Thursday, January 31, 2013

Out On a Limb

Karen says...

Well, yesterday was a total bust - Paloma still out sick, but just impossible for me to get a photo of anything, much less some self-indulgent selfie of my outfit.  And another crazy L.A. law day has gone by, I can't even remember what it was.

And I've covered three parts of L.A. today, and decided that just because I'm a big shot lawyer, and my partner-in-crime is bedridden with the flu, doesn't mean I should abandon a fledgling web project.

So here we are, and may I say, I got myself a red manicure (Essie Jelly Apple), then got myself a red skirt (Ron Herman 2/3 off lives on), then decided - we're going for the red lipstick (Makeup Forever No. 45).  And the results are a very satisfying "don't fuck with me fellas" (nod to Paloma) kind of look.

Sorry, everybody - this is becoming The Karen Show.

I am wearing...

J.Crew cotton and crepe knit long-sleeve tee in beige (an oldie but goodie)
L'Agence asymmetrical skirt in red (no. 6 in this Ron Herman pictoral)
H&M cropped tuxedo jacket
Sole Society Chandra closed toe pump in leopard color

This outfit took me to a deposition, back to the office, to a conference in judge's chambers at Stanley Mosk, and it's about to take me for an after-work cocktail.

First toast - to Paloma's speedy recovery!

Camera: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Incredible Cowboy #2

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Out Sick

No blog today, Paloma is out sick.  :-(

This is an H&M sweater in a dark teal, and I matched it with an ill-fitting Forever 21 skirt. 

It's just as well that there's no official post today - I had a lovely outfit planned with a favorite Theory sweater of mine - and it died on me this morning.  A little moth ate a corner of the shoulder and this just about broke my heart.  I wanted to entitle the post today Death of a Sweater.

Tomorrow will be another fun-filled day here at the salt mines, and I hope our darling Pomby is back up and in full effect.  May the Airborne be with you!

Camera: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth App, Incredible Cowboy #2

Monday, January 28, 2013

Under the Weather

Poor Paloma is really not feeling well today, but when you're blogging for two, the other will drag you to take a photo, come hell or high water.  Here we are, in her office, with her recently hung diplomas (it only took a year and four months to get those up there).
We're using a murky, watercolor effect today to represent the world through Paloma's eyes when she's under the weather.
Paloma says...
Today, as was inevitable I suppose, I came down with the flu that my daughter had all last week.  And it's a doozy.  Literally feel like I am in space, I am so foggy-headed and feverish.  But, like a good "work must come first" associate attorney, I dragged my sorry ass in to work anyway.  Actually, I didn't have a choice, what with a scheduled 8:30 a.m. meeting that I couldn't reschedule.  Alas, the Big Cheese was in today too, which means that I am being forced to stay here to get my (long overdue) year-end performance review.  Whoop-di-doo!  Who doesn't want to sit across from their boss and be pointedly critiqued while feeling like you've been run over by an 18-wheeler?  FUN!  (My black outfit and grouchy stance for blog pictures certainly captures my sentiments.) 
I am wearing...
Black pashmina - bridesmaid gift at my sister's wedding
J.Crew Tippi cardigan in black
The Limited polka dot tank
The Limited Exact Stretch pants in grey
Nine West Rocha pumps in black
Karen says...
I feel a little guilty that my enthusiasm for a photo is significantly higher than Paloma's today.  Poor girl, she doesn't look sick, but she has made enough jokes about curling up in a fetal position, crawling under her desk, etc., for me to really sympathize with how miserable she feels.

I, on the other hand, tried to find every excuse to wear these short leather gloves.  I obviously don't need wear them indoors and at the office, so admittedly this is all contrived.  But it's 57 degrees outside (it's windy! so it feels worse, OK?) and the gloves are essential.

I am wearing...

Phillip Lim 3.1 pink camisole (not really visible)
BCBG silk and cotton patchwork v-neck high-low white blouse
BCBGeneration grey caftan sweater
J.Crew Crinkle City Mini in black (other colors here)
Cole Haan Adelyn Mary Jane pump in black (looks like this, but they're from about 1,000 years ago)

Pink belt from Rimo on Sawtelle (this place is great!)
Warmen leather gloves in black (my new loves!)

