Pretty Ladies

A walk to coffee today led to memory lane, and reminiscences of our favorite childhood dolls.  Of course, Paloma had heaping boxes of Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids of varying age and size; Karen had Barbie's friend Tracy, who she played with until her head fell off, and one beloved CPK as a prize for winning a piano competition.  All this, of course, called for a visit to the Barbie aisle. 
So here we are, standing in front of quite an assortment of pretty ladies.
Paloma says...
Mild writer's block today, probably due to hours and hours of review and analysis of boring legal documents, causing my brain to fry. 
Anyway, I got this pencil skirt back from the cleaner yesterday, and had to wear it immediately since it's wool and the weather is still somewhat winter-y (cloudy and 62 degrees is winter, yes!), so I gotta get as much use as I can out of it.  Also, I'm certainly keeping up the black and white top trend lately... I think three days in a row??  In direct opposition to that, my online shopping habits (a.k.a. filling a shopping cart with clothes and never buying them) of late reveal that I am getting eager for spring: florals and bright colors like whoa!
I am wearing...
Old Navy black and white blouse
J.Crew double serge wool pencil skirt in charcoal
Nine West 7Cress pumps
Pink crystal necklace (gift from my brother)
Karen says...
I've been trying to find more ways to wear this floral dress, something I consider cute-ugly.  The pattern looks like an explosion of dead poppies, and the cut of the dress is about as complicated as styling a paper bag.  But it has that hipster house dress feel, which isn't quite the thing for work (surprise, surprise), so I matched it up with a black cardigan, black tights, and some high boots.
I am wearing...
Aqua navy floral patterned sundress
Bloomingdale's Cashmere black cardigan with floral appliques
Black tights
Franco Sarto Learn boots in cherry antique
And here's Karen taking off with the Disney princess pack - all the pretty ladies in one box with a handle.
Dolls and coffee and photo-blogging - what can't you do at a Target?
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene