last time I wore it was in the Corner Office.

Reunited, and it feels so good, but not for long, as tomorrow I'll be out in depositions.  It never ends...