Thursday, February 28, 2013

Never Again

We both set out to be "put together" today, but came away with all kinds of gripes about things we'd never do again.  For Paloma, it has to do with a beloved skirt.  For Karen, ever again sitting complacently while getting her hair done - if even by her favorite, expert stylist.

This is just downstairs, in front of our favorite happy hour and client lunch spot, Soleto.

Karen says...

How happy am I that we captured my hair yesterday, in that unexpected back shot.  Because only one hour after that, I went to see Julio, my beloved stylist, at ASE Salon, and came away looking like a Bangkok bimbo.  (Or himbo with a wig.)  I wholeheartedly think I should have hair a shade lighter, as it's better for the yellow tones of my Han Chinese skin.  I also wholeheartedly think Asian girls should steer the eff away from brassy yellow hair if they don't want to look like a you-know-what.

Let's talk about my hair for a second.  I have been obsessed with the balayage technique and my last do was, in my opinion, the perfected ombre look for me.  In order to do that, Julio had to run superfine highlights through my base so that the entire thing would pull together.  Well, fast forward to two months later when my actual black hair starts growing out, and the ends get crazy distressed.  What I wanted yesterday was a cut and the same few, superfine highlights through the base; and through all the chatting and my after-work-turned-off-brain, we ended up doing full-blown partial highlights.  The end result was, in my opinion, less Rachel Bilson, more Love You Long Time.

Anyway, never again will I sit there and not be completely engaged in the hair transformation process.  The fix-it appointment is tomorrow.  I know you can't really see here, but something is off, for sure.  The greatest indication is the black hair already visible at the roots.  Sad face.

I am wearing...

Theory dress (back from the cleaners, yay!) (FW08)
Sole Society Brooklyn in Leopard (replacing my broken Chandras, but both of which are now on sale for $24.98)

medium strand of pewter pearls

It's a more muted animal print, round toe.

Paloma says...

I am never wearing this skirt again.  I was so excited when it actually fit this morning (haven't been able to squeeze into it since two babies ago!) that I think I got a little over-eager and decided to wear it.  The reality is, I should really lose a few more pounds before this puppy goes on my body again.  Taking pics for the blog was very strategic, covering up the waistline fabric that was stretching, pulling, and holding on for dear life.  Anyway, its a wonderful skirt - part of a J.Crew suit my mom got me when I first graduated law school - and has an adorable fishtail hem in the back.  Hopefully, one day soon I will fit into it again.  Until then, to the back of my closet it goes.

On another mom-related note, this outfit came to be after a conversation with my mom the other day about complexions and seasons... She was saying that my complexion is an "Autumn," so I can wear earth tones, but also am able to wear jewel tones more like a "Winter."  Inspired, I busted out a nice combo of jewel tones today to celebrate the last days of winter - cobalt blue and plum purple.  

Other mom advice: I must stay away from pastels.  Oh, and always wear a little lipstick. Thanks, Mom! :)

I am wearing....

The Limited cobalt blue blouse
LOFT plum purple cardigan
J.Crew pencil skirt
Nine West Rocha black pumps

Forever 21 necklace

Camera: iPhone 4S, Cloudy scene; Miniaturized and Depth of Field effects

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Backup Plan

Always have one!  Across the street today at the 777 building, quite frankly a much more notable office building than ours, where downtown real estate is concerned.

Paloma says...

Funny story: I was making the long trek back to our office from San Bernardino, where I was doing a hearing this morning, when I managed to spill basically an entire Diet Coke on my shirt.  Awesome.  What is a girl to do when she has to get back to the office for some pressing work and can't manage to swing home beforehand?  Why, she stops at the first Target she spots (Targets are aplenty out there on that long stretch of the 10 freeway in the IE) and buys a cardigan on clearance to cover the massive brown spot on her shirt!  This sweater came in a zillion colors, but since I recently realized that one of the colors missing from my (probably too large) cardigan wardrobe was red - the decision was easy!
On another note, doesn't Karen look smokin' hot today??
I am wearing...
Mossimo for Target red cardigan
Old Navy taupe fitted tee
Gap Modern Flare black pants
Jones New York black peep toe pumps


