Love In All Forms

Love is in the air!  Today's post is a clear exercise in point-counterpoint.
Paloma says...
Happy Valentine's Day!  Lucky me, I am celebrating with another sick kid (for those keeping track, that's two kids with two sicknesses each in three weeks, plus my own five-day bout with the flu).  My baby is sick now, and it's my turn to stay home (hub was home with the big girl yesterday while I mediated).  God, I am such a sad sack this month - either I'm sick or I'm home with a sick kid on a seemingly constant basis.  It's exhausting.

Anyway, this outfit is seriously not blog-worthy, but we have insisted this blog would be an honest portrayal of what we wear Monday through Friday, even if it's not always pretty.  It's not a fashion blog, it's a documentation of outfits.  So, here we are - me in my sweats.  (I really hope one of these days Karen gets sick and has to post a pic of herself in pajamas on the internet... this is starting to feel unfair - sorry, Karen.)

P.S.:  This is the third day in a row I have not been in the office to enjoy Karen's homemade Chinese New Year dumplings - such a travesty!  Better be some left tomorrow!
I am wearing....
Cranberry (Karen's word) sweatshirt from God knows where
Black yoga pants from Target
White socks from who the hell cares :-)
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Karen says...
By contrast, I seem to be creating a separate blog within a blog about daily trips to Target.  What happens when a person goes to Target 365 days of the year?  Even if it weren't the perfect place to run a smattering of weekly errands, there are so many inexpensive opportunities there for lunchtime amusement.  As it is Valentine's Day, and I am due at a very important gathering tonight, I definitely had to pick out a couple of cards for my loved ones.
OK, I don't wear glasses, except on days when I'm a hipster poseur.  These are some larger clear frames from a fun little vintage store in West Hollywood, on 3rd or Beverly.  I decided that the overwhelming look of frivolous red could use a little sobering with a pair of geeky frames.  It's a fun look and I'm starting to really enjoy this totally commercial and generally bullshit holiday.
I am wearing...
Cotton On blue and brown polka dot sundress with ruffled neckline
Martin + Osa (RIP) long cashmere v-neck cardigan in red
Sole Society Dahlia pumps in red
Theory oversized navy blue belt
vintage tortoise-rimmed large frame glasses
Hello Kitty earrings (little red kitty heads!)
And Paloma, I froze the dumplings back at Madame Karen's Dumpling Factory so I will surely bring some freshly boiled ones tomorrow.  What you are missing today is the ice cream social with fresh buttermilk and vanilla bean ice creams, lovingly stored in our disgusting, overpacked office fridge before I bring them to the dinner party tonight.  3:00 pm is ice cream time for the Employment Team.
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