Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lunch Date

Without a doubt, one of the best things about working downtown is the potential for great lunch dates.  Places to go, people to see...

Paloma says...

Today I met up with my little brother for lunch, and he told me I looked like a Power Bitch.  (Have I mentioned how awesome it is to have a gay brother?  It's like having a sister but they don't steal your clothes,  and instead always want to dress you up... case in point, we were lounging around my yard on Sunday with the kids when he persuaded me to put on my faux Valentino shoes and a gold belt with my jersey dress and have an impromptu photo session).

Anyway, I do like the look here of the blazer with skinny pants, a bauble necklace, and severe red heels.  It feels very New York chic.  In fact, I think I'm going to start buying blazers instead of my tried and true cardigans.  A good blazer can instantly elevate a look and make it more structured and chic.  Currently, all my blazers are part of a suit and come in colors black or gray.  BO-RING.  Need a red or cobalt blazer in my life, me thinks.  Hmm.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 black and white striped tee
The Limited gray blazer
The Limited Exact Stretch skinny pants
Sole Society Reanna pumps

Forever 21 necklace
Fred Flare Carrie sunglasses (they fix everything!)

Karen says...

Pink yesterday, stripes today - the couple that blogs together, stays together!  My lunch date today was with the fabulous Connie, a co-worker from my last firm.  (Does it feel like musical firms around here?  It kinda is.)  And Connie and I had a last lunch because she is off to greener pastures in Century City... Connie's outfit today was killer, I should have blogged that.  But in the meanwhile, my fun friendship with Connie is a testament to how my friendship with Paloma will also keep on keeping on, even after the offices grow farther apart.  Dim sum in Chinatown, always a midday win.

This outfit is neither here nor there - I just wanted to wear this Martin + Osa shirt again, five years later.  Don't know why I decided it would go with a tan skirt, but lately, I'm not much for matching.  The more it clashes, the better.  I've eschewed a shot of the shoes in favor of a better look at this trusty tote.

I am wearing...

Martin + Osa (RIP) blue and white striped 3/4-sleeve shirt
Club Monaco tan tulip skirt
Barneys New York black patent leather pumps (not pictured)

Tod's tote in white pebbled leather

Monday, April 29, 2013

Library Chic

How reassuring that we still dress alike when we're three... extremely... long... blocks from each other.  We made a great effort to meet today for coffee, and were pleased that the other side of lower downtown has opened up to us, with lovely places like the Central Library.  However, we both realized that meeting up is a two-pair-of-shoes kind of event - must have walking flats on hand.

Here is the garden by the library, the site of many photos to come, we think.

Karen says...

When will I learn that this Martin + Osa skirt always can use an ironing?  That notwithstanding, Paloma and I both got the "fuschia" memo today.  I took out some long lost items from my closet, including this shirt that Cyn gave me for my birthday last year.  It is see-through, so there is a French Connection tank involved, as well.

The glasses are just for fun.  I mean, they're pink, and we're at a library.  Enough said.

The coffee date with Paloma was nothing short of frenzied, felt like I had a million things to tell her!  And I told her 900,000 of them, but I tell you I could've used ten minutes more...

I am wearing...

Monteau lace top with fuschia piping
Martin + Osa navy blue pencil skirt
Steve Madden fuschia suede pumps
MNG white boucle 3/4-sleeve jacket (not worn)

pink eyeglasses
Tod's tote in white pebbled leather

Paloma says...

Well it's officially my first Monday at my new job.  That fact is totally inconsequential but is a fact nonetheless.  I'm slowly getting comfortable here, even though I still always park on the wrong floor in the parking garage and walk the wrong direction when I get out of the elevators.  Oh, and today I spent a full five minutes trying to find the office supply room before I decided to bite the bullet and actually ask someone.  Always sucks being the new kid.

Was so fun to meet up with Karen this afternoon for a photo session in the library gardens and a coffee just like old times.  Even got to catch up on office gossip.  I will say not having her in the office next door has helped my productivity at work!  No one to shoot the shit with all afternoon about clothes, reality TV, boys, and what have you. 

As for my outfit, I am not a fan.  I seem to always have issues with fit and today is no different.  The skirt is too big, the camisole is too small and keeps riding up, and the shoes are cute but kinda make me walk funny.  Oh well, I do like the color combo of yellow and fuschia.

I am wearing...

Target mustard tank
H&M fuschia cardigan
Merona x Target black pencil skirt
Jessica Simpson peeptoe slingbacks

Gold earrings from who knows where?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Power Lunches

Lunch is the theme of the day.  Karen goes casual with her downtown buddy, Paloma goes spiffy and schmoozin' with her new co-workers...