Turquoise earrings from The Oxford Trunk
Karen says...
Why, thank you, Paloma, thank you very much.  As it happens, I figured I had to think about my outfit for a change after yesterday's hot mess.
I wanted to wear this red skirt again with a fitted navy blue sweater, which I don't own.  Found one at the Gap this weekend, but because I was only budgeted for the skinny black pants worn on Monday, something had to give.  I then tried to find something navy, anything navy, in my closet, and so the chosen top, as of this morning, was a sleeveless Theory one.  Put it on and thought... well, we won't be wearing this again until we hit up a Core Fusion class.  Something about the arms just looked doughy.  I defaulted then to this standby sweater that is slimming under any circumstance - despite the horizontal stripes - because it is made of the nicest superfine cashmere.  I try not to wear this sweater too often because: (1) not exactly work appropriate with that low scooped back; and (2) a small little moth-eaten hole makes me treat this closet fave with kid gloves.
But, it went much better with the skirt, and getting Paloma's seal of approval is the best confirmation.  In fact, her endorsement of the peep-toe resurrected this pair for me, long buried in the back of my closet.
I am wearing...
Club Monaco cashmere 3/4-sleeve sweater in grey and white mini stripes
L'Agence asymmetrical skirt in red
Nine West peep-toe platform pumps (SS09)
Warby Parker Liv sunglasses (my fave and newly repaired)
Getting my hair did this evening - bye bye balayage (at least, a couple of inches of it).
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Downtown Desert

As close as we'll get to desert chic is this massive planter of succulents at the new Figat7th complex.  Then, add some warm colors, or perhaps a wildflower pattern, then finish off with a vintage filter... et voila!  Of course, one never wears a black work skirt out in the desert.  But it's pretty impossible to channel Rumi Neely standing by a few cacti in a flowing prairie skirt, in all this urban mess, so this'll do.

Karen says...

Loved this shirt when I picked it up this weekend at the newly rebranded Nordstrom Savvy department.  Oddly enough, it's featured on the home page of Savvy Trends, but on me it looks like something from Aunt Edna's closet.  The new Savvy is super cool, though: a shopgirl there described it like a Zara, co-worker Jamie opined that they're trying to pull a Cusp.  I'm just glad it's at a price point below Topshop.  Then again, everything is.

I am wearing...

ASTR floral patterned silk top
Marc by Marc Jacobs ribbed black skirt
Club Monaco charcoal grey cardigan
Barneys New York patent black pumps

long strand of pearls, double-looped

Needless to say, this is not one of my best.  Paloma swears it looks cute in person.  Photo fail!

Meanwhile, Paloma looks perfectly charming.  See below.

Paloma says...

Another day of lawyerly duties: taking a deposition and preparing for a hearing tomorrow.  Have to dress professional again tomorrow, so couldn't bear to be in a full-blown suit again today.
Also, another day with not enough time to write anything clever...
I am wearing...
The Limited yellow cardigan
Old Navy burgundy and black patterned camisole
The Limited grey pencil skirt
Jones New York black peep toe pumps
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+ app, Clarity scene, Diana and Magic Hour effects

Monday, February 25, 2013

Orange Carpet Chic

Trying to reference something Oscar-related, but it's pretty hopeless.  The closest thing we have to a red carpet is this strange pumpkin-colored carpet running through the office, that's probably more like a large assortment of FLOR tiles.  Here's a section of it up in our large conference room, in front of wooden blinds that often conceal very important meetings behind closed doors. 

Wish we could say something about being inspired by red-carpet looks and yesterday's fashion frenzy (E! Mani-Cam, really?), but it's all business here at businessville.

But we can still ask ourselves the all-important question: "Who are you wearing?!"

Paloma says...

Boring suit day!  Had a major client roundtable meeting today where I had to do my best lawyer impersonation.  Hence, the suit with the terribly-fitting pants. Yikes!
Another day of hustle bustle means that I don't have time to write much, except that I'm happy open-toed shoes are becoming acceptable again, since that opens up a whole host of shoe options from my closet!
I am wearing...
The Limited grey suit
Old Navy floral blouse
Nine West nude patent peep toe wedges
Big old faux diamonds
Karen says...
Black jeans on Friday, black pants on Monday... yawn.  I could have done a lot better today, but when I get up on Monday mornings, I usually feel as if I've been hit by a truck.  This outfit is something I could have worn six or seven years ago, and yet, it's totally not.  The pants are, in fact, a weekend purchase, on a routine stop at The Grove.  I've just been needing some basic black skinny pants, and The Gap had them.  I'm so on the fence about The Gap, but you can't argue with those prices.
I am wearing...
Barneys Co-Op grey silk cowl-necked top
The Gap Ultra Skinny black pants
Enzo Angiolini Castalia pump in cobalt blue
Burberry watch (resurrected with a battery, yeah!)
Yup, those are some very blue suede shoes.
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+ app, Clarity scene; Overlay effect

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Keep It Movin'

We took our photos from outer space today.  Or rather, used the crazy HDR filter that brightens all colors and outlines but also gives everything an eerie glow.
Karen says...

