Monday, September 30, 2013

Signs of Cracking

We're starting to be a little over it.

Cardigan: J.Crew / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Target / Belt: Target

30 for 30: Day Sixteen
Paloma says...

As I went through my 30 item mini-closet this morning, I got very disgruntled.  (I just wore this, I just wore that, I think I wore that twice last week?, etc....).  It didn't help that I had a ton of work to get to, and was running way behind trying to get out the door (thanks a lot, Breaking Bad finale, for making me stay up way past my bedtime).  Then I had a moment of creativity - I will wear a cardigan as a shirt! Button it up, belt it, ta da!

Still annoyed that I have to come up with 14 more looks in the next few weeks, but I think a little pre-planning will help. We shall see!

Shirt: Caslon / Pants: J.Crew / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini / Clutch: Bonwit Teller

30 for 30: Day Sixteen
Karen says...

Hm, didn't realize this would come out as blurry as it did.  (The photographer is nothing, if not consistent.)  Because of general poor planning and outfit management, I do have a couple of shirts I have not yet worn, this being one of them.  It's red and white striped and, I guess in a blurry photo, it's just pink.  Which is fine, too, because a partner (and cancer survivor) distinctly asked me today if I was wearing pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  "I'm doing 30 for 30, I can't," I told her.  Just kidding, I did not say that.

Very inspired by Paloma to just put different colors together, like her purple with red shoes outfit, which I really dug.  Other than that, I really miss my other clothes.  And these 30 items are kind of all splayed out across my apartment right now since there's no need to put them away.  Who am I kidding, I am terrible about putting clothes away, anyway.

Fall is here, so my favorite vintage clutch is back with us again.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Pure Comfort

Blogging for one today, as Paloma is working remotely due to her building being inaccessible.  Now our days are back in sync!

Tee: Abound / Skirt: Bobeau (similar) / Necklace: Madewell 

30 for 30: Day Fifteen
Karen says...

OK, note to self, update Polyvore this weekend!  Not having used any of my casual options yet, I had a little license to get this skirt in there, which I really wanted to wear, especially in this weather, with a white tee.  Felt great in this outfit all day - like being in jammies, as far as I'm concerned.  

Maybe the only thing I've been wearing consistently is this Madewell necklace.  Have been so into it!  Many thanks to Vi for helping me snap this here at HQ.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

In the Navy

It's Day Fifteen and we both chose to wear our navy tops!  Crosstown synergy is strong today.

Top: The Limited / Cardigan: LOFT / Pants: The Limited 
Shoes: Sole Society / Necklace: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day Fifteen
Paloma says...

Holy moly, we've made it to the halfway point!  Huzzah! 
You can't tell by this horribly-lit picture, but I'm getting cray-cray with my colors today.  Blue shirt, purple sweater, red shoes - I'm a rebel, what can I say?  In reality, I am starting to struggle.  I feel like it's becoming obvious that I'm wearing the same things in rotation.  Although I'm pretty darn sure no one at work pays that much attention to my clothes.
Also, this is only the second time I've worn these red shoes in the 30 for 30 (at least I think?), which has made it painfully apparent that I don't really like these shoes.  Not because they aren't cute (clearly they are adorbs), but because they are not comfy.  The double strap in the back (again, not evident in the horrible picture) is just awkward and always slips down or off.  Anyway, I've decided when this challenge is over I am treating myself to a new pair of red shoes. The question is, which ones??  I've searched high and low and Sole Society seems to have the best options.  The four below are the ones I am torn between so I thought I would throw it to the four people who read this blog and see if anyone chimes in - what do you think? Which ones should I choose?

Which Red Shoes?

Top: Banana Republic / Pants: ASOS / Shoes: Michael Kors / Bag: Mulberry / Necklace: Madewell

30 for 30: Day Fourteen
Karen says...

Although I don't love pairing navy with black, I liked this outfit, all around.  It fit like a glove and got me through the fourth and final day of a nonrelenting series of scheduled events related to a case I have where everything was set to happen this week.  Here I am, having left early after a good deposition and the filing of a huge motion - taking in color-coordinated streetside backdrops, contemplating a little happy hour.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep. 

