Thursday, February 28, 2013

Never Again

We both set out to be "put together" today, but came away with all kinds of gripes about things we'd never do again.  For Paloma, it has to do with a beloved skirt.  For Karen, ever again sitting complacently while getting her hair done - if even by her favorite, expert stylist.

This is just downstairs, in front of our favorite happy hour and client lunch spot, Soleto.

Karen says...

How happy am I that we captured my hair yesterday, in that unexpected back shot.  Because only one hour after that, I went to see Julio, my beloved stylist, at ASE Salon, and came away looking like a Bangkok bimbo.  (Or himbo with a wig.)  I wholeheartedly think I should have hair a shade lighter, as it's better for the yellow tones of my Han Chinese skin.  I also wholeheartedly think Asian girls should steer the eff away from brassy yellow hair if they don't want to look like a you-know-what.

Let's talk about my hair for a second.  I have been obsessed with the balayage technique and my last do was, in my opinion, the perfected ombre look for me.  In order to do that, Julio had to run superfine highlights through my base so that the entire thing would pull together.  Well, fast forward to two months later when my actual black hair starts growing out, and the ends get crazy distressed.  What I wanted yesterday was a cut and the same few, superfine highlights through the base; and through all the chatting and my after-work-turned-off-brain, we ended up doing full-blown partial highlights.  The end result was, in my opinion, less Rachel Bilson, more Love You Long Time.

Anyway, never again will I sit there and not be completely engaged in the hair transformation process.  The fix-it appointment is tomorrow.  I know you can't really see here, but something is off, for sure.  The greatest indication is the black hair already visible at the roots.  Sad face.

I am wearing...

Theory dress (back from the cleaners, yay!) (FW08)
Sole Society Brooklyn in Leopard (replacing my broken Chandras, but both of which are now on sale for $24.98)

medium strand of pewter pearls

It's a more muted animal print, round toe.

Paloma says...

I am never wearing this skirt again.  I was so excited when it actually fit this morning (haven't been able to squeeze into it since two babies ago!) that I think I got a little over-eager and decided to wear it.  The reality is, I should really lose a few more pounds before this puppy goes on my body again.  Taking pics for the blog was very strategic, covering up the waistline fabric that was stretching, pulling, and holding on for dear life.  Anyway, its a wonderful skirt - part of a J.Crew suit my mom got me when I first graduated law school - and has an adorable fishtail hem in the back.  Hopefully, one day soon I will fit into it again.  Until then, to the back of my closet it goes.

On another mom-related note, this outfit came to be after a conversation with my mom the other day about complexions and seasons... She was saying that my complexion is an "Autumn," so I can wear earth tones, but also am able to wear jewel tones more like a "Winter."  Inspired, I busted out a nice combo of jewel tones today to celebrate the last days of winter - cobalt blue and plum purple.  

Other mom advice: I must stay away from pastels.  Oh, and always wear a little lipstick. Thanks, Mom! :)

I am wearing....

The Limited cobalt blue blouse
LOFT plum purple cardigan
J.Crew pencil skirt
Nine West Rocha black pumps

Forever 21 necklace

Camera: iPhone 4S, Cloudy scene; Miniaturized and Depth of Field effects


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  2. It was so nice to see the both of you on Thursday! I love the soft glow in these pictures... pretty!