Paloma says...

So, bummer that it's Friday and I had to dress in business attire, but awesome because it was so I could go to a NAWBO-LA (that's National Association of Woman Business Owners Los Angeles) awards luncheon at the JW Marriott here in downtown LA.  I got to schmooze and eat my afternoon away, and even got a gift bag.  It was easy breezy and I felt like such a grown up.

Anyway, I need to say a word about this top from The Limited, because I love it and want it in more colors.  I think The Limited always carries it, just in varying colors. It's such a good work shirt for under suits and cardigans when you need to look pulled together but don't want to wear a collared shirt (I steer clear generally because I think they are so uncomfortable!).  Bonus - if you hang this top to dry, you shouldn't have to iron it.

OK, that's my sales pitch for the day. On to the weekend!

I am wearing...

The Limited Basic Layering Top in royal blue
J.Crew double serge wool pencil skirt in charcoal gray
Jones New York peep toe black pumps

Forever 21 bib neckace

Karen says...

Lunch with a lovely ex-boyfriend today.  A really cool one that is now a bestie.  I bought him a belated birthday lunch at Bar + Kitchen; he took iPhone photos of me all over downtown on command.  Fair trade.

This is ripped from a Pinterest look I'm obsessed with - essentially the baggy tan sweater with a slim charcoal miniskirt.  I won't link it here because... I really don't do it justice.  But I did a side by side comparison this morning in the mirror and realized that the pieces I had were practically identical.  Amazing how much a model makes a difference.  Sad face.

That said, I do like the color combination, because it's all unexpected but in the same family.  This sweater has become a cozy fave that I just throw on over anything - minidresses, maxi skirts, a pair of jeans.  It's the best $17.90 I ever spent at Forever 21.  Or anywhere.

Conflicted about my new balayage do.  It is straight-up blonde at the bottom.  As far as ombre goes, you cannot get any more expert than the gradient he created here.  But not sure I want to go absolutely blonde all the way through... I am Asian, if you've noticed.  But I suppose in time, it will be perfectly fixed when I'm ready for another trim.

Finally - these shoes - they are clunky, bold, and aggressive, and I love them!  I am convinced that every outfit is best showcased with sky-high platform sandals in black.  Seriously.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 baggy knit sweater
Only Hearts metallic tank
H&M charcoal mini-skirt
Topshop platform sandals in black and dark brown

Mulberry Bayswater Satchel in Oak
Dita sunglasses

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Do, New Shoes

Whew!  A return to order, and happiest of times in happyville, as we met up as lady lawyers who lunch.  It is a sign of new things to come, as well as exploring Paloma's neck of the downtown woods now.

Here we are near the Metro station on Flower, after burgers at The Counter.

Yes, indeed, that's my hair did.  It was too long with a dying ombre, and last night Julio Romano revitalized it.  A much more dramatic look and I'm not entirely sure that it's work appropriate, but there are a good many things I like about it, and most of all, I got some volume back in my hair.  Goodness, I can talk about hair forever.

Paloma made a good point today - everything is fixed with sunglasses.  These CD's prove to have been a good buy.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 fuschia shirt
H&M color block skirt
Bloomingdale's Cashmere sweater
Steve Madden pumps with ruffle detail

Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses
Tod's medium tote in white pebbled leather

Paloma says...

Well, I must say it was so nice to be back into our old routine of scouting locations and taking pics for the blog.  I missed it!  Even though I had to walk a bit more to get there.

After Tuesday's debacle of the obscenely uncomfortable "J.Simp" shoes, I decided I could never wear those shoes again and immediately had to purchase alternatives.  These pointy-toed Enzo Angiolini's fit the bill, and I adore them, but walking five blocks in them?  Not a good idea.  I had to buy flats at Target just so I could survive the five blocks back to my office after Karen and I had lunch.  Ah well, I guess I should start being one of those sensible women who changes into flats to walk to lunch.  Anyway, I love the pointy toe of these shoes.  I had sort of moved away from pointy toes in recent years (I think they kinda went out of style for a minute there, no?), but with the recent purchase of my Sole Society Reanna shoes, I have been re-thinking my anti-pointy toe stance. Such important matters in life, right?

I am wearing...

GAP ruffle collar sleeveless blouse
LOFT purple drape cardigan
The Limited Exact Stretch skinny pants
Enzo Angiolini pumps (via Nordstrom Rack for $60!)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paloma's Office, Two Ways

So, we're getting the hang of cross-town blogging, rather than co-working blogging.  Tomorrow - hallelujah! - is a long-awaited lunch date so that we can resume our antics like the good ol' days.  But in the interim...

