Thursday, January 17, 2013

On the Street Where I Live

Karen says...

Our two days could not have gone more differently.  Paloma made good on her threat yesterday... as today she was truly so busy and in "I don't know how she does it" mode, every bit the superlawyer-supermom.  I guess I can understand how through all that, one really doesn't have time for a selfie.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, it certainly isn't my fault when a deposition ends early and it makes no sense for me to go back east to the office.  And LA and I are best friends again, so perfect was the weather today, that it seemed silly to waste all that sun by working from home through the afternoon.  (I can make up for it after sunset, OK?)

The corporate park did not seem the most ideal place for a photo, so I brought it all back to the street where I live.  Evading the puzzled looks of midday joggers, I ended up on the side of my apartment building. 

I am wearing...

Theory short-sleeved button down blue and tan striped blouse, Club Monaco tan tulip skirt with circular pattern, Manolo Blahnik tan pumps with purple piping (FW05)

I'm very proud and possessive of these Manolos.  They're my very first pair from 2005, when I treated myself as a new attorney, and wore the shit out of them at my first job.  They're a little tired-looking now, lovingly worn, but with a fabulous vintage feel.  What I love most are that they are a vibrant violet on the inside.  How does any new attorney afford any Manolos, you ask?  Neiman's Last Call, and mind you in 2005 they probably cost what a pair of J.Crew heels do now.  Sad face.

And, as a little contrast, I quickly changed into a casual outfit for the as-promised jaunt into Brentwood.  Threw on a straw hat and some shorts, and was happy as a clam.  That hat's from H&M, the shirt's from Target.  That's how I roll when it's quittin' time.

Paloma did report back, however...

Boring deposition outfit: black cardigan, white blouse, grey slacks

Paloma, it is not the same without you!

As usual: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Crown Colour booth

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