Camera: iPhone 4S, Vintique app, watercolors effect

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Brights

What used to be a midday power jaunt is now location scouting for this damn blog.  But oh my God, we kind of love it.  Especially when we found a mountain of colorful macarons to pose with in front of Bottega Louie.
Karen says...
This is the second attempt at a lavender monochromatic experiment.  I saw the look featured on ASOS and never quite recreated it in the same way.  I suppose it would help if I were also a leggy model.  Still, at 5'1 1/2", I will not shy away from wearing ultra-tight purple jeans.
I am wearing...
Mother The Looker jeans in French Lilac
(on sale, if you're a size 31, at Barneys)
H&M sheer button down blouse in cream
H&M lavender angora blend sweater
J. Crew Martina patent wedges in apricot mist
(I would buy these in every color if I could!)
well, none, but Paloma is holding a North Face raincoat that seemed to go with all of this
Paloma says...
Frumpy Friday!  But at least I'm comfortable, right?  Right?!  Slightly concerned that I am getting the "frazzled frumpy mom" angle on the blog (what will all our many, many readers think?!), especially alongside Karen's much more chic "single girl who does fabulous things and has fabulous hair" angle - but also realize that I kind of am the frazzled frumpy mom.  Ergh.  But that's a large part of why I signed on to the blog idea... I feel like if I have to hold myself accountable for what I wear every day by taking a picture, then I may recognize the traps I fall into and navigate around them, e.g., comfortable = frumpy; ponytails should not be worn every day; and these boots have got. To. Go.  They were $35 at Target three years ago and are now sadly looking like $1 boots.  So not chic.  On the positive side, I love my faux turquoise earrings!
I am wearing...
LOFT olive green t-shirt
Target white ribbed tank
GAP Always Skinny jeans
Mossimo for Target boots (For the last time ever, I swear!)
Target faux turquoise drop earrings
Citizen Mens' Eco-Drive watch
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Portrait scene, HDR effect

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Suited and Booted

Off in different worlds today.  Karen is hanging with the Big Cheese boss at a mediation on the Westside, Paloma is at the DTLA home office kicking asses and taking names.  OK, it's not that dramatic.  But we're getting it done, that's for damn sure!
Paloma says...
What's a working girl to do when she wakes up late, has to hustle to get herself and her two kids dressed and fed in time to make it to the kids' doctor's appointment, then has to attend said doctor's appointment, then has to hustle two kids to their respective day care/preschools, then has to hustle to her office, and then has to hustle through nine hours of work in six hours?  And it's raining?  Why... she wears all black, of course!
I am wearing...
Express black wrap shirt (ca. 2002 - I bought this fresh out of college in an attempt to start building a more "professional" wardrobe - it took another six years before I was a professional, but clearly it was a good purchase, since I still love this shirt!), GAP Modern Boot pants in black), Wet Seal black camisole (worn under the wrap shirt for decency purposes - wow, this is something I bought in high school), Banana Republic black boots
Accessories: sea green pendant necklace from Melrose Trading Post 
Camera: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Vintique app, Yesterday effect
Karen says...
This is unrelated to clothes, or anything at all, really, but I need to share that I've been taking biotin supplements twice a day to see if it would help my hair.  And I am happy to report that, wishful thinking or not, fact or fiction - I think it's working!  This morning my hair felt quite manageable and very latherable (just go with it), and totally agreed with me even when I didn't use any product.  I am so pleased!
My phone went on a perfect fritz today and - as anyone would be - I went into a state of total panic.  When our mediation broke, I went off a tip from my (very tech savvy) client and headed to UBreakIFix on West 3rd Street in West Hollywood.  What a Godsend!  I mean, seriously!  If you have iPhone issues, skip the mothereffing Apple store.  They practically laughed at me when I presented my stuck sleep button issue.  UBreakIFix had it fixed in 40 minutes - and I was able to go up and down West 3rd Street taking these goofy pics.
I am wearing...
J.Crew Super 120s suit in charcoal, Forever 21 short-sleeved blouse in pink, Cole Haan Mary Janes (yeah, I know, not visible)
It was a proper working day, you know, having to lawyer in front of people for a change, so I had to go with the basic suit with a bit of color.
Later, on my own time, I stopped by Traveler's Bookcase - because what is better than taking your photo amongst hundreds of books about far-off places?  And of course, I had to have a cappuccino at Joan's on Third.
Between the hair, the iPhone fix, the travel books, and the cappuccino... I had a good day.
Karen pic 1: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth, Crown Colour booth
Karen pics 2 and 3: iPad 2, IncrediBooth, Incredible Cowboy booth