Paloma says...
Day 2 of the new job and actually did some substantive work for the last couple hours of the day - and so the billable hours begin!
Wore a favorite cardigan that somehow gets lost in the back of my closet far too often.  I was actually racking my brain trying to remember if it has made an appearance on the blog yet and I could not for the life of me remember.  I guess that's a true sign of how long we've been keeping up this little project!   Also sporting what has become my favorite white camisole.  The secret is that it's a maternity shirt, which only means it's super stretchy and long.  Feeling so clever!

In other news, Karen and I are going to reunite tomorrow for lunch and pictures - excited!
I am wearing...
J.Crew floral cardigan
GAP Maternity white tank
GAP modern boot slacks in black
Steve Madden cognac pumps
Accessories: (I am really representing my beloved New Mexico today)
Silver handmade earrings from some Native American jeweler in Las Cruces, NM
Silver and turquoise handmade ring from some Native American jeweler in Santa Fe, NM
Karen says...
With my jacket on, I call this "Airline Stewardess Chic."  That's what I always think when I throw a haughty scarf on.  But this scarf is well worth it.  Also, I love this black dress as a go-to, but often it needs a little accessorizing.
These shoes - which I've worn numerous times - are so beloved by strangers, it makes me laugh.  I got complimented on them three times today: by a girl while crossing the street, by another girl at a coffee house an hour later, and by co-worker Jamie who has, like, totally seen them, you know.  I just love them because they go with everything and are super-comfy.
Now, on to the scarf...
This lovely piece of fabric is one of the nicest things I own.  It was a present from my friend Marion, who used to design textiles for Hermes.  This little Parisienne always wanted to live near a gorgeous beach and found herself moving to California, but her fashion career quickly took her to another total culture shock, the Abercrombie & Fitch design campus in Ohio.  It's wonderful to receive presents like these; but it's all the more incredible when your friend had a hand in its design.
And, if it's a scarf like this around your neck, why not look like a stuck-up bitch, just for a day.
I am wearing...
Theory black knit dress
Theory jacket with checkered pattern (not shown)
Classiques Entier nude booties with bow detail
Hermes scarf
Oh yes - this was my court outfit this morning.  I do whatever I freaking can to avoid wearing a suit, I tell you.  And, this picture was snapped in Paloma's emptied out office!  (Sniff!)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Day

... of a new job for Paloma, and of the "real" workweek for Karen.

Karen says...

Sorry I look so tired and miserable here.  The reality is, the quality of the photography has really diminished with Paloma's departure.  I had to get co-worker Steve to do this, and he did so uncomplainingly, but that's about all we can say for this.  Steve, if you happen to read this, which I know you would never do because you're too cool for it, I'm just kidding!
He was a good sport and the truth is, I was already totally late for a client meeting.  That's the kinda girl I am - I go advise on overtime calculations for piece-rate automotive service employees in blurred leopard shoes.  Other than that, I begrudgingly returned to the real world after a mini-staycay with my New York guest.  LA is that much more fun when you're trying valiantly to convince a New Yorker of it...

So, still grabbing go-to's in the closet, but will shape up this week!  Tomorrow is yet another MSJ hearing, but maybe I can jazz up the court look a little...
To compensate for this oh-so-nothing outfit, here's a gratuitous shot of my bridesmaid dress at next weekend's wedding, taken later in the day at the tailor's.

I am wearing...
BCBG silk blend long-sleeved shirt
3.1 Phillip Lim camisole (not visible, and I always wear these two together)
GAP Ultra Skinny black pants
Sole Society Brooklyn pumps in blurred leopard
Bari Jay dress in Midnight

Paloma says...
In the hustle-bustle of first day pleasantries, I was totally unable to get a decent selfie.  This one was pathetically snapped in the bathroom as I was headed home for the evening.  It didn't help that my new office has an interior window that is currently without blinds so any self portrait taking would not have been very private. 

Anyhow, I am dressed in my basic professional gear today.  Since it's only my first day and I haven't had a chance to feel out the vibe, dress code-wise, it was best to stick to the classic combo of pencil skirt and sweater in the always flattering pink.  These are my new black pumps, purchased to replace my beloved Nine West "Rocha" ones, and holy hell they are uncomfortable! I think me and patent leather shoes do not mix well.  They are so stiff!! I was nearly crying in pain when I got to my car at the end of the day and kicked these suckers off once and for all.

In other news, my new job is so far, so good. I am actually very happy with the people, the office itself, and everything else. Of course, I have done no substantive work yet so I'm sure I will be disgruntled and over-worked soon.  But for now my biggest complaint is that I miss my buddies at the old firm! :(

I am wearing...

