Upscale Casual

Unnaturally cold today, so we scouted around the firm again and came to this oh-so-Crafstman space just underneath our big stairwell.  If you have a meeting with one of us chances are that you will first be ushered into this large and welcoming reception area.

There are vintage Los Angeles prints lining the walls and this cherry wood all over, plus nice little Beaux Arts-type lighting accents.  Hm, perhaps too much credit is being given here.  It could have been that these were just the fixtures that were going on sale at the time they remodeled all this.

Paloma says...

My husband makes the most hilarious comments about my fashion choices sometimes.  Sometimes, I get what he means - for example, every time I wear this breton stripe boatneck t-shirt he says I look like a French mime.  Other times, I have no freaking clue - like when I first tried the skinny jeans and boots trend and he said "That outfit makes you look like Robin Hood."  Today was definitely one of those times where I just did.  Not.  Get.  It.  He looked at my shoes this morning and said, "What's going on here?  It looks like you are going to a Mexican nightclub."  Um... What?  I mean, he did grow up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a stone's throw from Mexico; and he did spend a lot of his youth going to nightclubs across the border since bars were 18 and over (er... sketchy much??), so I guess he has a point of reference that I don't.  Anyway, he insists that it's a compliment, because women in Mexico often wear sexy shoes and jeans when they go out (again - huh??  Isn't this universal?).  I am going to take it as such. 

For my part, I actually love this whole outfit.  It's Friday, so I am wearing jeans.  But I have a meeting with a witness so I'm wearing a blazer to up the professional quality.  And these shoes make any outfit look better, in my opinion.

I am wearing....

The Limited Black Collection blazer
LOFT ruffle tier tank top in beige
LOFT Modern flare jeans
Sole Society Margie in black

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene and Flash scene, Depth of Field effect

Karen says...

I have to say, I think Paloma's husband just knows what we all do - that a Mexican party with lotsa pretty ladies in killer shoes is not to be missed.

Well, how happy am I that this week is over!  My Month At-A-Glance for February is already crumpled and inscrutably scrawled in No. 2 lead.  But the first full of week of February has satisfying check marks in all kinds of spots for each day of the week.  I have earned myself the right to enjoy the weekened and fill myself up with duck and dumplings for Chinese New Year.

As for today, I knew that I would probably effect a rush filing on my own, so I decided to wear something urban, warm, and that will let me run  In my book, a girl can totally run in 5-inch oxblood leather ankle boots.  Right?  And run I did, in the late afternoon down to the Metro and to the courthouse to finish this week's paperwork, once and for all.

And, with the amount of charcoal grey and army green I'm wearing today, I can participate in some military ambush if anything gets in my way.

I am wearing...

Only Hearts tank in dark silver (not really visible)
Phillip Lim 3.1 3/4-length sleeve slouchy Henley
Current/Elliott charcoal grey skinny pants
Chinese Laundry grey and black tiger-striped knee socks (folded down)
Franco Sarto Learn boots in cherry antique
Sashimi faux fur trim hooded anorak (this, my favorite $39.90 Nordstrom purchase in 2010)

A pretty complicated outfit for all that it looks like a t-shirt and pants.

And yeah, that's a faux fur hood!  You can never have too many faux fur trimmed hoods.  Because everybody at the office sits at their desk with their faux fur trimmed hood nestled around their necks, here's my shot of that detail.

Gong xi fa cai!  Happy Lunar New Year!

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene and Shade scene, Miniaturized effect