Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the Go

Both of us are too frazzled and too rushed today to focus on the details.  But we carry on!  With this unexpectedly cold weather, already so looking forward to casual Friday.  In such a mad rush that we snapped this in our office lobby as Paloma was heading out in the late afternoon.

Karen says...

All neutrals today, in varying degrees.  The weather wasn't suitable for anything bright; my mood wasn't suitable for anything dark.  The caftan cape was something I swore by last winter, and now I wear it just to justify the purchase.  What I wouldn't do to swap it now for a layered blazer or a moto jacket.

I am wearing...

Barneys Co-Op gold lace overlay sweatshirt (SS10)
Martin + Osa (RIP) tan pencil skirt (SS08)
Caslon knit tan mottled caftan cape (FW11)
Banana Republic tan faux croc-embossed penny loafer pumps

Them dark roots are showing.  Time to pay Julio a visit.

Paloma says...

Feeling halfway human today, so thought I would wear neon pink to liven me up a bit, and maybe bring me all the way up to 80% human.  Love this Tippi sweater from J.Crew - seriously would own it in every color if I could - though none would be quite as fun as this punchy pink.

Since starting this blog, I have been making an effort to drag random items out of my closet and force myself to come up with an outfit around it.  Such was the case today, with this Express (yes, again) blouse ca. 2003ish, which I don't think I have worn in at least three years.  And I am actually kind of loving it!  It has French cuffs, doesn't wrinkle, and has a cute, subtle pattern.  May even wear it again one day!

I am wearing...

Express blouse
J.Crew Tippi sweater
Merona for Target black pencil skirt with pockets
Ann Taylor black suede wedge pumps

Freshwater pearl drop earrings (gift from my mom)
Forever 21 faux rose quartz and gold bracelets (not pictured)

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene, Magic Hour effect


  1. Phew! I must admit that after not having checked out the blog for awhile, I was feeling a bit drab looking at the most recent postings, not that they were bad outfits, just not very inspired. Alas! I scrolled further and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Karen in a cape and all neutrals, fashion returns! This look is a cross between Doris Day (via Pillow Talk era) but is still very professional and take charge. Were I your client I would trust you based on this outfit alone. You are just missing a good "Fuck you" kind of purse (aka Celine Phantom bag).
    Paloma, I am loving you in this color! Looks like the sick day sweatshirt color. So vibrant and brings out the color in your skin. The French cuffs are something I have never seen you in and I LOVE them. The skirt is perfection as well. Hair is perfect. You could really just wear a variation of this outfit everyday and be perfect. Would love to see the same outfit with those nude Calvin Klein heels I bought you. Of course you too need a serious bag, though I won't even try to suggest anything superfluous, but you might consider a weekend trip to the Cabazon or Camarillo outlets and find something like a nude leather Tods tote at Off 5th.
    You are both beautiful and fabulous and I appreciate that you are committed to your blog and post religiously, even on the "ehh" days. My best accessory these days is a matte black wheelchair, though I am scouring fashion blogs for the perfect shoe to grace my prosthetic legs in the next month. I need something that says "I had to amputate my feet and get prosthetics so they would fit in this brilliant shoe that was only available in a 9 1/2." Cheers! xx

  2. Drew, I love you! Plain and simple! You know SO much about fashion, style, pop culture - everything! I think our readership has climbed up to five but - and no disrespect to our other four followers - you alone checking this out is worth a million hits. After all, it's your feedback and insight that keeps up running out at lunch to snap a few sad (or fab) shots. By the way, I KEEP looking at that photo you sent Paloma about a recommended look for me - the tights under black denim shorts and black platform heels, white t-shirt, fitted camel coat and even the floppy felt hat. I want to run down some Parisian steps in that, and I need to make that look happen.