LOFT zipper-back pink sweater
The Limited grey pencil skirt
Jessica Simpson Calie pumps in black patent leather (ow!)
J.Crew pearl necklace

Monday, April 22, 2013


Colossal fail by us!  Paloma's been on break and Karen had a very special guest in for the weekend, thus... no pictures, and... well, no work outfits.  But we vow to resume tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Off Site

Our daily adventures are taking us off, off site, and to much more interesting places. Of course, Paloma is on a mini-vacay, and Karen is just... well, have car, will travel.
Another day of leisure for me... A girl could get used to this.  Went out to breakfast with my hub and kiddos, did some yoga, and headed down to San Diego (actually, Escondido) with my brother to take him to a doctor's appointment, which we are turning into a mini-vacay!  Currently watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion in our hotel room before heading out for Mexican food and margaritas for dinner.  Perfect.
Wore this super comfy outfit for the road trip - stretchy pants and cozy flannel.
I am wearing...
Old Navy flannel
Target gray tank top
Forever 21 stretch jeans with side zippers
J. Crew Cece ballet flats in gold

Karen says...
Oh boy, what a day.  Still trying to recover from lack of sleep, getting things together for a weekend guest, preparing for trial at work (this is kinda important, I guess), and still managing my regular cases.  Beyond all that?  Obsessing all week over a pair of vintage Christian Dior sunglasses found at Espionage.
Let me back up a little... Two weeks ago, my friend Cyn and I were doing our Saturday thing and came upon Espionage.  This is a perfect little vintage clothes shop on Beverly Boulevard, also filled with what can only be described as curios and oddities.  I spotted a pair of vintage Christian Dior sunglasses that I instantly became obsessed with.  Asked Cyn's ever-invaluable opinion; she shrugged and said, "They kinda look like the ones you have."
Consistency, thy name is woman.  Indeed, they did rather resemble my beloved Warby Parkers.  Well, tragedy of tragedies, I lost the Livs over the weekend on the event-filled Miami trip.  I still wonder about the yellow cab I left them in, which hydroplaned its way back to the Eden Roc after a bizarre thunderstorm.  You know I loved those Warby Parkers so.
But I thought, does this mean the CDs and I are meant to be?  Went to Espionage yesterday, and the darn place closed early for the day (must be nice!).  Today, amidst completing thirteen pretrial motions (with the help of Jamie, and probably driving my assistant nuts), I still managed to call Espionage, haggle a price, and secure that they wouldn't close without my picking them up.  Well, could never get out of work on time and my retail fairy Cyn was wonderful enough to go and get them for me.  We walked to Erewhon afterward for a celebratory brown rice sushi roll (and to reimburse her, haha).
I did a good job haggling.  I got these for 2/3 of their price tag.  The pictures show how pleased I am.

I think the pictures came out well today - it happens that Cyn was a photography major at NYU. 
I am wearing...
Martin + Osa navy blue silk cami
Division E tie-front jersey knit shirt with studded detail
Target print skater skirt
Barneys New York black patent leather pumps
Christian Dior vintage sunglasses (yay!)
Tod's white pebbled leather tote

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Off the Clock

Our first day blogging as non-co-workers!  Our days could not have been more different, but ultimately, both photos had to be snapped at home...

Karen says...

Forgive me, I am constantly wearing this skirt.  In my defense, I got up in a haze (hm, not unlike Paloma, see infra), after sleeping like a log for eight hours straight.  Only when I woke up, did I realize that I never really slept over my Miami weekend.  This is a rehash of my closet favorites, and all chosen for their incredible comfort.

Well, no sleep in Miami was worth it, sunburn and all, because the little tan I got helps make me look less tragic as the work week trudges on.  It strikes me funny in this photo that I managed to tan to the same color as my J.Crew Martinas!  Let's face it, we all look better with a little tan, sun damage and all!

So, this is the north wing of my elegant apartment (reminds me of my friend Yasmin's Parisian pied-a-terre [wink!]).  I had my friend snap the photo long past the work day, before a local dinner.  Even while stuck in a Century City mediation all day, I keenly felt Paloma's absence back at the office.  I certainly envy her day(s) off, as I am back in full work mode.

A little shout-out to Jordana and Yasmin - thanks for checking this out after our never-to-be-forgotten weekend in Miami.  Still thinking back to all the laughs and cortaditos. 

I am wearing...

J.Crew silk tank in peach
Barneys Co-Op peach cropped cardigan
Bebe black high-waisted stretch cotton tube skirt
J.Crew Martina patent leather wedges in apricot

Paloma says...