I think we had time for nothing this week.  For instance, I would love to do a quick shot of the "statement" necklace I swiped from another dress to make an embellished collar, but... ain't nobody got time for that. 

I had a deposition today, which dashed my dreams of a totally casual Friday.  But I took my own liberties (surprise, surprise) and still went with this chambray-like shirt and black jeans.  My client, who also happens to be my friend, showed up in the same dressy-casual preppy look, and we were two perfect defendant peas in a pod.  That must be the secret to a good depo: coordinated outfits between counsel and client.

I am wearing...

Maison Scotch button-down chambray shirt with dotted embroidery (boy, do I love this shirt!)
Just U.S.A. black jeans from 
Sole Society Dahlia in nude
Black jeweled "statement" necklace with ribbon tie, detached from a Libby London dress
Paloma says...

No time to write much clever content today, as I am running out the door to catch a plane for a little weekend getaway!  Dressed for pure comfort today, in my skinny stretchy jeans and cozy sweater.  Looking forward to a relaxing weekend before its back to the grind (and a mountain of work I am behind on) on Monday!  Happy Friday! 

I am wearing....

Forever 21 grey sweater
Gap Always Skinny black jeansSteve Madden Sonnya brown boots

Forever 21 pendant big ass faux diamond studs
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+ app, Clarity scene, HDR effect

Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Loss of Sparkle

There are not enough hours in the day for us busy gals.  Schedules ran awry and we had to selfy it up.

Paloma says...

Today started out with a bang.  I had a 7:00 a.m. meeting scheduled, and it was going to take me twenty minutes to get there.  I woke up at 6:30 a.m. on the dot, i.e., I had ten minutes to get out the door.   To make matters worse, I have no contact information with me for the person I am meeting because I suck and forgot to bring it.  Sooo... I literally raced around like a maniac for ten minutes (my three-year-old was a bit frightened of me), threw on the very first thing I laid eyes on in my closet, slapped on some makeup and a pulled my hair into a ponytail, and was out the door at 6:43.  And what do you know?  I made it to my meeting at 7:00 a.m. on the nose.
The morals of the story are: (1) I am capable of becoming (semi) presentable in ten minutes; (2) I can pick out a cute outfit in less than ten seconds; and (3) I must learn not to confuse the "dismiss" button for the "snooze" button on my phone's alarm clock (seriously though, can't they make it a little harder? like, if you push dismiss have the phone scream "ARE YOU SURE??").
Oh, and I am wearing a glittery skirt, which is awesome.
I am wearing...
LOFT beige sweater
Gap black lace-trimmed camisole
J.Crew wool pencil skirt in black with gold threading
Nine West Rocha pumps in black
Obscenely large faux diamond earrings
Camera: DROID RAZR 2, Camera+ app, Clarity scene, Sunkiss'd effect
Karen says...
Well, it's finally come to taking a selfy inside my very own apartment.  I did it on my street, I did it in front of my apartment building, and now, have finally brought it full circle and indoors.  The day dragged on so long that I couldn't get to a photo until the sun set.  There was something a bit unceremonious about trudging in here, feeling beleaguered and beaten, and then setting up the phone for a sad selfy.  Waa waa.
As I couldn't get a very good photo, I'm having the filter make it interesting and calling it an Herb Ritts moment.
I am wearing...
Theory black suit with mini dots
Club Monaco asymmetrical sleeveless blouse in eggplant
Sole Society Chandra closed toe pump in leopard color
Ugh!  And sadness of all sadnesses, I think one of the heels of my beloved Chandras broke.  It isn't unwearable, it just makes for a wobbly left footing.  Perhaps the love affair with Sole Society is finally ending.
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+ app, Clarity scene, Fashion effect

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the Go

Both of us are too frazzled and too rushed today to focus on the details.  But we carry on!  With this unexpectedly cold weather, already so looking forward to casual Friday.  In such a mad rush that we snapped this in our office lobby as Paloma was heading out in the late afternoon.

