Monday, January 28, 2013

Under the Weather

Poor Paloma is really not feeling well today, but when you're blogging for two, the other will drag you to take a photo, come hell or high water.  Here we are, in her office, with her recently hung diplomas (it only took a year and four months to get those up there).
We're using a murky, watercolor effect today to represent the world through Paloma's eyes when she's under the weather.
Paloma says...
Today, as was inevitable I suppose, I came down with the flu that my daughter had all last week.  And it's a doozy.  Literally feel like I am in space, I am so foggy-headed and feverish.  But, like a good "work must come first" associate attorney, I dragged my sorry ass in to work anyway.  Actually, I didn't have a choice, what with a scheduled 8:30 a.m. meeting that I couldn't reschedule.  Alas, the Big Cheese was in today too, which means that I am being forced to stay here to get my (long overdue) year-end performance review.  Whoop-di-doo!  Who doesn't want to sit across from their boss and be pointedly critiqued while feeling like you've been run over by an 18-wheeler?  FUN!  (My black outfit and grouchy stance for blog pictures certainly captures my sentiments.) 
I am wearing...
Black pashmina - bridesmaid gift at my sister's wedding
J.Crew Tippi cardigan in black
The Limited polka dot tank
The Limited Exact Stretch pants in grey
Nine West Rocha pumps in black
Karen says...
I feel a little guilty that my enthusiasm for a photo is significantly higher than Paloma's today.  Poor girl, she doesn't look sick, but she has made enough jokes about curling up in a fetal position, crawling under her desk, etc., for me to really sympathize with how miserable she feels.

I, on the other hand, tried to find every excuse to wear these short leather gloves.  I obviously don't need wear them indoors and at the office, so admittedly this is all contrived.  But it's 57 degrees outside (it's windy! so it feels worse, OK?) and the gloves are essential.

I am wearing...

Phillip Lim 3.1 pink camisole (not really visible)
BCBG silk and cotton patchwork v-neck high-low white blouse
BCBGeneration grey caftan sweater
J.Crew Crinkle City Mini in black (other colors here)
Cole Haan Adelyn Mary Jane pump in black (looks like this, but they're from about 1,000 years ago)

Pink belt from Rimo on Sawtelle (this place is great!)
Warmen leather gloves in black (my new loves!)

Camera: iPhone 4S, Vintique app, watercolors effect

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