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getting Graphic

Business as usual back at HQ.  Love the days when we're both in, and the weather's agreeable, and we have a little time to see what other settings are in store.  Here we are in an odd and random locale, a little corner by the FIGat7th parking structure.  Because sometimes, being behind a Target is just as good as being in one.

Karen says...

I'm still off a high from the Ron Herman 2/3-off sale, because I've been looking for the perfect button-down (in this case, button-up) shirt to wear under this tangerine cardigan.  The collars for this look are so tricky, and that just wasn't working with my other, older work shirts with the wide collars, begging to pop out of a muted suit.  This shirt has a Swiss dot-like embroidery and even came with a set of collar stays.  Loves!

I am wearing...

Martin + Osa (RIP) navy skirt (SS08), Maison Scotch button-down chambray shirt with dotted embroidery, Madewell tangerine cardigan, Enzo Angiolini navy suede peep-toe heels with ruffle detail

Accessories: (not really visible, sad face) Clare Vivier card case in caramel with pink stripe and iPhone case in kelly green

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Cloudy scene, LoFi effect

Paloma says...

Overcompensating for Monday today and I love my outfit.  The high-waisted full skirt is perfect for accentuating the waist and hiding the bum!  Tossed the fabric tie belt that came with the skirt and added a red studded one for a bit of color.  Perfection.  I have a super busy rest-of-the-work week, and somehow feeling well-dressed can make all the difference in my productivity level.
I am wearing.....
The Limited grey cotton cashmere cardigan, Old Navy black ruffle cotton tank (wow, this shirt is ancient!), Love 21 for Forever 21 black and ivory patterned skirt, Forever 21 red studded belt, Jones New York black leather peep-toe pumps
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Beach scene, HDR effect 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perfect Fits

Here's Paloma with her best accessory and best pal, her three-year-old Emi.  They are a perfect fit.
Paloma says...

Today, I am showcasing the two sides of my wardrobe (and my life, for that matter) quite well.  For the first half of my day, I was at home with my sick three-year-old, who has fallen victim to a brutal flu.  She was actually feeling a lot better by late morning, so I threw on something comfortable (at least a step above pajamas) for a quick trip to Target and an "only because you are sick" lunch at McDonald's.

I am wearing...

Old Navy grey cardigan, Merona for Target white t-shirt, Old Navy maternity black skinny jeans (not preggo, just comfy!), J.Crew Gold Cece ballet flats

Emi is wearing....

Head-to-toe Target (except for her shirt, which is by tea)

Later, a babysitter swooped in and I rushed across town for a meeting.  A change from jeans to skirt, flats to heels, and hair down to up - and I was almost able to pass for a lawyer!  Nearly forgot to photograph the second outfit, but thanks to a 5:00 p.m. text from Karen on the commute home, I managed to pull over and snap a pic mere seconds before the sun went down.

I am wearing...

Same Merona for Target t-shirt, Merona for Target black pencil skirt, Jones New York peep toe black leather pumps 

Paloma pic 1: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Camera+, Clarity scene, Lomographic effect 

Paloma pic 2: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Camera+, Clarity scene, Vibrant effect

And here is Karen in a dress that is two sizes too small, worn many moons and three pounds lighter ago.  They are not a perfect fit.

Karen says...

I pulled this dress out of my closet today under two delusions: (1) that I am still a size 00 (a wonderful, hungry time); and (2) that I could stuff my body into this sausage casing of a dress.  But not everything is operating at full mast in the mornings, and in a rush, I just went with it.  My other objective was just to sling something on today since I knew I'd be seeing our department head to discuss my cases.  I wanted to look a little more put-together than usual.  I do wonder if, during our brief meeting, my boss noticed my rib cage expanding in this painted-on dress as I tried to bring oxygen into my suffocating body.

