Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paloma's Office, Two Ways

So, we're getting the hang of cross-town blogging, rather than co-working blogging.  Tomorrow - hallelujah! - is a long-awaited lunch date so that we can resume our antics like the good ol' days.  But in the interim...

Paloma says...
Day 2 of the new job and actually did some substantive work for the last couple hours of the day - and so the billable hours begin!
Wore a favorite cardigan that somehow gets lost in the back of my closet far too often.  I was actually racking my brain trying to remember if it has made an appearance on the blog yet and I could not for the life of me remember.  I guess that's a true sign of how long we've been keeping up this little project!   Also sporting what has become my favorite white camisole.  The secret is that it's a maternity shirt, which only means it's super stretchy and long.  Feeling so clever!

In other news, Karen and I are going to reunite tomorrow for lunch and pictures - excited!
I am wearing...
J.Crew floral cardigan
GAP Maternity white tank
GAP modern boot slacks in black
Steve Madden cognac pumps
Accessories: (I am really representing my beloved New Mexico today)
Silver handmade earrings from some Native American jeweler in Las Cruces, NM
Silver and turquoise handmade ring from some Native American jeweler in Santa Fe, NM
Karen says...
With my jacket on, I call this "Airline Stewardess Chic."  That's what I always think when I throw a haughty scarf on.  But this scarf is well worth it.  Also, I love this black dress as a go-to, but often it needs a little accessorizing.
These shoes - which I've worn numerous times - are so beloved by strangers, it makes me laugh.  I got complimented on them three times today: by a girl while crossing the street, by another girl at a coffee house an hour later, and by co-worker Jamie who has, like, totally seen them, you know.  I just love them because they go with everything and are super-comfy.
Now, on to the scarf...
This lovely piece of fabric is one of the nicest things I own.  It was a present from my friend Marion, who used to design textiles for Hermes.  This little Parisienne always wanted to live near a gorgeous beach and found herself moving to California, but her fashion career quickly took her to another total culture shock, the Abercrombie & Fitch design campus in Ohio.  It's wonderful to receive presents like these; but it's all the more incredible when your friend had a hand in its design.
And, if it's a scarf like this around your neck, why not look like a stuck-up bitch, just for a day.
I am wearing...
Theory black knit dress
Theory jacket with checkered pattern (not shown)
Classiques Entier nude booties with bow detail
Hermes scarf
Oh yes - this was my court outfit this morning.  I do whatever I freaking can to avoid wearing a suit, I tell you.  And, this picture was snapped in Paloma's emptied out office!  (Sniff!)

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