- Robert Frost

My vote, Paloma?  Top left or bottom right.  But top left!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dusk to Dawn

A post from after 5:00 pm, a post from before 9:00 a.m. on the same day.

Sweater: Charlotte Tarantola / Dress: Madewell / Necklace: Reform School / Shoes: The Limited

30 for 30: Day Fourteen, er, Sorta
Karen says...

I need to post my Day Thirteen, but we'll just add that to the backlog of my To-Do List.  Boy, I've had busy weeks in my lawyering days - including that one incredible week in my career when I cranked out two summary judgment motions - but this week is giving all those past episodes of hell a run for its money.  I haven't cracked yet, and I'm proud of myself.  This week is that magic mix of defending depositions, taking depositions, and filing motions - all mixed in with reporting to bosses, clients, co-workers, and... blogging!

Took this photo well past the whistle blowing, so it has that faint glow of dusk.  Wanted to get much more creative with today's outfit, but can I be honest?  I'm just grateful it's comfortable!

I love Paloma's look today!  Girlfriend got it going on!

Sweater: J.Crew "Tippi" / Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Necklace: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day Fourteen
Paloma says....

I feel like I'm finally dressing more for the fall.... even though the high temps still hover in the 80's. 

Man, I could wear this sweater every day.  I've got it in two colors now (gray and hot pink), and I seriously think I'm going to buy it up in every other color possible.  Seriously, look at all those options! And prints too! Fortunately it's a J.Crew staple, so you can pretty much always find it. Its just the perfect fit, perfect weight, everything.  It's also the very last 30 for 30 item making a first appearance. That means it's all repeats from here on out...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Seeing Double

... of a single blogger.

Top: Target / Belt: off a dress from Twill / Skirt: LOFT / Shoes: Banana Republic

30 for 30: Day Thirteen
Paloma says...

Working the accessories today to try to make my outfit more interesting.  I would never have thought to wear black and yellow together with cognac/brown accessories but I saw it on Pinterest somewhere so I thought I'd give it a try.  I think it works?

Thirteen down, eighteen to go!  Wow, eighteen - really??  Guess I'm going to have to start busting out some more accessories...

Karen says...

I am tragic today.  I wore a 30 for 30 outfit but when I came home - from Irvine after an all-day deposition - I just wanted to get into jammies, stat.  And then immediately started working again... it is one of those weeks, for sure.  I made grand plans to get back in my outfit and take a photo, but... I'm going to take a little blogger license here and just do that tomorrow, with both outfits, and get properly caught up.  

In my defense, I had to battle the 405 today.  It was not pretty.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Got the Memo

Another meeting of the minds as we go red, white, and black.  Apparently both go-to faves for us!

Blouse: Forever 21 / Cardigan: J.Crew / Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Earrings: Gift

30 for 30: Day Twelve
Paloma says...

Signs of cracking: I stared at my curated wardrobe for a solid ten minutes and could not figure out a combination that felt new or interesting.  I ended up wearing this skirt because it's one of the two items I haven't worn yet.  However, I'm starting to feel like all I've got are pencil skirts... probably because, well, that's really all I've got.  Crap, guess I have to go shopping for some cute A-line skirts after this is all over.

At least I can always rely on my favorite combination of black + white + red!

Sweater: Banana Republic / Skirt: Banana Republic / Shoes: Michael Kors / Bag: Vintage Fendi

30 for 30: Day Twelve
Karen says...

My momma took this photo!  Had a Shanghai supper with my parents and it was most fitting that I wore red.  My mom was very careful to follow my every annoying instruction for this photo, but alas, we can't change my looking possessed.

Love this Fendi bag that I recently excavated, but probably wouldn't wear much for the workday given it's a jaunty, casual accent.  But I found it at Haute Seconds, a consignment jewel in Santa Monica where I've found Fendi and Balenciaga, among other things.

First time wearing this sweater from my 30, but boy was it hot today, so boy did it not fit the weather, 80 degrees downtown and 92 degrees in the San Gabriel Valley where I had a meeting.  That's the problem, perhaps, with 30 for 30 in September - you never know the mixed bag you'll get where the weather's concerned!