Too small... and a little too short, I'm afraid.  But the dress is a cute one, for sure, and does look nice with these red heels. 

I can only think that I remind myself of Mariah Carey here (a.k.a. "Mimoo") with limbs looking larger than they should, so mercilessly squeezed are they into this doll's dress.

I am wearing...
J.Crew dress in blue and white narrow stripes, J. Crew grandpa cardigan in charcoal (not shown), Sole Society Dahlia pumps in red

Some things are meant to be retired, or lovingly set aside until a time when one has completed a cleanse.

Camera: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Crown Colour booth

Monday, January 21, 2013

Architecturally Significant

Today was a wonderful day for photo-taking.  The weather is beyond agreeable and we were able to venture - gasp! - a few blocks away to capture some of downtown LA's finer architectural details.  When those elements are in play, it really doesn't matter what you're wearing.  The former Southern California Gas Company building on Flower (ca. 1922) was a great find.

Karen says...

Our firm honors Martin Luther King, Jr.'s civil rights crusades not by giving us the day off, but by allowing us to wear jeans.  I hardly think Dr. King "had a dream" that working minions could go casual at work but, hey, freedom does have a very broad meaning. 

Paloma said something this morning about how my top was very "negligee-like," which concerned me, but I'm just going to stay in my office until the end of the day to avoid any judgment.  This is meant to double as my after-work outfit, too.

I am wearing...

T by Alexander Wang pocket tank in cobalt blue (FW12), Chan Luu copper sequined bralet (SS10) (not shown), Patterson J. Kincaid black button-down blouse with lace sleeves (FW11), RVCA black skinny jeans with web pattern (thanks, Cyn!), Dolce Vita wedges (SS11)

Accessories: frickin' none, of course

Paloma says...

Well.  I hate my outfit today.  I look dumpy/frumpy/chunky... and any other adjective I can't think of right now that describes this severely unflattering look.  It was all well-intended with the leopard pleated skirt that I adore, which I tried to make more casual (because that's how our firm celebrates MLK day - with jeans!) by adding flats... It just didn't work out as envisioned.  These flats need to be retired, because they were my "Nine Months Pregnant And I Can't Walk In Anything" purchase - and they look it.

May just be that this week has been a doozy and it's coming through in my outfit selection.  Well, there's always tomorrow!

I am wearing...

James Perse heather grey 3/4-sleeve t-shirt, Forever 21 pleated leopard print skirt (I know! They actually made a skirt that is not microscopic on me!  Hurrah!), Old Navy black cardigan, Me Too black fats (purchased at Nordys - those shoes are ridiculously comfy, and it shows!)

Accessories: massive chunk o' turquoise ring (a gift from my stepsister purchased somewhere in my beloved home state of New Mexico), faux diamond studs (reasonably-sized, this time) from Target (I think?)

Happy MLK and Inauguration Day!

Camera: iPhone 4S, Instagram, Amaro filter

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ghost Town

The hallway where the Employment Team lives is a little empty today, at least round the lunching hour.  Paloma is working from home with a sick kid, and Karen stepped into her office only to find that she's the lone attorney in her department.  All the more reason to take a nice Friday lunch at Bar + Kitchen.  Or to enjoy the beautiful weather with a stroll in the neighborhood.

Paloma is wearing...

Target grey and white wide-striped sweater, GAP yoga pants, Nike Pegasus running shoes

Accessories: Fred Flare "Carrie" sunglasses (last spotted at Targetville)

Here she is in Eagle Rock, photo courtesy of little Emi, age 3.

Camera: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Camera+, Beach scene, Magic Hour effect

Karen is wearing...

J.Crew Boy Shirt flannel in blue and orange plaid, MOTHER skinny flare jeans (yes, from last week), Banana Republic faux croc-embossed penny loafer heels in tan (not pictured)

Accessories: faux jade pendant drop earrings from Anthropologie, glass of filtered water

Cheers, l'chaim, slainte, and to the confusion of your enemies!  Here's to making the most of casual Fridays.