Karen says...

All neutrals today, in varying degrees.  The weather wasn't suitable for anything bright; my mood wasn't suitable for anything dark.  The caftan cape was something I swore by last winter, and now I wear it just to justify the purchase.  What I wouldn't do to swap it now for a layered blazer or a moto jacket.

I am wearing...

Barneys Co-Op gold lace overlay sweatshirt (SS10)
Martin + Osa (RIP) tan pencil skirt (SS08)
Caslon knit tan mottled caftan cape (FW11)
Banana Republic tan faux croc-embossed penny loafer pumps

Them dark roots are showing.  Time to pay Julio a visit.

Paloma says...

Feeling halfway human today, so thought I would wear neon pink to liven me up a bit, and maybe bring me all the way up to 80% human.  Love this Tippi sweater from J.Crew - seriously would own it in every color if I could - though none would be quite as fun as this punchy pink.

Since starting this blog, I have been making an effort to drag random items out of my closet and force myself to come up with an outfit around it.  Such was the case today, with this Express (yes, again) blouse ca. 2003ish, which I don't think I have worn in at least three years.  And I am actually kind of loving it!  It has French cuffs, doesn't wrinkle, and has a cute, subtle pattern.  May even wear it again one day!

I am wearing...

Express blouse
J.Crew Tippi sweater
Merona for Target black pencil skirt with pockets
Ann Taylor black suede wedge pumps

Freshwater pearl drop earrings (gift from my mom)
Forever 21 faux rose quartz and gold bracelets (not pictured)

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene, Magic Hour effect

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

... always get us down.  Particularly true in Paloma's case!  At the very least, a nice chance to be photographed with an umbrella.
Paloma says...
This is starting to get pathetic.  I am sick, once again.  Twice in a month.  This time, with a beast of a cold complete with one red swollen watery eye (hence, the massive sunglasses in spite of the gray, rainy weather).  After battling the flu, a silly cold feels like a walk in the park, but the watery eye which means I can't wear any eye makeup and is red and swollen half-shut?  Not cute.  I think I have scared all of my co-workers half to death, cruising around the hallways looking like a sniffling Cyclops.  And once again, here is Karen, sweeping into the office with perfectly blown-out hair, a cute ensemble, and bright red lips.  Really quite unfair that I have to keep putting pictures up of myself alongside this easy breezy lady.  Sigh.
Anyway, obviously when your face looks monstrous who the eff cares what your outfit looks like?  So, I put aside the adorable one I had planned out for today and instead pieced together this hodge-podge of comfortable stuff. Fingers crossed for better health (and a way better outfit) tomorrow!  For now, I am going to ride out the rest of this day working at home from my couch with Kleenex stuffed up my nose. Sexy!
I am wearing...
Banana Republic red wool coat
Martin + Osa (RIP) burgundy cinched-waist cardigan  
Gap Modern Flare black slacks
Target grey suede wedges
black umbrella (all business!)
Karen says...
Many thanks to Paloma's positive feedback, supra, but I definitely did not roll in here with a good attitude.  Just overwhelmed by all there is to do, with no end in sight.  That said, I am quite motivated after Paloma's brother, Drew, gave us some fabulous commentary on a couple of posts, and started thinking up a few looks for us.  I wish I had the treasure trove of Spring 2013 goodies to create these looks, but try to at least cobble together similar silhouettes.  Over the weekend, Drew sent a shot of a faboosh Parisian gal skipping down some stairs in white t-short, denim shorts, skintight opague black tights, sky-high black pumps, the most amazing fitted camel military coat, a wide-brimmed floppy felt hat, and a Celine bag of some sort.  OK, well I can't do that.  But I can throw on a pair of tights on a rainy day.
And, I did take a tip from Paloma's book - underneath the bright blue coat, it's all jersey knit, baby.  I might as well be wearing my dorm room bedsheets.
I am wearing...
Calypso cotton jersey knit 3/4 length sleeve v-neck in grey
Velvet cotton jersey knit navy blue fitted tulip skirt
Banana Republic black ribbed tights
Franco Sarto Learn boots in cherry antique
Y apparel u.s.a. (aka cheap) cobalt blue large houndstooth patterned peacoat (from another Silver Lake fave, Pull My Daisy)
Marc by Marc Jacobs umbrella ("i love marc jacobs" scrawled all over)
Those are some big-ass buttons on that coat.
Here comes a week of wintry weather, and maybe a last hurrah of coats, scarves, and bundled-up glam.
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Flash scene, HDR effect

Friday, February 15, 2013

Summertime in Downtown

Today a lightning-fast midday food and funds run (payday!) brought us to a space in front of downtown LA's O Hotel.  We're big fans of its resident restaurant, Bar + Kitchen, for their parmesan tater tots.
Karen says...