So, today was my first of seven days off before starting my new job - woohoo!  I had so much freedom, I honestly didn't know what to do with myself.   I had a to-do list about a mile long of random tasks, and planned on using this time with the kids in day care/preschool to get shiz done.   But instead, I drank too much red wine while watching Real Housewives of Orange County with my brother and hub last night, so woke up feeling just a little fuzzy and unable to focus on any one task.   This resulted in running a couple errands, but mostly lounging on the couch watching old episodes of Dawson's Creek - glamorous!

Not much to say about the outfit, except that it's comfy and it's certainly not work wear.

I am wearing...
Forever 21 heather gray top
Mossimo x Target white ribbed tank (not visible)
The Limited stretch skinny jeans in forest green
J.Crew Cece flats in gold

Forever 21 pendant necklace

Monday, April 15, 2013

End of An Era

 A couple of photos after our last lunch together as co-workers...
Paloma says...

Wow.  It's the end of an era.  My last day at our firm.  Karen and I had lunch together and got a little misty-eyed on the elevator ride back up to our office, noting that this was the last time we would ride the elevator back to "OUR" office.  Sure, I will be back in the office to say hi or visit, but never will it be our mutual firm again.  Fortunately, our blog will survive in a new form, as will our friendship.  But Karen is definitely what I will miss most about this firm.  I will also miss our blog in its current form. It's about 60/40. :-)
As for my outfit, today comfort was key since my primary task was packing up my office.  So the fact that flats and capris together make me look frumpy was sort of unimportant.  These flats are the only comfortable ballet flats that I have ever owned.  Fact.  Actually, the ones from this post are crazy comfy too, but those ones are ugly.  Fact.
I am wearing...
GAP cowl neck coral tee
Old Navy cardigan
J.Crew Cece flats in gold
J.Crew Minnie capri pants in black 
Turquoise earrings from The Oxford Trunk

Karen says...

I just got back from a weekend bachelorette party in Miami, so I came in mid-morning after taking an early flight.  By 11:00 a.m. at the office, I had been up eight hours already.  A little underslept and disoriented, I had a million work things on my mind.  And then one very big thing: it's Paloma's last day.  In the flurry of plans from the weeks before, we had hastily said, oh good, we'll both be in Monday, so we'll definitely see each other and say bye then... casually shrugging it off so as to lessen the total bummer aspect of it all. 

It's weird how blase we were, just catching up about my weekend and grabbing our purses for lunch.  Work and silly tasks have not let me think about this being Paloma's last day because it will probably send me into a few tears.  Fact. 

It's wonderful to have your friend as your co-worker.  And it's wonderful to have your co-worker as your friend.  I highly recommend it.  Fact.

On that note, onward to more blogging and the next phase.  We acknowledged with plucky bravery that our litigation selves are so busy, in and out of the office anyway, that we will probably see each other about the same amount.  She'll still be down the street, closer to the lovely central library.  Yay!

That said, I spent the weekend in aggressive tropical sun, and have mild sunburn for it.  I definitely think I got a little color.  Like the tan, but could really afford to look a little more well-rested here.  Easier coming back from Miami than New York, though.  Fact.

I like the back on this dress.  I always intended for it to be a work dress, but I don't think Urban Outfitters did.  It traveled well - paired this morning with a chambray shirt and ankle boots.  Then switched up with the sweater and pumps back in the office.

I am wearing...

Kova and T dusty blue dress with sweetheart scallopped neckline
Nine West nude peeptoe platform pumps
BCBGeneration caftan cardigan

Tod's white pebbled leather tote

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Final Countdown

Happy days are... coming to an end!  Just kidding, we carry on, as we do, and we're trying not to think about Paloma leaving Our Law Firm.  More opportunities for new photo spots, she pointed out.  So true.

Karen says...

The lighting here was tricky, it wasn't particularly flattering, but it is interesting.  This is the sad and nearly deserted Macy's Plaza.  Kind of a weird spot to have one of our last walks (as co-workers, at least), but it was a fun romp checking out cosmetics at Macy's, and running some last minute errands I have before heading to Miami for a weekend bachelorette party.

I am wearing...

Zara white tank
Zara white blazer
GAP black ultra skinny pants
Prabal Gurung x Target multi-colored pumps
Tod's white pebbled leather tote

Anthropologie earrings
BCBG teal bracelet

Feeling totally un-creative today, both with my outfit and with my blog content.  Once again sporting my classic cardigan/pencil skirt combo.  But I was super excited when I found these shoes this morning - I thought I had lost them, but turns out one of my daughters was using them as a toy and managed to hide them in an obscure location.  Oh, the joys of kiddos!