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Night scene, Lomographic effect

Thursday, January 17, 2013

On the Street Where I Live

Karen says...

Our two days could not have gone more differently.  Paloma made good on her threat yesterday... as today she was truly so busy and in "I don't know how she does it" mode, every bit the superlawyer-supermom.  I guess I can understand how through all that, one really doesn't have time for a selfie.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, it certainly isn't my fault when a deposition ends early and it makes no sense for me to go back east to the office.  And LA and I are best friends again, so perfect was the weather today, that it seemed silly to waste all that sun by working from home through the afternoon.  (I can make up for it after sunset, OK?)

The corporate park did not seem the most ideal place for a photo, so I brought it all back to the street where I live.  Evading the puzzled looks of midday joggers, I ended up on the side of my apartment building. 

I am wearing...

Theory short-sleeved button down blue and tan striped blouse, Club Monaco tan tulip skirt with circular pattern, Manolo Blahnik tan pumps with purple piping (FW05)

I'm very proud and possessive of these Manolos.  They're my very first pair from 2005, when I treated myself as a new attorney, and wore the shit out of them at my first job.  They're a little tired-looking now, lovingly worn, but with a fabulous vintage feel.  What I love most are that they are a vibrant violet on the inside.  How does any new attorney afford any Manolos, you ask?  Neiman's Last Call, and mind you in 2005 they probably cost what a pair of J.Crew heels do now.  Sad face.

And, as a little contrast, I quickly changed into a casual outfit for the as-promised jaunt into Brentwood.  Threw on a straw hat and some shorts, and was happy as a clam.  That hat's from H&M, the shirt's from Target.  That's how I roll when it's quittin' time.

Paloma did report back, however...

Boring deposition outfit: black cardigan, white blouse, grey slacks

Paloma, it is not the same without you!

As usual: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Crown Colour booth

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Warm Day

It has started: today Paloma looked at Karen and said, "I don't think I have time for this today..."

"No!  We are not quitting this early."  Maybe making it to 365 days is ambitious, but we can't quit under 31, dammit.

Stuff like "work" and "appointments" separated us again but, dogged as we are, the miracle of 3G smartphones makes all things possible.  And thank heaven it is a warmer day, even hitting the low-70's, in honor of which we've used the Vintique "warm day" filter.

Karen says...

This was more like a seventhirtytofive kind of day, with an early morning court appearance.  The truth is, this lawyer hates suits.  Boy do I love the way they look, boy do I hate the feeling of wool crepe or whatever the hell against my Taurean skin.  I try to get around this, especially on cold days, by wearing some kind of dress and an overcoat which I keep on during the quick appearance.  Today I swiped the large white coat (worn at Targetville) but switched to the short boucle one (worn last week on a wintry day) while back at the office, and when, mercifully, it got warmer when I left for a meeting.  Better still that no one at the office had ever seen the latter jacket since I was out at a depo when I wore it last week.  Hee hee.

I wound up in Paramount today, standing before some 70's-era fountain by a hospital.  Later, I was back at my beloved Country Mart to take a selfie in the well-appointed Farm Shop bathrooms.  (Don't ever say my life isn't glamorous!)

I am wearing...

Banana Republic sleeveless black dress, fuschia sweater vest with raised floral detail (neither of which are really shown), MANGO 3/4-sleeve boucle jacket in cream (thanks, Em!), Barneys black patent leather pumps

Accessories: I had court this morning, so none (running late)

First pic: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Crown Colour booth
Second pic: iPhone 4S, Vintique app, warm day effect

Paloma says...

Busy day = boring outfit. This is a classic working woman's uniform - grey, black, simple. We just can't be fashion plates every day, try as we might! So to compensate, I gave my best "fashion blogger" pose - terrible, I know.
I am wearing... 

J.Crew 3/4-sleeve ruffle cardigan in charcoal, Old Navy white camisole, GAP Modern Flare pants in black, Banana Republic black boots

Accessories: pendant necklace from Melrose Trading Post
And then, Karen says...
If I'm not mistaken, Ms. Paloma is looking rather svelte these days...
First pic: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Vintique app, warm day effect
Second pic: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Vintique app, old times effect

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swept Up

Busy, bustling times.  No Monday post on account of Karen being in New York (and not in work clothes, no less), and Paloma out of the office.  But we are both in today (if only for a breathless minute, for Paloma), and were able to take a couple shots outside the building. 