I've been waiting all week for this - 80 degree weather.  No doubt, it felt like summertime in downtown and so I decided to dress as if I were going shopping in Rome.  Of course, far from it, as Paloma had commented, "I can tell you're in a bad mood today."  Well, you would be, too, if you had to leave early for the MD (regular check-up) and had uncooperative partners and clients coming out from every corner (wish the doctor could treat that!) making the very short work day a flurry of frustration. 

Ah, that's what happens when you start a blog with your co-worker.  You not only start dressing like each other, but she can read you in more ways than expected.

I am wearing...

Zara white sleeveless tent blouse
Xhilaration patterned skater skirt
Moda International (as in Victoria's Secret!) tan sheer cotton cardigan
Tory Burch tan leather slingback sandals
Tiffany & Co. silver pearl necklace
Theory navy blue wide belt
Burberry round-framed sunglasses
Too lazy for the details today!  But the necklace is a classic charmer, a nice present from an old flame.
Paloma says...

I'm back at work, woohoo!  And just in time for casual Friday, followed by a three-day weekend! 

Today, I wasn't feeling particularly fashion-y so I went the jeans and t-shirt route.  Made it a just a wee bit fancier with my long faux crystal necklace.   These shoes are actually my other leopard shoes (flats though), which I love love love, and wore the heck out of while pregnant.  They aren't looking as pretty these days, but they still bring a little something interesting to an otherwise bland outfit. 

Not much of interest to say today except, Happy Friday, y'all!
I'm wearing...
Old Navy black cardigan
LOFT grey ruffle neck t-shirt
Old Navy bootcut jeans
Target leopard print flats
Forever 21 necklace
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene, Overlay and Depty of Field effects

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love In All Forms

Love is in the air!  Today's post is a clear exercise in point-counterpoint.
Paloma says...
Happy Valentine's Day!  Lucky me, I am celebrating with another sick kid (for those keeping track, that's two kids with two sicknesses each in three weeks, plus my own five-day bout with the flu).  My baby is sick now, and it's my turn to stay home (hub was home with the big girl yesterday while I mediated).  God, I am such a sad sack this month - either I'm sick or I'm home with a sick kid on a seemingly constant basis.  It's exhausting.

Anyway, this outfit is seriously not blog-worthy, but we have insisted this blog would be an honest portrayal of what we wear Monday through Friday, even if it's not always pretty.  It's not a fashion blog, it's a documentation of outfits.  So, here we are - me in my sweats.  (I really hope one of these days Karen gets sick and has to post a pic of herself in pajamas on the internet... this is starting to feel unfair - sorry, Karen.)

P.S.:  This is the third day in a row I have not been in the office to enjoy Karen's homemade Chinese New Year dumplings - such a travesty!  Better be some left tomorrow!
I am wearing....
Cranberry (Karen's word) sweatshirt from God knows where
Black yoga pants from Target
White socks from who the hell cares :-)
Camera: DROID RAZR 2, Camera+ app, Portrait scene, LoFi effect
Karen says...
By contrast, I seem to be creating a separate blog within a blog about daily trips to Target.  What happens when a person goes to Target 365 days of the year?  Even if it weren't the perfect place to run a smattering of weekly errands, there are so many inexpensive opportunities there for lunchtime amusement.  As it is Valentine's Day, and I am due at a very important gathering tonight, I definitely had to pick out a couple of cards for my loved ones.
OK, I don't wear glasses, except on days when I'm a hipster poseur.  These are some larger clear frames from a fun little vintage store in West Hollywood, on 3rd or Beverly.  I decided that the overwhelming look of frivolous red could use a little sobering with a pair of geeky frames.  It's a fun look and I'm starting to really enjoy this totally commercial and generally bullshit holiday.
I am wearing...
Cotton On blue and brown polka dot sundress with ruffled neckline
Martin + Osa (RIP) long cashmere v-neck cardigan in red
Sole Society Dahlia pumps in red
Theory oversized navy blue belt
vintage tortoise-rimmed large frame glasses
Hello Kitty earrings (little red kitty heads!)
And Paloma, I froze the dumplings back at Madame Karen's Dumpling Factory so I will surely bring some freshly boiled ones tomorrow.  What you are missing today is the ice cream social with fresh buttermilk and vanilla bean ice creams, lovingly stored in our disgusting, overpacked office fridge before I bring them to the dinner party tonight.  3:00 pm is ice cream time for the Employment Team.
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+ app, Clarity scene, LoFi effect; Clarity scene, Overlay effect