Other than that, my parents thought my hair was too light.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lightened Up

Summer's on its way out, but you couldn't tell by our hair.  Noticing today that we both have lightened locks, an unexpected accessory for fall.

Can it be true?  Zara opening soon?  For now, the blockade is a most perfect backdrop.

Suit: Theory / Camisole: Martin + Osa / Shoes: Sole Society

30 for 30: Day Eleven
Karen says...

Explained a couple of my cheats today to Paloma, and she approved.  First, I could not find my J.Crew suit this morning (which I posted on my Polyvore), so I'm going to switch it out to my Theory one instead for the month.  It happens that the J.Crew suit works better for separates, but... I guess it crawled out of my apartment to go get a life, because right now it's nowhere to be found.  I've been defaulting a lot to this 2007 Theory suit because... I guess I have my 2007 body back.  That's not a good thing.  My 2010 body was where it was at.  Ha!  Those 2010+ suiting gems will have to wait a few months for me to tone up.

Panicked last night that maybe my hair's too light.  Asians shouldn't be blondes, you know?  You know.  But I haven't had light hair in a few years, so maybe this is the harbinger for change that I need.

Shirt: Merona x Target / Cardigan: The Limited / Pants: Mossimo x Target / Shoes: Banana Republic
Necklace: H&M from a zillion years ago (OK, 2004)

30 for 30: Day Eleven
Paloma says...

So I guess Day Eleven is the first day I start to crack in this 30 x 30 challenge.  This morning I was super bummed I didn't have other shoe options.  However, I also probably would never have worn these shoes with these pants and I actually kinda like the combo.  Guess that's the point of the whole thing, huh?

I'm also totally repeating this shirt/cardigan combo from last week. So what, who cares?

Lots of fun goings-on this weekend, so I am ready for this Friday to be over!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life After Work

Today is Paloma's turn for a suit; tomorrow, it will be Karen's.

Suit: The Limited / Shirt: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Earrings: J.Crew

30 for 30: Day Ten
Paloma says...

Nothing too exciting to see here - I was defending a couple depositions today so had to suit up in my lawyer garb.  Basically just wore my gray suit and black pumps again, but with a different top underneath.  And turquoise oversized studs for a little interest.

This picture was taken when I got home, and about 3 minutes before I changed into the far less glamorous ensemble of gym shorts and a tank top.  Considering how much I love clothes, I always find it funny that the first thing I do when I get home is to change into the most unattractive outfit imaginable.

Dress: Ted Baker / Cardigan: Charlotte Tarantola / Shoes: Michael Kors / Necklace: Williamsburg street vendor

30 for 30: Day Ten
Karen says...

Wheee!  We're into the double digits, and only twenty more outfits to go!  This project amuses me, because it helps me realize how much less I really need to put clothes together, how much I really do have, and how much I should cut the shopping.  Paloma spent many texts last night discussing where is my black dress?  She of the careful eye saw it on my Polyvore and poked me to stop whining and bring it out.  Well, here it is, and I'm happy with the result.

Today was also another appointment with Julio Shampoolio Romano, my stylist savant and the genius behind many a great ombre.  He did my last round so well that the balayage grew out really well, so much that in some way, I miss the look on the left.  But it was just a pop of blonde that I had to tone quite a bit with Clairol Shimmer Lights, and I had quite a roots situation.  Et voila!  The after shows he took it all a lot lighter, which will be fun to rock, plus a very gradual, natural ombre.  I love this man.

(And... I never say that about anybody.)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Selfie Central

Need to selfie today.  Too busy for anything else!

Tank: Anthropologie / Cardigan: Merona / Skirt: The Limited Black Collection / Shoes: Michael Kors

30 for 30: Day Nine
Karen says...

Super tired and drained... can... barely... blog.  I threw this together today because I didn't know what else to wear.  I think I'm already "there" in terms of lack of inspiration.  Sure, there are other permutations I can make, but I started to imagine this morning that shit's gonna start lookin' pretty funky soon.

Again, I'm really tired right now.  Very long work day.  Sorry for the blurrific selfie - had to wait until home to do all this!

