Gone With the Wind Fabulous

Had to go with the Real Housewives of Atlanta reference, a la Kenya Moore.  Discussing the Atlanta housewives is just another thing we will miss doing together.  Daily, at least.  What a luxury that we were not only able to head out in this beautiful weather to catch a picture under the sunshine, but to also have a delicious Italian lunch at Casa Nostra.

Karen says...

It was so windy today that we saw a sandwich board blowing towards us as we walked down Figueroa.  Not your day if you're an allergy sufferer, but score one for the girls who blog their outfits.  (Paloma may not agree.)

I was trying to create a Marilyn moment, but this picture captures the fun, bejeweled collar amidst all the black.  I actually wore this outfit (under the stealthy Club Monaco coat) to a Workers Compensation Appeals Board hearing this morning.  I tucked the collar underneath the sweater, and in my all black, channeled Johnny Cash in a skirt.  But by lunchtime, it was time to get all sparkly for spring.

I am wearing...

Forever 21 cornflower blue blouse with jeweled collar detail
Forever 21 black knit sweater
S.Y.L.K. black pleated skater skirt
Sole Society Brooklyn pumps in blurred leopard

Yeah, same shoes on the next day... but if no one saw me yesterday, does that count?

Paloma says...

As my days at the firm wind to a close... and my four-day vacation between firms gets closer.... I find myself feeling light as air, but also sad as hell to leave behind my beloved partner in fashion-blogging crime.  I wonder if our borderline psychic abilities with respect to our fashion choices will continue even when we no longer work a few feet away from each other.  Today, for example, we both opted for cute, flippy black skirts.  Not the best choice on a windy day, but cute nonetheless. 

I am wearing...

Forever 21 black and white striped top
H&M black skater skirt
Sole Society Reanna pump in red

Forever 21 necklace