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

PG for TG

Paloma's out mediating today, so a couple of selfies are on the way...

Karen says...

Apparently Prabal Gurung (who?) is having better success at Target than Neiman Marcus did.  I had no real interest in this but our co-worker Jamie and I saw a pair of funky heels that were kinda calling my name.  When I found a last pair in my size, I knew it was meant to be.  If you're going to buy loud, fun, impractical shoes, you can't go wrong at $39.99.  My tastes go increasingly more conservative and practical as the price tag goes up.

Reusing some other pieces from past posts today - which is the whole point, I guess.

Here I am before a wall of my co-worker Jamie's various degrees.  Was only a matter of time before other co-workers got wrangled into this mess.

I am wearing...

BCBG silk and cotton patchwork v-neck high-low white blouse
Fuschia bolero sweater from Clover in Silver Lake
Theory black slacks
Prabal Gurung for Target Pointy-Toe Pump in Nolita Print

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene, Depth of Size and Miniaturized Effects

Paloma says...

Hectic day out of the office today at a mediation that was long and frustrating and resulted in no settlement.   And it started with an 8:00 a.m. stop at the office to scramble and finish a report for another case.   And it finished with a stop at McDonald's Playland to eat fries, watch my three-year-old run amuck, and force my husband to take a picture of me in front of a window before the sun went down (though the natural light seems to have been overshadowed by the harsh fluorescent)...

All while wearing a simple and comfortable lawyer ensemble.

I am wearing....
Gap navy t-shirt
The Limited grey slacks (matching blazer not pictured)
Nine West Rocha pumps in black
J.Crew pearl necklace

Camera: DROID RAZR 2, Camera+ app, Portrait scene, Vibrant effect

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Skirts in Black, Tapered

There must be something in the office water!  We both showed up in white tops and black skirts today.  This is starting to get weird...

Paloma says...

Oh, goodie!  My child is sick again!  And I get to spend the day trying to work from home in between serving chicken soup and cuddles.  While I love nothing more than cuddling my girl, it's going to seriously harm my productivity level today.  Oh well, c'est la vie.  Fortunately, Karen was able to snap this frazzled picture of me as I rushed out of the office to my daughter's pre-school, all weighed down with bags to work from home.

Anyway, on to the clothes.  More importantly - my SHOES.  I said that leopard shoes were in my future.  I have been on the hunt for the perfect leopard print heel for over a year, and I've finally found them (it's surprisingly hard to find a good non-cheap-looking leopard shoe)!  And on eBay, no less!  I'm on a major eBay binge lately - it has been very good to me.  OK, the princess is requesting juice, so I'm out...

I am wearing...

Banana Republic cream cardigan
Target white t-shirt
BCBG black paperbag skirt
Jessica Simpson Minna leopard wedges (via eBay)

Target red earrings

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene; Portrait scene and Miniaturized effect

Karen says...

My fitness regime is a weird one - I leave my house a few evenings a week for a jog around the neighborhood, taking my iPhone as a music source, keys, and my wallet "just in case."  And as I run (heh, or briskly walk) through Brentwood, I sometimes run errands, like pick up a carton of half and half, or fresh meat for supper.  Lately I've been returning with odd things - like a bag from Ron Herman's 2/3 off sale.  Or in last night's case - a 60% off mint green bracelet from BCBG.

Naturally, the logical step was to plan the next day's outfit around jewel tones.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 black tank
Bebe black cotton/lycra blend tulip skirt (always!)
Sheer white Dolman sleeve top from francesca's
Aldo fuschia suede stiletto heels
BCBG mint green bracelet

For once!  I have some kind of accessory on.

