Shrinking Violet

Neither of us is a shrinking violet, since we're perfectly fine taking photos of ourselves on a downtown Los Angeles street corner.  Paloma, is, however, shrinking, it seems.  And wearing violet.

Paloma says...

This skirt is way too big and I feel like a frump-a-dump in it.   But I bought it when I had 20 more baby pounds to lose.   I feel like all I do on the blog is bitch about how things fit.   But hey - that's the reality when you are popping out babies... your weight is up and down and all over the place.  I have clothes in all sizes under the rainbow!

I love the color combo here - a yellow shirt and purple cardigan.  Opposite sides of the color wheel!
I am wearing...
LOFT purple cardigan
Old Navy patterned tee
The Limited (massive) grey A-line skirt
Steve Madden pumps
Karen says...
I really dreaded putting on this jacket.  It's at the back of my closet and I bought it two years ago in a desperate attempt to diversify my suiting.  I will say that I spent a pretty penny on it because I was very taken with it when I tried it on, but struggled much after that with the belting.  I had an important court hearing this morning and I didn't want to schlep it in one of my dark suits.  Remembered this jacket, and realized, oh, it's kinda peplum, isn't it?  That works.
Ultimately, the outfit came together as all about the fit (commented on by Paloma, supra).  I got a few compliments on it today from my female co-worker pals, and friends I ran into at lunch - so you know the female opinion is legit.  Paloma just felt it was form fitting, and that I rarely wear cinched waists.  It's nice that it worked out.  It was hot as hell today and I couldn't wait to take it off when I got home!
I am wearing...
Nordstrom classiques entier charcoal textured belted jacket with ruffle collar detail
Bebe black high-waisted fitted tube skirt
Sole Society Dahlia in red
I've also decided to give all my Sole Society 6.5's away to my friend Cynthia.  They're kinda killing my feet.  I think they're $49.95 for a reason.  But, am still loyal to the brand and love my blurred leopard Brooklyns.