Monday, April 29, 2013

Library Chic

How reassuring that we still dress alike when we're three... extremely... long... blocks from each other.  We made a great effort to meet today for coffee, and were pleased that the other side of lower downtown has opened up to us, with lovely places like the Central Library.  However, we both realized that meeting up is a two-pair-of-shoes kind of event - must have walking flats on hand.

Here is the garden by the library, the site of many photos to come, we think.

Karen says...

When will I learn that this Martin + Osa skirt always can use an ironing?  That notwithstanding, Paloma and I both got the "fuschia" memo today.  I took out some long lost items from my closet, including this shirt that Cyn gave me for my birthday last year.  It is see-through, so there is a French Connection tank involved, as well.

The glasses are just for fun.  I mean, they're pink, and we're at a library.  Enough said.

The coffee date with Paloma was nothing short of frenzied, felt like I had a million things to tell her!  And I told her 900,000 of them, but I tell you I could've used ten minutes more...

I am wearing...

Monteau lace top with fuschia piping
Martin + Osa navy blue pencil skirt
Steve Madden fuschia suede pumps
MNG white boucle 3/4-sleeve jacket (not worn)

pink eyeglasses
Tod's tote in white pebbled leather

Paloma says...

Well it's officially my first Monday at my new job.  That fact is totally inconsequential but is a fact nonetheless.  I'm slowly getting comfortable here, even though I still always park on the wrong floor in the parking garage and walk the wrong direction when I get out of the elevators.  Oh, and today I spent a full five minutes trying to find the office supply room before I decided to bite the bullet and actually ask someone.  Always sucks being the new kid.

Was so fun to meet up with Karen this afternoon for a photo session in the library gardens and a coffee just like old times.  Even got to catch up on office gossip.  I will say not having her in the office next door has helped my productivity at work!  No one to shoot the shit with all afternoon about clothes, reality TV, boys, and what have you. 

As for my outfit, I am not a fan.  I seem to always have issues with fit and today is no different.  The skirt is too big, the camisole is too small and keeps riding up, and the shoes are cute but kinda make me walk funny.  Oh well, I do like the color combo of yellow and fuschia.

I am wearing...

Target mustard tank
H&M fuschia cardigan
Merona x Target black pencil skirt
Jessica Simpson peeptoe slingbacks

Gold earrings from who knows where?

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