Not to be all LA about it, but it's freeeezing here!  How does any place ever drop under 45!  Well, only partially kidding on this one.  Even if it's not realistically cold, Californians must not "believe" in cold or something, how else to explain that buildings still have A/C on when it's freezing outside?  Plus, there's that damn desert breeze. 

Still, a high bun works in any weather.

Paloma is wearing...

GAP white v-neck t-shirt, LOFT button-down cardigan in persimmon, GAP trousers in charcoal, Banana Republic boots

Accessories: turquoise drop earrings and leopard print scarf, both The Oxford Trunk; Paloma's high bun (done with a sock!)

Though Paloma was resistant to wearing the scarf again, we thought it very fitting of the breezy weather and with her lovely cardigan.

Karen is wearing...

H&M grey coat with over-sized folded collar, H&M button-down tie blouse in nude, Martin + Osa navy skirt (neither of which are pictured), Sole Society Dahlia in nude

Accessories: grey and white rabbit-fur neck stole (sorry :( ) ("which may have been a purchase at Filene's Basement"), and more Mulberry, please

The sun shone brightly over Paloma, but was out to lunch by the time Karen stepped up for a shot.

The week is back in full effect, swept up in work and winds.  Ah, the promise of 70-degree weather around the corner!

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Beach scene, Nostalgia effect

Friday, January 11, 2013

Downtown Girls

We're probably more uptown, but as this is about our downtown identities, this is pretty appropriate.

Target is an ever reliable source for fun backdrops - particularly when one is wearing red.  We're so proud of ourselves that, as our friendship may end every day when the whistle blows, it seems to carry on in our daily sensibilities of what to wear.  Today - both in red coats.  Sublime.

Karen is wearing...

Leslie and the Badgers t-shirt, Penguin white cropped long-sleeved knit bolero with navy piping (hidden), Ali & Ro red parka with rabbit-lined hood (sorry :-( ), MOTHER skinny flare jeans, Lucky ankle boots

Nothing to say from Karen.  Late to LAX already!  Off to NYC!

Paloma says...

Well, what do we have here? Another day, another one of my color "rules" thrown to the wind. Green and red like a Christmas tree! Oh, I am such a rebel!  Breaking rules with abandon!  OK, actually, I didn't even realize I was wearing green and red today, it just so happens that my favorite winter coat is red and it's nutso cold today, so of course I grabbed it on my way out the door, not even realizing that I was wearing green pants.  Oops.  Oh well, I actually kinda like the look.  Also, I am realizing that my closet is currently dominated by clothes from The Limited - funny since I once thought this store was matronly and boring.  However, when I had to come back to work after maternity leave this fall and needed a bunch of work wear in my new post-baby (read, two-sized larger) body, I went there because they were having a crazy sale.  And what do you know?!?  They have some darn cute stuff!  Also, they are seemingly always having a sale - I am allergic to buying things at full price. I win!  (OK I am done with being an infomercial.)
I am wearing...
The Limited cotton/cashmere boyfriend in charcoal (on sale, of course here), J. Crew Perfect Fit tank in white, The Limited 678 Colorful Skinny Jeans in Forest Green, Steve Madden pumps in tan, Banana Republic coat (from 10 years ago and I still wear it to death every winter)
Accessories: The Oxford Trunk MK scarf, hand-made gold hoop earrings (made by my sister's friend for all of her bridesmaids)

Happy weekend, y'all.

Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Clarity scene, Lo-Fi effect

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wintry Days

Oh, LA, we were doing so well this week, with your high-60's weather and sunny January skies.  And yet today, the slicing cold of dry winds returned, as irritating as it had been last week.  At least we can make more of our winter whites.

Another day of correspondence blogging, Paloma continuing her in-office sentence and Karen stuck in the Valley of Neverending Depositions.  As you can see, we're thrilled.

Paloma is wearing...