Shirt: Old Navy / Cardigan: J.Crew / Pants: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Earrings: Banana Republic

30 for 30: Day Nine
Paloma says...

Well the birthday celebrating is over and real life is hitting me over the head hard.  I've got deadlines up the wazoo this week and basically am slammed for the rest of the month at work.  But it's all good - busy is better than bored.

Still feeling good about 30x30, wearing this shirt that is fairly new and hasn't gotten much play, and still have an item or two that I haven't worn at all yet.  However, a big box of new J.Crew clothes I got from my mom for my birthday is really taunting me and I cannot wait until October when I get to bust them out!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to... Paloma!

Extra special day!  It's Paloma's birthday, all the more reason to look and feel fabulous.

Dress: Zara / Cardigan: LOFT / Shoes: Target / Belt: borrowed from a dress purchased at Twill in PDX

30 for 30: Day Eight
Paloma says...

Happy Birthday to me!  Celebrated the big double-3 by finally getting up early and working out (first time in years!), working from home for a few hours, taking my daughters to the dentist, then having a sushi lunch with my hub.  Hub snapped this pic of me post-sushi binge, and I'm just happy I wore such a forgiving dress because I'm feeling uncomfortably full.

I adore this Zara dress but have only worn it once before (here), so I added it to my 30 for 30 so I would be forced to wear it more. Its sooo comfy and the color is great - love it paired with the complementary jewel tone purple.  And!  I just discovered it has pockets. So yea, awesome.

Shirt: H&M / Skirt: Zara / Cardigan: Charlotte Tarantola / Shoes: Sole Society

30 for 30: Day Eight
Karen says...

These are all new items to my 30 for 30, and I actually have to sneak the cardigan onto my incomplete (and soon to be redacted) Polyvore.  I'm not quite sure how these items will recur in the next 22 outfits, but today we'll go with this committed full-flirty-flouncy look.  

The skirt is the troublesome item.  Skirts that "pop" like this seem to be a basic, because they're black and white, but end up being tough to match.  I've tried many things, and usually end up color-blocking the colorblock with some other... color.  

Anyway, Steve was kind enough to oblige me today, but as you can see from the blurry effort, this was all a bit rushed.

Happiest of birthdays to the most fabulous fashionista, Paloma!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ladylike Campers

Sleeves rolled up, camper style, on this unseasonally hot Monday.

Shirt: J. Crew Factory / Skirt: Banana Republic / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

30 for 30: Day Seven
Karen says...

Lots of indecision this morning as I tried to come up with a new permutation for 88-degree weather.  I picked my options with September in mind, but this is September in California, so really it should still be lightweight dresses or crepe-thin shirts.  Paloma seemed to have wiser picks, because we discussed at lunch today our respective difficulty with this - and she isn't really having any!

Thank God for sunglasses!  This girl could really use a few more hours of sleep - and a juice cleanse - after an extraordinarily fun weekend.

Blouse: Express / Skirt: LOFT / Shoes: Banana Republic / Earrings: handmade in New Mexico

30 for 30: Day Seven
Paloma says...

A proper picture!  Hooray!  Got treated to a lovely birthday lunch with my former co-workers (including Karen), which always makes the day a bit more fun.  And (go figure) Karen and I once again harnessed our psychic powers and dressed basically the same.

Day Seven of the 30 for 30 and I am still feeling great!  Almost like this isn't turning out to be as hard as I expected somehow.  I mean, everything I'm wearing is being worn for the first time in this project.  Of course, day seven is a lot different than day twenty-seven.  We shall see.

I love this new shirt from Express. I've searched high and low (OK, let's be honest, just low - girl on a budget, always) for a gauzy button down shirt and am so thrilled I came across this one.  It gets great reviews on the website, and comes in about a hundred colors so I might be purchasing more soon.  Already got black and white - of course.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mixing It and Matching It

We're keeping it together, but maybe Day Seven (to be featured next week) is when it begins to fall apart.  No signs of cracking yet, though!

