Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Backup Plan

Always have one!  Across the street today at the 777 building, quite frankly a much more notable office building than ours, where downtown real estate is concerned.

Paloma says...

Funny story: I was making the long trek back to our office from San Bernardino, where I was doing a hearing this morning, when I managed to spill basically an entire Diet Coke on my shirt.  Awesome.  What is a girl to do when she has to get back to the office for some pressing work and can't manage to swing home beforehand?  Why, she stops at the first Target she spots (Targets are aplenty out there on that long stretch of the 10 freeway in the IE) and buys a cardigan on clearance to cover the massive brown spot on her shirt!  This sweater came in a zillion colors, but since I recently realized that one of the colors missing from my (probably too large) cardigan wardrobe was red - the decision was easy!
On another note, doesn't Karen look smokin' hot today??
I am wearing...
Mossimo for Target red cardigan
Old Navy taupe fitted tee
Gap Modern Flare black pants
Jones New York black peep toe pumps


Turquoise earrings from The Oxford Trunk
Karen says...
Why, thank you, Paloma, thank you very much.  As it happens, I figured I had to think about my outfit for a change after yesterday's hot mess.
I wanted to wear this red skirt again with a fitted navy blue sweater, which I don't own.  Found one at the Gap this weekend, but because I was only budgeted for the skinny black pants worn on Monday, something had to give.  I then tried to find something navy, anything navy, in my closet, and so the chosen top, as of this morning, was a sleeveless Theory one.  Put it on and thought... well, we won't be wearing this again until we hit up a Core Fusion class.  Something about the arms just looked doughy.  I defaulted then to this standby sweater that is slimming under any circumstance - despite the horizontal stripes - because it is made of the nicest superfine cashmere.  I try not to wear this sweater too often because: (1) not exactly work appropriate with that low scooped back; and (2) a small little moth-eaten hole makes me treat this closet fave with kid gloves.
But, it went much better with the skirt, and getting Paloma's seal of approval is the best confirmation.  In fact, her endorsement of the peep-toe resurrected this pair for me, long buried in the back of my closet.
I am wearing...
Club Monaco cashmere 3/4-sleeve sweater in grey and white mini stripes
L'Agence asymmetrical skirt in red
Nine West peep-toe platform pumps (SS09)
Warby Parker Liv sunglasses (my fave and newly repaired)
Getting my hair did this evening - bye bye balayage (at least, a couple of inches of it).
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene

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  1. Karen! No bye bye balyage! MORE balyage!
    Your hair is bangin' today.