Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Loss of Sparkle

There are not enough hours in the day for us busy gals.  Schedules ran awry and we had to selfy it up.

Paloma says...

Today started out with a bang.  I had a 7:00 a.m. meeting scheduled, and it was going to take me twenty minutes to get there.  I woke up at 6:30 a.m. on the dot, i.e., I had ten minutes to get out the door.   To make matters worse, I have no contact information with me for the person I am meeting because I suck and forgot to bring it.  Sooo... I literally raced around like a maniac for ten minutes (my three-year-old was a bit frightened of me), threw on the very first thing I laid eyes on in my closet, slapped on some makeup and a pulled my hair into a ponytail, and was out the door at 6:43.  And what do you know?  I made it to my meeting at 7:00 a.m. on the nose.
The morals of the story are: (1) I am capable of becoming (semi) presentable in ten minutes; (2) I can pick out a cute outfit in less than ten seconds; and (3) I must learn not to confuse the "dismiss" button for the "snooze" button on my phone's alarm clock (seriously though, can't they make it a little harder? like, if you push dismiss have the phone scream "ARE YOU SURE??").
Oh, and I am wearing a glittery skirt, which is awesome.
I am wearing...
LOFT beige sweater
Gap black lace-trimmed camisole
J.Crew wool pencil skirt in black with gold threading
Nine West Rocha pumps in black
Obscenely large faux diamond earrings
Camera: DROID RAZR 2, Camera+ app, Clarity scene, Sunkiss'd effect
Karen says...
Well, it's finally come to taking a selfy inside my very own apartment.  I did it on my street, I did it in front of my apartment building, and now, have finally brought it full circle and indoors.  The day dragged on so long that I couldn't get to a photo until the sun set.  There was something a bit unceremonious about trudging in here, feeling beleaguered and beaten, and then setting up the phone for a sad selfy.  Waa waa.
As I couldn't get a very good photo, I'm having the filter make it interesting and calling it an Herb Ritts moment.
I am wearing...
Theory black suit with mini dots
Club Monaco asymmetrical sleeveless blouse in eggplant
Sole Society Chandra closed toe pump in leopard color
Ugh!  And sadness of all sadnesses, I think one of the heels of my beloved Chandras broke.  It isn't unwearable, it just makes for a wobbly left footing.  Perhaps the love affair with Sole Society is finally ending.
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+ app, Clarity scene, Fashion effect

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