Later in the day, a routine coffee run to Target/Starbucks resulted in a return with a pair of Prabal Gurung heels... Again, weird how that happens!  Stay tuned...

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene; Portrait scene and Miniaturized effect

Monday, February 11, 2013

Slacks in Black, Flared

Separated with selfies today!  And yet, still like-minded, back to basics in flared blacks lacks.

Karen says...

With Big Cheese today in Century City at a mediation.  Of course, I never got to do a selfy with client and boss in company, so I snapped one when we broke and I got to head home early.  Here is a boring 2008-type outfit in front of a 1979-type building with a 1960-type filter.

I actually live in this 1979-type building.

I am wearing...

Banana Republic sleeveless high-collar cotton top with grey lace overlay (FW12)
Bloomingdale's Cashmere cardigan with floral applique collar in black
Trina Turk flared low-slitted black pants (SS07)
Steve Madden sueded black T-strap Mary Janes with ruffle detail (FW09)
Black cotton infinity scarf from Korean market

The Trina Turk pants are an oldie but goodie; pretty sure it's a 2007 purchase and at that time, Ms. Turk had not yet gone full resort chic and made some nice basics.  Of course, when I wore them to work in 2008, I remember getting feedback like, "Are you going to a club?"  I am fairly convinced that in 2013, anything goes - and if it doesn't, I'm old enough now where I don't care.
The blouse was a purchase where I intended to be Christmas shopping for others, but ended up buying stuff for myself.  I was in love with it at the store and now am very ehh about it.  I like the detail close up, but it's rather unspectacular matched with a pair of slacks.

And that's my little owlish doormat.  Welcome!

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Paloma says...

About once every six months, I have a halfway decent hair day.   And, boy, am I happy that I now have a daily blog in which to document said days.   Had a little extra time this morning since I had to take my daughter to a 10:00 a.m. dentist appointment, and decided to just come in to work afterward.  So, I used that time to hairspray and curl my hair to perfection!  I felt like Karen! :) 

Anyway, the outfit is unremarkable, but appropriate for an unremarkable day of desk work.  Definitely dusted off some oldies but goodies today - another Express shirt (!) and some Victoria's Secret pants (random!) that I completely forgot I had.   Actually, I'm kind of glad I found them because they are surprisingly comfy and are a good length for lower-heeled shoes.  

Good outfit for sitting behind a computer all day.   A little sad I am not out and about today to share my hair with the world, so I guess posting it on the internet for our ten readers will have to suffice. 

I am wearing....

Express blue-grey shirt
Victoria's Secret Christie flared black slacks in cotton
Target grey suede wedges

Forever 21 necklace

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Upscale Casual

Unnaturally cold today, so we scouted around the firm again and came to this oh-so-Crafstman space just underneath our big stairwell.  If you have a meeting with one of us chances are that you will first be ushered into this large and welcoming reception area.

There are vintage Los Angeles prints lining the walls and this cherry wood all over, plus nice little Beaux Arts-type lighting accents.  Hm, perhaps too much credit is being given here.  It could have been that these were just the fixtures that were going on sale at the time they remodeled all this.

Paloma says...

My husband makes the most hilarious comments about my fashion choices sometimes.  Sometimes, I get what he means - for example, every time I wear this breton stripe boatneck t-shirt he says I look like a French mime.  Other times, I have no freaking clue - like when I first tried the skinny jeans and boots trend and he said "That outfit makes you look like Robin Hood."  Today was definitely one of those times where I just did.  Not.  Get.  It.  He looked at my shoes this morning and said, "What's going on here?  It looks like you are going to a Mexican nightclub."  Um... What?  I mean, he did grow up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a stone's throw from Mexico; and he did spend a lot of his youth going to nightclubs across the border since bars were 18 and over (er... sketchy much??), so I guess he has a point of reference that I don't.  Anyway, he insists that it's a compliment, because women in Mexico often wear sexy shoes and jeans when they go out (again - huh??  Isn't this universal?).  I am going to take it as such. 

For my part, I actually love this whole outfit.  It's Friday, so I am wearing jeans.  But I have a meeting with a witness so I'm wearing a blazer to up the professional quality.  And these shoes make any outfit look better, in my opinion.

I am wearing....

The Limited Black Collection blazer
LOFT ruffle tier tank top in beige
LOFT Modern flare jeans
Sole Society Margie in black

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Karen says...