I am wearing...
GAP maternity white tank (What? It's comfy!)
Mossimo x Target orange-ish red cardigan
Banana Republic pencil skirt
Nine West pumps
Urban Outfitters belt

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shrinking Violet

Neither of us is a shrinking violet, since we're perfectly fine taking photos of ourselves on a downtown Los Angeles street corner.  Paloma, is, however, shrinking, it seems.  And wearing violet.

Paloma says...

This skirt is way too big and I feel like a frump-a-dump in it.   But I bought it when I had 20 more baby pounds to lose.   I feel like all I do on the blog is bitch about how things fit.   But hey - that's the reality when you are popping out babies... your weight is up and down and all over the place.  I have clothes in all sizes under the rainbow!

I love the color combo here - a yellow shirt and purple cardigan.  Opposite sides of the color wheel!
I am wearing...
LOFT purple cardigan
Old Navy patterned tee
The Limited (massive) grey A-line skirt
Steve Madden pumps
Karen says...
I really dreaded putting on this jacket.  It's at the back of my closet and I bought it two years ago in a desperate attempt to diversify my suiting.  I will say that I spent a pretty penny on it because I was very taken with it when I tried it on, but struggled much after that with the belting.  I had an important court hearing this morning and I didn't want to schlep it in one of my dark suits.  Remembered this jacket, and realized, oh, it's kinda peplum, isn't it?  That works.
Ultimately, the outfit came together as all about the fit (commented on by Paloma, supra).  I got a few compliments on it today from my female co-worker pals, and friends I ran into at lunch - so you know the female opinion is legit.  Paloma just felt it was form fitting, and that I rarely wear cinched waists.  It's nice that it worked out.  It was hot as hell today and I couldn't wait to take it off when I got home!
I am wearing...
Nordstrom classiques entier charcoal textured belted jacket with ruffle collar detail
Bebe black high-waisted fitted tube skirt
Sole Society Dahlia in red
I've also decided to give all my Sole Society 6.5's away to my friend Cynthia.  They're kinda killing my feet.  I think they're $49.95 for a reason.  But, am still loyal to the brand and love my blurred leopard Brooklyns.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gone With the Wind Fabulous

Had to go with the Real Housewives of Atlanta reference, a la Kenya Moore.  Discussing the Atlanta housewives is just another thing we will miss doing together.  Daily, at least.  What a luxury that we were not only able to head out in this beautiful weather to catch a picture under the sunshine, but to also have a delicious Italian lunch at Casa Nostra.

Karen says...

It was so windy today that we saw a sandwich board blowing towards us as we walked down Figueroa.  Not your day if you're an allergy sufferer, but score one for the girls who blog their outfits.  (Paloma may not agree.)

I was trying to create a Marilyn moment, but this picture captures the fun, bejeweled collar amidst all the black.  I actually wore this outfit (under the stealthy Club Monaco coat) to a Workers Compensation Appeals Board hearing this morning.  I tucked the collar underneath the sweater, and in my all black, channeled Johnny Cash in a skirt.  But by lunchtime, it was time to get all sparkly for spring.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 cornflower blue blouse with jeweled collar detail
Forever 21 black knit sweater
S.Y.L.K. black pleated skater skirt
Sole Society Brooklyn pumps in blurred leopard

Yeah, same shoes on the next day... but if no one saw me yesterday, does that count?

Paloma says...

As my days at the firm wind to a close... and my four-day vacation between firms gets closer.... I find myself feeling light as air, but also sad as hell to leave behind my beloved partner in fashion-blogging crime.  I wonder if our borderline psychic abilities with respect to our fashion choices will continue even when we no longer work a few feet away from each other.  Today, for example, we both opted for cute, flippy black skirts.  Not the best choice on a windy day, but cute nonetheless. 

I am wearing...

Forever 21 black and white striped top
H&M black skater skirt
Sole Society Reanna pump in red

Forever 21 necklace

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dress for Success

As Paloma winds down her last week in Our Law Firm, we start to transition to the fact that soon it will just be Karen's Law Firm.  Another day of selfies, a little rueful that there may be many more of those days to come.  Here are your last glimpses into Paloma's office...

Paloma says...

Well, the most noteworthy thing about me today is that I have a haircut and highlights!  Finally, after months of neglect, my hair is healthy and looking halfway decent.  Too bad Karen was trapped in a mediation all day and thus, this inadequate, poorly-lit selfie.   It just wasn't able to do the hair justice.