GAP long-sleeved t-shirt in white, The Limited grey slacks, Sole Society Margie stud pumps in black, J.Crew black cardigan (not pictured)

Accessories: J.Crew pearl necklace

But a pick-me-up for any day, especially a work one, is a pair of fierce heels.

Paloma's first pic: Motorola Droid RAZR 2, Camera+, Clarity scene, Lo-Fi effect

Paloma's second pic: Motorola Droid RAZR 2, Camera+, Auto scene, Lo-Fi effect

And elsewhere in the Valley, Encino side, good news: Karen finds a merry-go-round on the corner of Ventura and Woodley.

Karen is wearing...

Theory sleeveless knit in navy, vintage floral waistcoat from Cherry Pick Vintage in Los Feliz, J.Crew Super 120's slacks in charcoal, MANGO 3/4-sleeve boucle jacket in cream, Banana Republic croc-embossed penny loafer pumps in tan (not pictured)

Accessories: none but an attempted side pony

Not very illustrative today, on account of that inconvenient wind.  And again, onlookers to a girl posing incessantly by a carousel really hastened the experience.

Camera: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Crown Colour booth, Lucas AB2 filter in B&W and Guy M5 filter in color
Onward to Friday, and the hope of a shorter work day and the promise of jeans.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Black and White

... and a few shades in between. 

More satellite co-working and co-collaborating means more selfies in random locales.  Paloma, hunkered down at HQ, snuck in a couple of shots between the usual legal wizardry.  Karen, up and down the 405, ended up at Brentwood Village for a couple of photostrip singles in front of Grace Home.

But how gratifying it is to know you can still channel the same look, no memo needed - both of us wound up doing black and white today. 

Karen says...

No, it is not weird at all to prop your phone against plant boxes and curbs, and then pose for four shots in audible sequence as passers-by cast sidelong looks.  But one has started a blog project and one must persevere. 

I am wearing...

Gemma for Barneys Co-Op sheer silk button-down blouse with 3/4 length sleeves in black with white polka dots (FW11), black pleated skirt from S.Y.L.K. (FW12) (kinda love this place), Beyond Vintage Lace-Inset Cardigan, Sole Society Dahlia in nude

Accessories: none (surprise, surprise) but the trusty Mulberry

And a headless one, of course, with just enough color to show the black piping on the cardigan and the black and white overall.

The IncrediBooth app may be the single best reason to ever own an iPhone.  

Camera: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Crown Colour booth, Lucas AB2 filter in B&W and Guy M5 filter in color
Paloma says...

Not much to say today - one of those days where I'm feeling busy and tired.  And then, my computer is on the fritz, making everything take ten times longer than it should.  When you're billing a client for each minute you work, you have to shave time off for waiting for your computer to load.  Well, that makes one pretty grumpy.
But on another note, I was wearing sparkles today!  So it can't be all that bad.
I am wearing...
J.Crew sparkly white t-shirt, LOFT purple cardigan, The Limited black pants, Nine West Rocha pumps in black leather
Accessories: round dangle hoop earrings (I think I got these at Express when I was in college 11 years ago - wow!)
Paloma's first pic: Motorola Droid RAZR 2, Camera+, Auto scene, Cross Process effect
Close-up on the earrings and lace inset!
Paloma's second pic: Motorola Droid RAZR 2, Vintique app, yesterday effect

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Corner Office

What's a deserted corner office for, except to take a photostrip of your outfit for the day?

That's what we were thinking, too.

Paloma says...

There are a few color combos that I usually avoid: (1) red, white, and blue (too patriotic, unless it's the Fourth of July); (2) red and green (Christmas tree); (3) red top with tan bottoms (Target employee); and (4) orange and black (Happy Halloween!). 
The filter doesn't show it, but I broke #4 today... and am actually not too horrified by the result.  The huge faux turquoise stone pendant helps a bit.  Look at that, blogging my outfits is already pushing me out of my comfort zone, hurrah!  Maybe tomorrow I'll sport an American flag!

I am wearing...

