Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Warm Day

It has started: today Paloma looked at Karen and said, "I don't think I have time for this today..."

"No!  We are not quitting this early."  Maybe making it to 365 days is ambitious, but we can't quit under 31, dammit.

Stuff like "work" and "appointments" separated us again but, dogged as we are, the miracle of 3G smartphones makes all things possible.  And thank heaven it is a warmer day, even hitting the low-70's, in honor of which we've used the Vintique "warm day" filter.

Karen says...

This was more like a seventhirtytofive kind of day, with an early morning court appearance.  The truth is, this lawyer hates suits.  Boy do I love the way they look, boy do I hate the feeling of wool crepe or whatever the hell against my Taurean skin.  I try to get around this, especially on cold days, by wearing some kind of dress and an overcoat which I keep on during the quick appearance.  Today I swiped the large white coat (worn at Targetville) but switched to the short boucle one (worn last week on a wintry day) while back at the office, and when, mercifully, it got warmer when I left for a meeting.  Better still that no one at the office had ever seen the latter jacket since I was out at a depo when I wore it last week.  Hee hee.

I wound up in Paramount today, standing before some 70's-era fountain by a hospital.  Later, I was back at my beloved Country Mart to take a selfie in the well-appointed Farm Shop bathrooms.  (Don't ever say my life isn't glamorous!)

I am wearing...

Banana Republic sleeveless black dress, fuschia sweater vest with raised floral detail (neither of which are really shown), MANGO 3/4-sleeve boucle jacket in cream (thanks, Em!), Barneys black patent leather pumps

Accessories: I had court this morning, so none (running late)

First pic: iPhone 4S, IncrediBooth app, Crown Colour booth
Second pic: iPhone 4S, Vintique app, warm day effect

Paloma says...

Busy day = boring outfit. This is a classic working woman's uniform - grey, black, simple. We just can't be fashion plates every day, try as we might! So to compensate, I gave my best "fashion blogger" pose - terrible, I know.
I am wearing... 

J.Crew 3/4-sleeve ruffle cardigan in charcoal, Old Navy white camisole, GAP Modern Flare pants in black, Banana Republic black boots

Accessories: pendant necklace from Melrose Trading Post
And then, Karen says...
If I'm not mistaken, Ms. Paloma is looking rather svelte these days...
First pic: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Vintique app, warm day effect
Second pic: Motorola DROID RAZR 2, Vintique app, old times effect

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