Broken Wing

Karen says...
Paloma is nowhere to be found today.  She has been kidnapped by Big Cheese to attend a deposition with her, and the possibility of a selfy is looking more and more slim. 

I, on the other hand, have two major impediments for taking a proper photo: (1) my partner-in-crime is nowhere to be found; and (2) I have a broken wing today, having injured myself in contemporary jazz the night before.  Apparently I think I'm Beyonce, going all out on a rubberized studio floor in Culver City at 9:00 pm on a Tuesday night.  This old bird has to learn to reign it in.

But, in truth, the routine was to "Singing in the Rain" and I admit, something about Gene Kelly simply sweeps me away. 

It's the rotator cuff and here it is in all its Icy Hot and Ace bandage wrapped glory.

In any event...
I was wearing...
Lux black and white top
GAP Ultra Skinny black pants
H&M cropped tuxedo jacket
Sole Society Dahlia in nude
Tiffany & Co. silver pearl necklace
Ace bandage