Old Navy black wrap sweater (bought a ton of things in FW11 when preggo with Baby No. 2, and wrap cardies are a pregnant woman's best friend), The Limited Bateau sweater in orange (on sale for $15 in other colors here), The Limited high-waist pleated skirt in dark charcoal (also on sale here), Nine West 7Cress via (glad these got a proper showing after being lost in the shuffle yessterday)

Accessories: Forever 21 pendant (always get compliminted, "Oh, what kind of stone is that, so pretty!" - and love bragging about how it's basically a hunk of plastic for $5.80 - hm, maybe I shouldn't brag about that)

Camera: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Incredible Cowboy booth, Alfie K filter

[This space intentionally left blank.]

Karen says...

I always wanted to have blue suede shoes.  Actually, I didn't want them until last fall, when I thought they were the coolest things ever.  These were the first pair of a colored heels trend for me, of which the momentum threatens to never stop.  Very pleased by how they stand out in this photostrip!

I am wearing...

Splendid Double Pocket Shirting Top in white (an absolute closet must! goes with anything, and optmized by a pair of boyfriend jeans), Armani Collezioni fishtail skirt in black and white herringbone (FW10), Enzo Angiolini Castalia pump in blue (FW11) (what they really look like here, J.Crew Super 120's three-button jacket in charcoal

Accessories (not shown): just my little Madewell acorn ear studs

Sometimes, I fantasize that these blue suede heels are Manolo Hangisis.  Like Carrie had.  A girl can dream, can't she?  Until she finds $965?

Camera: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Incredible Cowboy booth, Alfie K filter

[This space intentionally left blank.]
[That's a little lawyer joke.]

Monday, January 7, 2013

Two Things, Two Ways

First thing, two ways: the at-work attorney.  One out of the office, holed up in a deposition, then ducking behind a warehouse to sneak in a couple of photos for an online project.  One in the office, holed up behind a closed door writing a brief, mindful to attempt a couple of selfies.  Mission accomplished.
Second thing, two ways: leopard print.  Perfect pumps for Karen and the ideal skinny belt for Paloma.  Quelle horreur were it to be doubled up in the same outfit, mais oui, c'est chouette as the right accent with our reds and burgundies.
Karen says...

What a faux pas, doing red and black two work days in a row, but sitting in a depo all day, I just wanted to be comfortable. I plucked out two things that, in my book, might as well have been stretchy sweats. And how much do I love the IncrediBooth app! All kinds of photography possibilities, like what I achieved propping my iPhone against my front left tire, then running away. Fact!
I'm wearing...
Banana Republic red silk sweater with 3/4 length sleeves (FW12), Bebe black fitted pencil skirt (like I said, I wear it once a week), Club Monaco black A-line coat (FW08), Sole Society Chandra closed toe pump in leopard color
Accessories: none, yet again, except for that self-made necklace (feel like a failure)
The coat makes me feel ever so Givenchy that, pardonnez-moi, I lapse into little French phrases.
Camera: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Incredible Cowboy booth, Alfie K filter
Paloma says...

Today I may have wasted a perfectly cute outfit on a perfectly ordinary day.   I was all dolled up with my leopard belt, curled hair, and my fierce shoes... but alas, not only was I locked in my office all day with the door closed, pounding out the Brief That Will Not End, but partner-in-crime Karen was out of the office "at a deposition."  This meant - GASP! - no one to celebrate a cute outfit with ("OMG, I love that belt!  You look so cute!  You are really working those shoes today!" etc., the usual daily exchange with work girlfriends).  In fact, our whole "team" (the only people I really talk to at work) was out.  The few who were able to enjoy my ensemble were my secretary, and whoever I ran into on periodic trips to the restroom/microwave/printer.  Sorry, outfit.  You may never be repeated, but we had a great run these 10.5 hours or so. 

I'm wearing...

Martin + Osa burgundy cardigan (FW09) (RIP M+O, best workwear store ever), Old Navy
white lace trimmed tank, The Limited "Exact Stretch" grey pants (FW12), Target skinny belt in leopard (you didn't think I could actually go a single day without tar-zhay, did you?), Nine West 7Cress in natural, via

Camera: Samsung Galaxy 2, Vintique app, watercolors effect

Looks like a week ahead of satellite co-working, with odd appointments here and there.  Pretty amazing, the things you can achieve with a smartphone...

And in other news, a new RHOBH tonight, yes!