Anyway, this skirt (which hasn't seen the light of day in years... this is a great thing about pregnancy, rediscovering your wardrobe as your body slooooowwwwly comes back) is definitely one that only fits when I am skinny-ish... the waistline is super flattering but brutally cinching. So when I can squeeze it on, I know I am doing A-OK, weight-wise.   Although today I will admit to having to unzip it just a smidge by day's end so I could breathe a bit easier.   I just love a high-waisted pencil skirt so much!  Truly could never have too many in my work wardrobe!

I am wearing...

GAP hot pink slouchy tee (clearance rack impulse purchase)
BCBG gathered waist pencil skirt in a greyish brown
Nine West peeptoe patent wedges

Pearl earrings (gift from the hub)
Karen says...
Spent the day with a collection of fast-talking Los Angeles lawyers, and would you believe it, none of them seemed down to snap a photo of my outfit for me.  Well, I didn't dare ask, lest it compromise the appearance of professionalism... so I am left, of course, to take these fuzzy photos here at Chez K.
A familiar outfit because of the memorable red skirt, but I assure you I did manage to pair it with a different white shirt, thus everything old is new again!  I liked the combination a lot, it is extremely simple, but you really can't go wrong with red, white, and a print.
I am wearing...
Club Monaco collared button-down shirt
L'Agence A-line skirt
Sole Society Brooklyn pump in blurred leopard
Oh yes, and a little Greta Garbo action for ya there in the background.

Friday, April 5, 2013


... and it feels so good!  For this thirty-minute lunch at the new Mendocino Farms at... drumroll, please... Figat7th.

Karen says...

Have about a thousand things going on today, so can't even stand up straight for a photo.  The real explanation for the casual nature of these photos is that we were standing in line with about a hundred people for the new Mendocino, and we didn't feel entirely comfortable doing our usual hand-on-hip vamping.

I am wearing...
BCBG silk blend blouse
Current/Elliott charcoal skinny pants
Forever 21 moto jacket
Classiques Entier nude peeptoe booties
Black pearl pendant necklace (self-made)
H&M earrings (little studs in the shape of bejeweled strawberries)
Mendocino Farms menu


Paloma says...

Not much to say today, except that I have discovered these pants are dark blue - not black - and I am very disappointed.
Happy Friday!
I am wearing...
Old Navy red and tan striped top
Old Navy grey cardigan
Forever 21 BLUE skinny pants with zip detail
Steve Madden shoes
Forever 21 pendant necklace
Mendocino Farms menu

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Don't Know How She Does It

Today, at long last, is The Paloma Show, as Karen is lost somewhere in Santa Monica... or downtown... or Beverly Hills.  Hanging out with Big Cheese also is not the best environment to snap a selfie.

Paloma says...

Well.  This picture is the best I could do.  After yet another crazy busy day at the office (I think Karen might have been in for a hot minute... I heard her voice at one point but never actually saw her!), I pulled into my driveway, let my two girls play on the grass (see the cute little baby butt in this pic??), and set up a selfie.  With my three-year-old whining for dinner, and my yoga pants calling my name, I didn't have a chance to do any re-takes, so there you have it.

Bummed, too, because this skirt is really, really cute.  Super floral, super spring.  I stalked it at LOFT a few years ago until it went on sale and so glad I did! I got a billion compliments on it today - people actually stopped me on the street!  Holla!

I am wearing...

GAP ruffle v-neck t-shirt
LOFT floral linen skirt
J.Crew metallic gold flats (I was actually wearing nude patent wedges today but these are my "commuter" shoes and i was too lazy to change out of them)
Pearl cluster earrings - a gift from my mom 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Swapping Looks

We're rubbing off on each other, and it shows - wearing outfits inspired by each other's looks!

Paloma says...

No rest for the weary, apparently.   I am trudging through my final duties on all my cases, getting them in a good position to be handed off to the next person, and it seems to be keeping me crazy busy!  I was kind of hoping for a relaxing last couple of weeks here, but that's not looking likely.

Anyway, on to more important things, like my outfit.   I was trying to go for something a bit different today -- this is not a silhouette I commonly wear.   I wasn't sure how I felt about it when I left the house this morning (thought I looked frumpy), but Karen loved it, so I was satisfied. Oh what will I do without my fashion moral compass one office away everyday?? :-(
I am wearing...
Old Navy lavender blouse with oversized ruffle detail
J. Crew Tippi cardigan in black
The Limited Exact Stretch skinny pants
Sole Society Margie in black (love these in pink, too!)
Karen says...
Put on a yellow top and a navy skirt, and immediately gravitated towards my leopard shoes... then thought, hang on a minute!  That was Paloma's look, yesterday!  (And loved her look today, which was something I totally would've done.)  So pulled out these slingbacks with a lower than usual heel, a pair of shoes I fell in love with last spring but really don't rock too often.  Love the little accent on them, though.  Will do a close-up next time, when we aren't running around with our heads cut off.
It's a simple, too comfortable, almost too jersey-knit type outfit, and really doesn't photograph well for lack of structure.  But today was so crazy, workwise, I was happy just to have a moment for a picture.
I am wearing...
Banana Republic yellow three-quarter length blouse
Velvet navy skirt
Sam Edelman Orly slingback pumps in nude and yellow

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Primary Colors

No two people ever played out a Target the way we did.  But few can argue that, dammit, it has it all.

