Black and White (And Red All Over)

Happy days are here again, Paloma is back and (almost) in the bloom of health.  Here we are on the usual midday run to Figat7th.  Today was no-memo-but-got-the-memo coincidental pairing of black, white, polka dots, and red - uncanny!  Paloma, in sky high wedges, has that Victoria Beckham "extra half inch" moment.

Paloma says...

Finally back in the land of the living!  After falling off the radar for all of last week due to being laid out with the flu, I am back in actual clothes (not pajamas) and it feels great!  I was so excited to bust out this red faux-wrap pencil skirt - I bought it post-baby #2 but have not been skinny enough to fit into it without looking like a sausage.... until now!  Thank you flu, for not allowing me to eat for 72 hours straight, and bringing me back to pre-baby weight!  On another note, I love that Karen has a virtually identical skirt (she wore it while I was out last week while "out on a limb".  I guess I will have to text her the next time I attempt to wear it to avoid a Kelly Taylor-Brenda Walsh spring formal fashion faux pas.  Seeing as how we inadvertently both did a black/white/red/polka dot combo today, it would not be surprising!  On yet another note, I love these new black wedges (thank you eBay, for finding them for me at a fraction of the cost), but holy hell they hurt my tootsies.  Worth it?  I think so.

I am wearing...

The Limited polka dot tank
The Limited gray cardigan
Tinsley Road red faux wrap pencil skirt from Piperlime (on final sale here!)
Ann Taylor Lucia wedge (purchased via eBay)

silver-dipped leaf pendant (made by my mom - she made one for me and one for my brother; it's a perfect little necklace with lots of sentimental value)

Karen says...

It's now my turn to feel like the face of death.  I was completely out of commission yesterday on some kind of confounding stomach flu/food poisoning/hangover issue.  I thought it was the usual "I overdid it on Saturday night" type thing, but a systematic purging of every bit of food and offensive article in my body that lasted past the Super Bowl suggested otherwise.  Today, I'm just starting to eat again.  Needless to say, this morning with a court appearance and everything, I just took a few favorite repeats out of the closet with little thought.  Of course, that little thought is still the same color and pattern combo on Paloma's mind!

I am wearing...

Gemma for Barneys Co-Op sheer silk button-down blouse with 3/4 length sleeves in black with white polka dots (FW11)
Black pleated skirt from S.Y.L.K. (FW12)
Club Monaco black A-line coat (FW08)
Sole Society Dahlia pumps in red

Warmen leather gloves in black
Gold heart-shaped studs from H&M
Burberry sunglasses

Just realized my outfit was mostly a cut and paste of past posts.  That was bound to happen eventually!

New app today!  Thought the dreamy, washed out lighting effect is nice against the sunshine and black and white.

Camera: iPhone 4S, LINE camera, Beauty effect


  1. Paloma! I just bought a similar pair of wedges on eBay for a fraction of the original cost. They are the J Crew Martina Suede Wedges in black and I CAN'T wait to wear them! Oh also never buy the CeCe flats from J Crew again - I found another pair on ebay for HALF the price!

  2. Okay! Now that I have FINALLY figured out how to post on this blog (the problem appears to have been my i pad) I had to back up to my favorite most recent post. Both of you are FLAWLESS in this posting. Karen, I love the cape / A-line coat, the pleated skirt and the hair. You look great in big sunglasses and should wear them even when in the office, though I suppose you would think you were hung over or had pink eye... hmm, so maybe I am wrong on that, plus you can wear a dark eye better than anyone so you want to show those money makers off. Paloma, that red skirt is my favorite thing you presently own, I am such a sucker for diagonal draping, very Donna Karan Collection. The funny thing is that I really dislike the color red typically. I literally have told clients that if they like red I may be of no help because I am terrified of the color, but in the context of both of these outfits I love it. Mainly because you are both wearing primarily black and just have a splash of red. The other thing I like about this is that you are both well accessorized. Accessories are everything. You can wear cheap Forever 21 chiffon or faux silk tops and look amazing but a cheap looking purse or belt will ruin it every time. As our Mother always says, you can easily assess someone based on their teeth and their shoes. Because I am deeply superficial I also throw in their watch, but that is my own bias and kind of a gay male thing.
    Keep it up! I love your blog and enjoy looking at it everyday! Your loyal follower, Drew xx

  3. Drew, can I take you everywhere with me?! I especially love the advice about a dark eye because dark eye makeup is my guilty pleasure... I will do it just lounging around at home in my jammies. There may come the day when we invest in an SLR camera and start to do some interesting closeups, and maybe I can get a shot of a smoky eye in there...

    You're right about accessories and Paloma is so good about that! I get more and more inspired by her different and varied jewelry day to day.

    I hear you on the watch, if I weren't so perfectly Taurus and inclined to rip every earring and bracelet off because it bugs me, I would totally invest in an awesome men's watch in rose gold.

    Please keep letting us know the fashion world according to Drew! xo


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