Thursday, April 11, 2013

Final Countdown

Happy days are... coming to an end!  Just kidding, we carry on, as we do, and we're trying not to think about Paloma leaving Our Law Firm.  More opportunities for new photo spots, she pointed out.  So true.

Karen says...

The lighting here was tricky, it wasn't particularly flattering, but it is interesting.  This is the sad and nearly deserted Macy's Plaza.  Kind of a weird spot to have one of our last walks (as co-workers, at least), but it was a fun romp checking out cosmetics at Macy's, and running some last minute errands I have before heading to Miami for a weekend bachelorette party.

I am wearing...

Zara white tank
Zara white blazer
GAP black ultra skinny pants
Prabal Gurung x Target multi-colored pumps
Tod's white pebbled leather tote

Anthropologie earrings
BCBG teal bracelet

Feeling totally un-creative today, both with my outfit and with my blog content.  Once again sporting my classic cardigan/pencil skirt combo.  But I was super excited when I found these shoes this morning - I thought I had lost them, but turns out one of my daughters was using them as a toy and managed to hide them in an obscure location.  Oh, the joys of kiddos!

I am wearing...
GAP maternity white tank (What? It's comfy!)
Mossimo x Target orange-ish red cardigan
Banana Republic pencil skirt
Nine West pumps
Urban Outfitters belt


  1. Love the black pants. Do you like the fit of the Gap's ultra skinnies? I can't decide between those and Banana Republic's Sloan ankle pants.

  2. Love their fit, as long as I'm not overdoing it on the cakes and cookies. I haven't tried the BR ankle pants! But I bought a pair of ASOS peg pants that might be the same. Definitely think the GAP ultra skinnies are it for the value and versatility.