Clothes from Closets Past

The best way to add to your closet is to first subtract from your closet.  Constant closet-editing also helps resurrect favorite pieces that somehow never made it to Goodwill.  We start the week out with this good practice.

Karen says...
I like to think, there was ne'er a girl more single than me - at least in terms of foolishly shedding disposable income on clothes and shoes.  I have to constantly curb myself, but every weekend, the call of the mall is too great to resist.  During a routine inventory check and purge, I excavated these neutral peeptoe booties that, once upon a spring, I absolutely adored.  I spotted them on a Nordstrom mannequin, next spotted them in my shopping bag, then a couple of years later, spotted them tucked away in a Manolo Blahnik shoebox.  (They are not Manolos.)
They were sadly out of rotation, hiding out in a designer box.  I thought they'd look nice with some other neutral tones, so out came two other work shirts I seriously wore two jobs ago.  The overall look is totally 2008 Martin + Osa, but as Paloma noticed, I'm all about the collared layering lately.
I am wearing...
Theory short-sleeved pale blue pin-striped blouse (SS08)
Martin + Osa (RIP) fitted scoop-neck cream tee with ruched collar (SS08)
Bebe black tube skirt in stretch cotton
Classiques Entier neutral peeptoe booties with bow detail
Paloma says...
Oh my goodness, it's an ever-loving miracle!  I am carrying a purse other than my beloved Coach Legacy Candace Carryall!  I really felt like I needed to mix it up a bit, so I grabbed this lovely gray J.Crew bag that my mom got me for my birthday a few years back.  I wore the heck out of it for a long time back then (I love handbags in gray and cognac because I feel like you can wear them with anything), but it hasn't been in rotation for quite awhile now.  Fun to remember how much I once loved it (and also fun to find a $5 bill in it - holla!), but I have a feeling the Coach bag will be calling my name tomorrow and it will be hard to say no.
In other "busting out items that had been long-forgotten" news, this top from Target has really stood the test of time!  It's quite a few years old but it's so on-trend with the peplum.  And the colors are nice and classic, as well.  And these Jessica Simpson shoes I bought when hugely pregnant I have worn a grand total of once, and I really don't know why!  They are a cute taupe shade and have a faux lizard (or alligator?) texture.
All in all, a great day for recycling and re-mixing old standbys.  That said, there are a few recent online clothing purchases that are burning a hole in my closet waiting to be worn...
I am wearing...
Mossimo for Target peplum blouse in navy and orange pattern
Merona for Target black pencil skirt
Jessica Simpson faux croc-embossed taupe slingback peeptoe heels
Forever 21 necklace