Summertime in Downtown

Today a lightning-fast midday food and funds run (payday!) brought us to a space in front of downtown LA's O Hotel.  We're big fans of its resident restaurant, Bar + Kitchen, for their parmesan tater tots.
Karen says...

I've been waiting all week for this - 80 degree weather.  No doubt, it felt like summertime in downtown and so I decided to dress as if I were going shopping in Rome.  Of course, far from it, as Paloma had commented, "I can tell you're in a bad mood today."  Well, you would be, too, if you had to leave early for the MD (regular check-up) and had uncooperative partners and clients coming out from every corner (wish the doctor could treat that!) making the very short work day a flurry of frustration. 

Ah, that's what happens when you start a blog with your co-worker.  You not only start dressing like each other, but she can read you in more ways than expected.

I am wearing...

Zara white sleeveless tent blouse
Xhilaration patterned skater skirt
Moda International (as in Victoria's Secret!) tan sheer cotton cardigan
Tory Burch tan leather slingback sandals
Tiffany & Co. silver pearl necklace
Theory navy blue wide belt
Burberry round-framed sunglasses
Too lazy for the details today!  But the necklace is a classic charmer, a nice present from an old flame.
Paloma says...

I'm back at work, woohoo!  And just in time for casual Friday, followed by a three-day weekend! 

Today, I wasn't feeling particularly fashion-y so I went the jeans and t-shirt route.  Made it a just a wee bit fancier with my long faux crystal necklace.   These shoes are actually my other leopard shoes (flats though), which I love love love, and wore the heck out of while pregnant.  They aren't looking as pretty these days, but they still bring a little something interesting to an otherwise bland outfit. 

Not much of interest to say today except, Happy Friday, y'all!
I'm wearing...
Old Navy black cardigan
LOFT grey ruffle neck t-shirt
Old Navy bootcut jeans
Target leopard print flats
Forever 21 necklace
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene, Overlay and Depty of Field effects