Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perfect Fits

Here's Paloma with her best accessory and best pal, her three-year-old Emi.  They are a perfect fit.
Paloma says...

Today, I am showcasing the two sides of my wardrobe (and my life, for that matter) quite well.  For the first half of my day, I was at home with my sick three-year-old, who has fallen victim to a brutal flu.  She was actually feeling a lot better by late morning, so I threw on something comfortable (at least a step above pajamas) for a quick trip to Target and an "only because you are sick" lunch at McDonald's.

I am wearing...

Old Navy grey cardigan, Merona for Target white t-shirt, Old Navy maternity black skinny jeans (not preggo, just comfy!), J.Crew Gold Cece ballet flats

Emi is wearing....

Head-to-toe Target (except for her shirt, which is by tea)

Later, a babysitter swooped in and I rushed across town for a meeting.  A change from jeans to skirt, flats to heels, and hair down to up - and I was almost able to pass for a lawyer!  Nearly forgot to photograph the second outfit, but thanks to a 5:00 p.m. text from Karen on the commute home, I managed to pull over and snap a pic mere seconds before the sun went down.

I am wearing...

Same Merona for Target t-shirt, Merona for Target black pencil skirt, Jones New York peep toe black leather pumps 

Paloma pic 1: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Camera+, Clarity scene, Lomographic effect 

Paloma pic 2: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Camera+, Clarity scene, Vibrant effect

And here is Karen in a dress that is two sizes too small, worn many moons and three pounds lighter ago.  They are not a perfect fit.

Karen says...

I pulled this dress out of my closet today under two delusions: (1) that I am still a size 00 (a wonderful, hungry time); and (2) that I could stuff my body into this sausage casing of a dress.  But not everything is operating at full mast in the mornings, and in a rush, I just went with it.  My other objective was just to sling something on today since I knew I'd be seeing our department head to discuss my cases.  I wanted to look a little more put-together than usual.  I do wonder if, during our brief meeting, my boss noticed my rib cage expanding in this painted-on dress as I tried to bring oxygen into my suffocating body.

Too small... and a little too short, I'm afraid.  But the dress is a cute one, for sure, and does look nice with these red heels. 

I can only think that I remind myself of Mariah Carey here (a.k.a. "Mimoo") with limbs looking larger than they should, so mercilessly squeezed are they into this doll's dress.

I am wearing...
J.Crew dress in blue and white narrow stripes, J. Crew grandpa cardigan in charcoal (not shown), Sole Society Dahlia pumps in red

Some things are meant to be retired, or lovingly set aside until a time when one has completed a cleanse.

Camera: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Crown Colour booth

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