Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Round-up: March 2013 Edition

We thought it would be fun to take a minute at the end of each month to re-cap our favorite looks.  We will each pick our favorite of the month both for each Karen and Paloma.

Here we go....

Paloma's Favorite Karen Look:  

the "schoolgirl chic" look in Same Shirt Different Day

Karen was really into collared shirts and preppy looks this month. And I loved it! This outfit is my favorite because I think the buttoned cardigan is really flattering and you can see how teeny her waist is (bitch).  :-)  And I love the chambray underneath because it's way less expected than basic white.  Plus, the heeled loafers, which are a cute neutral shoe, but a with a definitive nod to the preppy. A+!

Paloma's Favorite Paloma Look:

peplum and a pencil skirt in Clothes From Closets Past

Something about this outfit just really did it for me. I think it was partly because it was so unexpectedly cute.  I just threw on this old standby comfy pencil skirt and then saw this shirt and these shoes, neither of which I had worn in eons and thought - why not?  I was super pleased with the result because it looks polished and professional but its not my usual cardigan/pencil skirt combo. Bonus = its basically all from Target and Forever 21. But what else is new?
Karen's Favorite Paloma Look:

polka dots and hunter green from Channeling Palm Springs

Paloma started out the month with a bang.  I love everything about this, down to her Cali casual pose.  Plus, did you know this woman has had two babies?  (Bitch!)  :-)  She looks slim and chic, ready to hit Dean Martin's pool party.  Hand the girl a martini, she's doing it for the gods, Rat Pack style!

Karen's Favorite Karen Look:

slouchy sweater, skinny roll-ups, a breeze

Ha, loved this "moment" so much I forced it on my Instagram and Facebook friends, and then obsessively monitored how many "likes" I got.  I love everything about this picture because it is so hard to get high-strung me to sometimes just relax.  And I look relaxed here, exuding something like... confidence?  A lovely quote I once heard from a friend: "I want to feel like this, always."

Other notes about this outfit - I covet couture and want more of it in my life, but this is a simple lesson that Forever 21 and H&M, topped off with a good handbag and some solid boots - now that gets the job done.

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