Monday, January 21, 2013

Architecturally Significant

Today was a wonderful day for photo-taking.  The weather is beyond agreeable and we were able to venture - gasp! - a few blocks away to capture some of downtown LA's finer architectural details.  When those elements are in play, it really doesn't matter what you're wearing.  The former Southern California Gas Company building on Flower (ca. 1922) was a great find.

Karen says...

Our firm honors Martin Luther King, Jr.'s civil rights crusades not by giving us the day off, but by allowing us to wear jeans.  I hardly think Dr. King "had a dream" that working minions could go casual at work but, hey, freedom does have a very broad meaning. 

Paloma said something this morning about how my top was very "negligee-like," which concerned me, but I'm just going to stay in my office until the end of the day to avoid any judgment.  This is meant to double as my after-work outfit, too.

I am wearing...

T by Alexander Wang pocket tank in cobalt blue (FW12), Chan Luu copper sequined bralet (SS10) (not shown), Patterson J. Kincaid black button-down blouse with lace sleeves (FW11), RVCA black skinny jeans with web pattern (thanks, Cyn!), Dolce Vita wedges (SS11)

Accessories: frickin' none, of course

Paloma says...

Well.  I hate my outfit today.  I look dumpy/frumpy/chunky... and any other adjective I can't think of right now that describes this severely unflattering look.  It was all well-intended with the leopard pleated skirt that I adore, which I tried to make more casual (because that's how our firm celebrates MLK day - with jeans!) by adding flats... It just didn't work out as envisioned.  These flats need to be retired, because they were my "Nine Months Pregnant And I Can't Walk In Anything" purchase - and they look it.

May just be that this week has been a doozy and it's coming through in my outfit selection.  Well, there's always tomorrow!

I am wearing...

James Perse heather grey 3/4-sleeve t-shirt, Forever 21 pleated leopard print skirt (I know! They actually made a skirt that is not microscopic on me!  Hurrah!), Old Navy black cardigan, Me Too black fats (purchased at Nordys - those shoes are ridiculously comfy, and it shows!)

Accessories: massive chunk o' turquoise ring (a gift from my stepsister purchased somewhere in my beloved home state of New Mexico), faux diamond studs (reasonably-sized, this time) from Target (I think?)

Happy MLK and Inauguration Day!

Camera: iPhone 4S, Instagram, Amaro filter

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