Thursday, January 24, 2013

Suited and Booted

Off in different worlds today.  Karen is hanging with the Big Cheese boss at a mediation on the Westside, Paloma is at the DTLA home office kicking asses and taking names.  OK, it's not that dramatic.  But we're getting it done, that's for damn sure!
Paloma says...
What's a working girl to do when she wakes up late, has to hustle to get herself and her two kids dressed and fed in time to make it to the kids' doctor's appointment, then has to attend said doctor's appointment, then has to hustle two kids to their respective day care/preschools, then has to hustle to her office, and then has to hustle through nine hours of work in six hours?  And it's raining?  Why... she wears all black, of course!
I am wearing...
Express black wrap shirt (ca. 2002 - I bought this fresh out of college in an attempt to start building a more "professional" wardrobe - it took another six years before I was a professional, but clearly it was a good purchase, since I still love this shirt!), GAP Modern Boot pants in black), Wet Seal black camisole (worn under the wrap shirt for decency purposes - wow, this is something I bought in high school), Banana Republic black boots
Accessories: sea green pendant necklace from Melrose Trading Post 
Camera: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Vintique app, Yesterday effect
Karen says...
This is unrelated to clothes, or anything at all, really, but I need to share that I've been taking biotin supplements twice a day to see if it would help my hair.  And I am happy to report that, wishful thinking or not, fact or fiction - I think it's working!  This morning my hair felt quite manageable and very latherable (just go with it), and totally agreed with me even when I didn't use any product.  I am so pleased!
My phone went on a perfect fritz today and - as anyone would be - I went into a state of total panic.  When our mediation broke, I went off a tip from my (very tech savvy) client and headed to UBreakIFix on West 3rd Street in West Hollywood.  What a Godsend!  I mean, seriously!  If you have iPhone issues, skip the mothereffing Apple store.  They practically laughed at me when I presented my stuck sleep button issue.  UBreakIFix had it fixed in 40 minutes - and I was able to go up and down West 3rd Street taking these goofy pics.
I am wearing...
J.Crew Super 120s suit in charcoal, Forever 21 short-sleeved blouse in pink, Cole Haan Mary Janes (yeah, I know, not visible)
It was a proper working day, you know, having to lawyer in front of people for a change, so I had to go with the basic suit with a bit of color.
Later, on my own time, I stopped by Traveler's Bookcase - because what is better than taking your photo amongst hundreds of books about far-off places?  And of course, I had to have a cappuccino at Joan's on Third.
Between the hair, the iPhone fix, the travel books, and the cappuccino... I had a good day.
Karen pic 1: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth, Crown Colour booth
Karen pics 2 and 3: iPad 2, IncrediBooth, Incredible Cowboy booth

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