Today, just too lazy to stand out in the windy weather.  A solid red backdrop can't be beat, especially when you're decked out in primary colors.

Karen says...

This is my Ming vase dress.  It's really more for a garden party or a museum opening, but paired with a bright cardigan, I think it's suitable for a spring day in the office.  Anyway, who am I kidding.  When do I ever go to garden parties or museum openings.

What's very interesting, of course, is that this slouchy shift has drop sleeves, when it's sleeveless!  It is lined as shown, no need for any other garment.  It fits like a glove and I'm enchanted by the color, so much like Delft pottery.

I am wearing...

Zara blue and white floral print dress
Madewell tangerine cardigan
Tory Burch tan leather slingback peeptoe pumps

Tiffany & Co. silver pearl necklace

Paloma says...

This outfit is one year in the making.  I pinned this image of Olivia Palermo a year ago, and have been intent on recreating it ever since.  Just needed to obtain a mustard pencil skirt and a navy blouse.  I got my new yellow pencil skirt in the mail yesterday and voila!  I actually like my version better than Olivia's, if I do say so myself.  I think the brighter blue shirt is more eye-catching and the leopard shoes make it more interesting than your basic neutral.
In other news, blue and gold are my high school colors, so that's awesome. Go Demons!  SFHS!
I am wearing...

The Limited Layering Shell in Ballgown Blue
The Limited High-Waist Pencil Skirt in Yellow
Jessica Simpson Minna leopard wedge 

Target (faux) pearl necklace

Monday, April 1, 2013

New Leaf

It's nice that we have this project together, because it's a common denominator when our days are so dramatically different.  On a day when Paloma was feeling a kind of lightness and liberation, Karen was dealing with some weighty issues - both personal and professional.

But, consistency, thy name is woman - thus the usual Figat7th pic.  This time, in front of everyone's guilty pleasure, Sprinkles.

Paloma says...

Feeling a little bittersweet today, since I am officially switching firms around the end of the month.  It's always nice to get a fresh start, but also sad to say goodbye to your super awesome colleagues whom you have come to love.  In particular, my partner in crime here, Karen.  But not to worry, Nine-Thirty-to-Fivers (all six of you)!  We have pledged our commitment to keeping up our little fashion project here, come hell or high water.  You see, my new office is a mere four blocks away so we should be able to continue our afternoon coffee meet-ups/photo sessions and fill in the blanks as necessary with selfies.  Whew!
In other news, I am digging my super long pants today... too bad I only have one pair of shoes tall enough to wear with them.
I am wearing...

LOFT olive 3/4 sleeve cardigan
H&M striped tank
GAP Modern flare slacks in dark charcoal
Jessica Simpson taupe peeptoe pumps

Karen says...

There are precious few rays of light in my Monday, and this dress is one of them.  It's my little Easter treat to myself from a visit to Ted Baker yesterday.  The detail is hard to spot in this photo, but it tapers nicely at the waist into a cute bow detail.  I think the dress is wonderfully Audrey Hepburn, with a skater skirt flare.  Of course, it might be a tad too short for the office, but it passed the Catholic schoolgirl "fingertips" test (well past that length!), so I've convinced myself that I'm good.

Another ray of light, of course, is the nice little break with Paloma and our afternoon cupcakes.  I needed these pick-me-ups because I had a perfectly hellacious morning, dealing with difficult personalities, that constantly interrupted via telephone and e-mail other administrative things I really had to get done.  On top of all of that, I found out that a great mentor and friend passed away.  Then, thinking about some weeks from now when I won't be able to run into the office next door to pour out my every little gripe, minute by minute, as I do now... Bring in the violins!  It's a tough Monday, to be sure.  

But it's worth saying - I'm happy for Paloma's good days, like this one, and the many more to come, because as co-worker and friend, she certainly deserves them.  And they are hard-earned.

OK, now check out my cute dress.

I am wearing...

Ted Baker LBD
Marc Jacobs cream cardigan with sequined detail
Sole Society Dahlia in nude