Thursday, March 21, 2013

Emergency Mode

We are seriously buried in work, and it shows.  Today we both scrambled a selfy together towards the end of the day, and needless to say, they may be lacking a little artistic something.  (E.g., Karen looks like a phantasm, Paloma featured her lunch.)  But, we carry on!  And onto casual Friday, and the promise of coming up for air!

Karen says...

My outfit today is just a quick and dirty rehash of some favorite items.  I had depositions in Encino (at the site of the carousel) and had to keep it straightforward.  I would say this is as basic as a California attorney gets - skinny pants, white shirt, sleek heels, all one layer.  No need for a jacket in today's 72-degree sunny weather.  A scarf was enough, which I quickly shed when I came home.  (Yes, this is home.)

This is IncrediBooth - just couldn't capture a good selfy with the timer cam.  So this is how I looked today, if you have cataracts.  It is pitiful!  I know!
I am wearing...

Splendid Double Pocket Shirting Top in white
Club Monaco skinny cropped grey pants
Enzo Angiolini Castalia pump in blue

Paloma says...
Oy.  The busy-ness doesn't end.  Today was busy in a "trapped behind my desk, culling through mountains of documents" kind of way though, instead of a busy "running through the airport" kind of way, like Tuesday.  This outfit was perfectly comfy for sitting on my bum all day - these pants are a recent purchase and I love them!  Been wanting skinny black work slacks for awhile and was so happy when this pair popped because they are stretchy - and were on sale for 50% off!  Paired with my new Sole Society shoes = perfect.
I am wearing...

Old Navy heather grey cardigan
Anthropologie white tank with crochet detail
The Limited Exact Stretch Handkerchief Pocket Skinny Pants
Sole Society Reanna in Apple Red Luggage

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