Orange Carpet Chic

Trying to reference something Oscar-related, but it's pretty hopeless.  The closest thing we have to a red carpet is this strange pumpkin-colored carpet running through the office, that's probably more like a large assortment of FLOR tiles.  Here's a section of it up in our large conference room, in front of wooden blinds that often conceal very important meetings behind closed doors. 

Wish we could say something about being inspired by red-carpet looks and yesterday's fashion frenzy (E! Mani-Cam, really?), but it's all business here at businessville.

But we can still ask ourselves the all-important question: "Who are you wearing?!"

Paloma says...

Boring suit day!  Had a major client roundtable meeting today where I had to do my best lawyer impersonation.  Hence, the suit with the terribly-fitting pants. Yikes!
Another day of hustle bustle means that I don't have time to write much, except that I'm happy open-toed shoes are becoming acceptable again, since that opens up a whole host of shoe options from my closet!
I am wearing...
The Limited grey suit
Old Navy floral blouse
Nine West nude patent peep toe wedges
Big old faux diamonds
Karen says...
Black jeans on Friday, black pants on Monday... yawn.  I could have done a lot better today, but when I get up on Monday mornings, I usually feel as if I've been hit by a truck.  This outfit is something I could have worn six or seven years ago, and yet, it's totally not.  The pants are, in fact, a weekend purchase, on a routine stop at The Grove.  I've just been needing some basic black skinny pants, and The Gap had them.  I'm so on the fence about The Gap, but you can't argue with those prices.
I am wearing...
Barneys Co-Op grey silk cowl-necked top
The Gap Ultra Skinny black pants
Enzo Angiolini Castalia pump in cobalt blue
Burberry watch (resurrected with a battery, yeah!)
Yup, those are some very blue suede shoes.
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