I have to say, I think Paloma's husband just knows what we all do - that a Mexican party with lotsa pretty ladies in killer shoes is not to be missed.

Well, how happy am I that this week is over!  My Month At-A-Glance for February is already crumpled and inscrutably scrawled in No. 2 lead.  But the first full of week of February has satisfying check marks in all kinds of spots for each day of the week.  I have earned myself the right to enjoy the weekened and fill myself up with duck and dumplings for Chinese New Year.

As for today, I knew that I would probably effect a rush filing on my own, so I decided to wear something urban, warm, and that will let me run  In my book, a girl can totally run in 5-inch oxblood leather ankle boots.  Right?  And run I did, in the late afternoon down to the Metro and to the courthouse to finish this week's paperwork, once and for all.

And, with the amount of charcoal grey and army green I'm wearing today, I can participate in some military ambush if anything gets in my way.

I am wearing...

Only Hearts tank in dark silver (not really visible)
Phillip Lim 3.1 3/4-length sleeve slouchy Henley
Current/Elliott charcoal grey skinny pants
Chinese Laundry grey and black tiger-striped knee socks (folded down)
Franco Sarto Learn boots in cherry antique
Sashimi faux fur trim hooded anorak (this, my favorite $39.90 Nordstrom purchase in 2010)

A pretty complicated outfit for all that it looks like a t-shirt and pants.

And yeah, that's a faux fur hood!  You can never have too many faux fur trimmed hoods.  Because everybody at the office sits at their desk with their faux fur trimmed hood nestled around their necks, here's my shot of that detail.

Gong xi fa cai!  Happy Lunar New Year!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Before Figat7th, and the irrepressible daily call of Target, there was Ralphs on 9th.  The south side, near the recent "South Park" development of all things Staples and Nokia, hardly gets our attention anymore, so today really was a sort of throwback Thursday.

To all of our readers - all three of you - it's because of our constructive conversations that we've decided to do more with the details of our outfits.  Of course, the initial objective was just to get a daily snapshot of our outfits, but it's hard not to get carried away when we're having so much fun.

Karen says...

I don't know why I look like a sullen cow, but I am convinced that I never look quite right before noon.  The upside of this is that Victoria Beckham thinks of herself as a "sullen cow" in photos; only I really could use the oversized pair of sunglasses here that she finds indispensable to hide all sins.

As for my throwback, here are a pair of cherished Manolos from 2007.  I got them at the Barneys Co-Op at South Coast Plaza and they were probably under $300 - again, what a pair of J.Crews would cost today.  Hm, I sound like an old lady.  An old, fashionable lady.  Just kidding.

My Tier 1 shoes are all in boxes in my closet, so they don't get the daily wear as my (many) Sole Societies do.  On the odd night when this single girl is not gallavanting about, I have some "me time" with my favorite clothing articles, and that's how I excavated these Manolos from their pristine box to take a peek at 2013.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 hot pink short-sleeved blouse
Frenchi peach blazer
Just U.S.A. (read: cheap) black jeans from Grey in Silver Lake (my fave)
Manolo Blahnik strappy black pumps

And that bit of green I'm clutching is my usual Clare Vivier iPhone case - since Paloma's got the phone in hand.

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Paloma says...

Classic charcoal and black today, with a bit of leopard for interest.  I used to be very anti-animal print, but lately I can't get enough of leopard accessories.  In fact, leopard shoes are in my very near future and I can't wait! 
I busted out this Express grandpa cardigan today (and thought to myself that before this blog, I did not realize how much stuff I had from Express - I think when I was, like 22, I thought Express was the best place to buy "workish" clothes - at leastin Eugene, Oregon where I went to college), which was purchased around the time grandpa-style cardigans were a big deal.  (Maybe like 2006?)  Boy, did I wear the crap out of this cardigan in law school.  Glad its still a useful component of my wardrobe, particularly when belted and worn to cover up the unflattering waistline of this skirt.  Come to think of it, every item of clothing I am wearing today was purchased when I was in my late teens or early twenties.  Whoa, talk about Throwback Thursday.  I'm just glad it all still fits.
I am wearing....
Wet Seal charcoal cardigan
(from high school - keepin' it classy!)
Express grandpa cardigan
A.B. Studio black tulip pleated skirt
Nine West Rocha pumps
Target leopard belt
Coach Candace carryall in cognac leather
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