Rainy Day Rooftops

LA is bee-yoo-tiful today after a night of thunder and lightning, so we headed to a rooftop to catch the light sunshine and clear skies.  Of course, we couldn't get much but the same downtown view, so it turns out a white wall is pretty much the best way to show off your outfit.

Karen says...

I was up early, packing for a weekend trip, but I still feel (and look) as if I were flattened by a steamroller.  Maybe this all lends to the conclusion that I just can't take my wine; had a sumptuous meal last night at A.O.C. for my friend Cynthia's birthday, where the white wine just flowed.  Oh, it hurts to pay the piper.

This outfit has two things in mind: casual Friday and traveling.  Putting in a few hours and gathering reams of work to take with me when I leave for a weekend in a much colder clime.  Layering is essential, but all very doable under with this loose sweater and skinny jeans.

This is my, "I look like shit so I'll vamp" look.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 white racerback tank
Forever 21 tan chunky sweater (I love this)
H&M low-waist skinny jeans
Franco Sarto Learn boots in cherry antique

Accessories (not really shown):
David Yurman bracelet
Burberry watch
Self-made necklace, single black pearl on a chain

Aside whatever's on my wrist, the whole outfit here cost $100, give or take.  I think I paid more for the boots; it's painful when you see it reduced even more, and still available in your size.

On Monday, see you from another coast...

Paloma says...

I love rainy days in LA, because when the sun does come out (it can't stay away long), the whole city looks sparkly and clean, and all the green trees look brighter.  Yup, those days make me love my adopted native city. 

Embracing the sporadically rainy weather today by wearing a variety of grays and a whole lot of comfort.  I love this cardigan/jacket because it's a bit more professional-looking than a regular cardigan, and thus makes me feel more work-appropriate, even though I am wearing a t-shirt and stretchy jeans.
I am wearing....

LOFT sweater jacket
Mossimo for Target gray t-shirt - this is a great shirt, and only $8
Forever 21 zippered skinny jeans in black
Steve Madden Sonnya boots in cognac 

aqua pendant necklace from the Melrose Trading Post


  1. The pictures are getting better and better! Today's pictures are great... so urban and the wind adds some drama. Fun!


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