Rainy Days and Tuesdays

... always get us down.  Particularly true in Paloma's case!  At the very least, a nice chance to be photographed with an umbrella.
Paloma says...
This is starting to get pathetic.  I am sick, once again.  Twice in a month.  This time, with a beast of a cold complete with one red swollen watery eye (hence, the massive sunglasses in spite of the gray, rainy weather).  After battling the flu, a silly cold feels like a walk in the park, but the watery eye which means I can't wear any eye makeup and is red and swollen half-shut?  Not cute.  I think I have scared all of my co-workers half to death, cruising around the hallways looking like a sniffling Cyclops.  And once again, here is Karen, sweeping into the office with perfectly blown-out hair, a cute ensemble, and bright red lips.  Really quite unfair that I have to keep putting pictures up of myself alongside this easy breezy lady.  Sigh.
Anyway, obviously when your face looks monstrous who the eff cares what your outfit looks like?  So, I put aside the adorable one I had planned out for today and instead pieced together this hodge-podge of comfortable stuff. Fingers crossed for better health (and a way better outfit) tomorrow!  For now, I am going to ride out the rest of this day working at home from my couch with Kleenex stuffed up my nose. Sexy!
I am wearing...
Banana Republic red wool coat
Martin + Osa (RIP) burgundy cinched-waist cardigan  
Gap Modern Flare black slacks
Target grey suede wedges
black umbrella (all business!)
Karen says...
Many thanks to Paloma's positive feedback, supra, but I definitely did not roll in here with a good attitude.  Just overwhelmed by all there is to do, with no end in sight.  That said, I am quite motivated after Paloma's brother, Drew, gave us some fabulous commentary on a couple of posts, and started thinking up a few looks for us.  I wish I had the treasure trove of Spring 2013 goodies to create these looks, but try to at least cobble together similar silhouettes.  Over the weekend, Drew sent a shot of a faboosh Parisian gal skipping down some stairs in white t-short, denim shorts, skintight opague black tights, sky-high black pumps, the most amazing fitted camel military coat, a wide-brimmed floppy felt hat, and a Celine bag of some sort.  OK, well I can't do that.  But I can throw on a pair of tights on a rainy day.
And, I did take a tip from Paloma's book - underneath the bright blue coat, it's all jersey knit, baby.  I might as well be wearing my dorm room bedsheets.
I am wearing...
Calypso cotton jersey knit 3/4 length sleeve v-neck in grey
Velvet cotton jersey knit navy blue fitted tulip skirt
Banana Republic black ribbed tights
Franco Sarto Learn boots in cherry antique
Y apparel u.s.a. (aka cheap) cobalt blue large houndstooth patterned peacoat (from another Silver Lake fave, Pull My Daisy)
Marc by Marc Jacobs umbrella ("i love marc jacobs" scrawled all over)
Those are some big-ass buttons on that coat.
Here comes a week of wintry weather, and maybe a last hurrah of coats, scarves, and bundled-up glam.
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Flash scene, HDR effect