Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Brights

What used to be a midday power jaunt is now location scouting for this damn blog.  But oh my God, we kind of love it.  Especially when we found a mountain of colorful macarons to pose with in front of Bottega Louie.
Karen says...
This is the second attempt at a lavender monochromatic experiment.  I saw the look featured on ASOS and never quite recreated it in the same way.  I suppose it would help if I were also a leggy model.  Still, at 5'1 1/2", I will not shy away from wearing ultra-tight purple jeans.
I am wearing...
Mother The Looker jeans in French Lilac
(on sale, if you're a size 31, at Barneys)
H&M sheer button down blouse in cream
H&M lavender angora blend sweater
J. Crew Martina patent wedges in apricot mist
(I would buy these in every color if I could!)
well, none, but Paloma is holding a North Face raincoat that seemed to go with all of this
Paloma says...
Frumpy Friday!  But at least I'm comfortable, right?  Right?!  Slightly concerned that I am getting the "frazzled frumpy mom" angle on the blog (what will all our many, many readers think?!), especially alongside Karen's much more chic "single girl who does fabulous things and has fabulous hair" angle - but also realize that I kind of am the frazzled frumpy mom.  Ergh.  But that's a large part of why I signed on to the blog idea... I feel like if I have to hold myself accountable for what I wear every day by taking a picture, then I may recognize the traps I fall into and navigate around them, e.g., comfortable = frumpy; ponytails should not be worn every day; and these boots have got. To. Go.  They were $35 at Target three years ago and are now sadly looking like $1 boots.  So not chic.  On the positive side, I love my faux turquoise earrings!
I am wearing...
LOFT olive green t-shirt
Target white ribbed tank
GAP Always Skinny jeans
Mossimo for Target boots (For the last time ever, I swear!)
Target faux turquoise drop earrings
Citizen Mens' Eco-Drive watch
Camera: iPhone 4S, Camera+, Portrait scene, HDR effect

1 comment:

  1. Paloma if you are a frumpy frazzled Mom sign me up!
    But yes... toss the boots ;)