Same Shirt Different Day

Actually, it's not the same shirt for either of us, but it's the same something else.

Monday really started off with a bang, with all kinds of client and court issues we all had to deal with this morning.  We were holed up in our offices, seemingly buried in work, and in the late afternoon ran downstairs for a cup of coffee and a couple of shots.  (Photos.  Wish it were the other.)  Many of the building's occupants were leaving for the day and saw us right by the entrance, posing and shooting.  At this point, we hardly bother to be discreet.

Karen says...

I couldn't fight it, it's the return of the filter.  But I won't go overboard, I think it was just especially helpful for today, when both of us were feeling a little run-down.  In my case, it really helps the colors of my drab little schoolgirl outfit.  I had a client meeting and I also churned out yet another summary judgment motion, this one kind of par-prepared from months ago.  Go me!  But oh, the light at the end of the tunnel is still nowhere in sight.

I am wearing...

J.Crew black wool paper bag skirt
BDG dark blue chambray shirt
Forever 21 navy cardigan with white piping
Banana Republic tan faux croc penny loafer pumps

Paloma says...

[She'll say something later.  She's going on a business trip tomorrow so... whew, no time for air.]

Paloma is wearing...

LOFT blouse in eggplant
J.Crew skirt
Sole Society Reanna in apple red luggage

Earrings from Oxford Trunk
Corner Bakery Baker's Blend