Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Off Site

Our daily adventures are taking us off, off site, and to much more interesting places. Of course, Paloma is on a mini-vacay, and Karen is just... well, have car, will travel.
Another day of leisure for me... A girl could get used to this.  Went out to breakfast with my hub and kiddos, did some yoga, and headed down to San Diego (actually, Escondido) with my brother to take him to a doctor's appointment, which we are turning into a mini-vacay!  Currently watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion in our hotel room before heading out for Mexican food and margaritas for dinner.  Perfect.
Wore this super comfy outfit for the road trip - stretchy pants and cozy flannel.
I am wearing...
Old Navy flannel
Target gray tank top
Forever 21 stretch jeans with side zippers
J. Crew Cece ballet flats in gold

Karen says...
Oh boy, what a day.  Still trying to recover from lack of sleep, getting things together for a weekend guest, preparing for trial at work (this is kinda important, I guess), and still managing my regular cases.  Beyond all that?  Obsessing all week over a pair of vintage Christian Dior sunglasses found at Espionage.
Let me back up a little... Two weeks ago, my friend Cyn and I were doing our Saturday thing and came upon Espionage.  This is a perfect little vintage clothes shop on Beverly Boulevard, also filled with what can only be described as curios and oddities.  I spotted a pair of vintage Christian Dior sunglasses that I instantly became obsessed with.  Asked Cyn's ever-invaluable opinion; she shrugged and said, "They kinda look like the ones you have."
Consistency, thy name is woman.  Indeed, they did rather resemble my beloved Warby Parkers.  Well, tragedy of tragedies, I lost the Livs over the weekend on the event-filled Miami trip.  I still wonder about the yellow cab I left them in, which hydroplaned its way back to the Eden Roc after a bizarre thunderstorm.  You know I loved those Warby Parkers so.
But I thought, does this mean the CDs and I are meant to be?  Went to Espionage yesterday, and the darn place closed early for the day (must be nice!).  Today, amidst completing thirteen pretrial motions (with the help of Jamie, and probably driving my assistant nuts), I still managed to call Espionage, haggle a price, and secure that they wouldn't close without my picking them up.  Well, could never get out of work on time and my retail fairy Cyn was wonderful enough to go and get them for me.  We walked to Erewhon afterward for a celebratory brown rice sushi roll (and to reimburse her, haha).
I did a good job haggling.  I got these for 2/3 of their price tag.  The pictures show how pleased I am.

I think the pictures came out well today - it happens that Cyn was a photography major at NYU. 
I am wearing...
Martin + Osa navy blue silk cami
Division E tie-front jersey knit shirt with studded detail
Target print skater skirt
Barneys New York black patent leather pumps
Christian Dior vintage sunglasses (yay!)
Tod's white pebbled leather tote

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