Cardigan: J.Crew "Tippi" / Shirt: Old Navy / Skirt: LOFT / Shoes: Target
Necklace: another piece of handmade New Mexican jewelry - turquoise and mother of pearl beads

30 for 30: Day Six
Paloma says...

Day Six and I'm still not sick of my limited wardrobe.  Yay me.

Sporting some Miami-esque colors today (coral and turquoise) along with some classics (black and white stripes).  Nothing much else to say about it except that I like it!

Also, this will be the last horrid selfie I take in this temporary office I've been using while waiting for my permanent office to undergo construction.  Monday will be all new scenery!

 Top: Banana Republic / Skirt: ASOS / Shoes: Michael Kors / Necklace: Reform School in Silver Lake

30 for 30: Day Six
Karen says...

Come on in, the water's fine!  Or, the Berber carpet is.  Well, I had some dinner guests today, so I had to sneak a picture in after the cooking and after the entertaining and well after work.  

This is one of those days where I hold the small blog audience captive to everyday musings.  I had a blast tonight making a lovely dinner of Chateaubriand, green beans casserole, and macaroni and cheese.  Yes, who the hell serves green beans and mac with a beef tenderloin?  This girl!  Because I had the most amazing green bean casserole evah at Hill Country Barbecue over the weekend in New Yawk, and have not been able to stop thinking about it.  I decided to build a meal around it.  And my dinner guests requested beef tenderloin, so that was that.  Beef tenderloin roast with red wine reduction.  Green beans casserole with fried shallots.  Calamarate pasta and cheese with three kinds of cheddar.  English sticky toffee pudding a la mode for dessert.  Cotes du Rhone.  Everybody home by 10:00 pm.  That's my kind of Thursday night!

Oh, the outfit.  Let's see how I can work this skirt through the next 24 outfits.  The top is whatevers - navy, fitted.  Yawn.

Paloma out this Friday.  See you next week!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

People To See

Comfortable workwear today for meetings and getting around.  Paloma is off with clients, Karen is the next building over with co-counsel.  No need to take out the suit, but must look nice.

Shirt: I.Madeline / Pants: ASOS / Heels: The Limited / Bracelet: David Yurman / Watch: Burberry / Portfolio: Muji

30 for 30: Day Five
Karen says...

Very schoolmarm today.  But chic schoolmarm, I hope, or 50's-era cafe chic.  This morning was when I started to realize: I'm running... outta... options.  This is the type of shirt I should only wear once a month, and at this rate I really will have to wear it once a week.

This was after lunch with Jamie, who I scooped up at the firm across the street after another meeting in the same building.  I love having meetings across the street.  You don't have to switch shoes for the walk, and you can feel very urban at the same time.  A fun lunch with a co-worker and clutching a folder all day - kinda felt I was on my way back to homeroom.

Tank: Target / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson "Calie" / Necklace: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day Five
Paloma says...

Today's photo was taken in an oh-so-glamorous locale: behind a shopping center in middle of Nowhere, California (aka the Inland Empire).  But you know what?  Even though I had to snap this by propping my phone up on my car bumper and striking a pose in front of truck drivers unloading cargo, I am so glad I did because it looks way better than my sad office selfies.

Anyway, continuing to be pleased by my 30 picks, including this brand new top from Target (shocking, I know) that I picked up for the unconscionable price of $8.98 (just checked again - now it's $7.18 - buy now!).  It's hard to tell from this pic, but it's loose fitted, pleated, and made of jersey, so it's ridiculously comfy and it's at least a little bit more interesting than your basic black tank.  Perfect for days like today,  when I have to wear something under a suit (suit coat not pictured since it was hot as the dickens).  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Accentuate the Positive

30 for 30 has us, still, thinking alike with limited options.  Black and white and a little pop!

Sweater: The Limited / T-Shirt: Merona for Target / Pants: The Limited (Exact Stretch)
Shoes: Sole Society / Earrings: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day Four
Paloma says...

When you've been beaten down for two days with a killer cold (yes, again... I realize I am getting sick a lot this year - I blame lack of sleep and two small kids), what's a girl to do but throw on a white t-shirt, stretchy black pants, red heels, and call it a day?

I look as horrendous as I feel today - red puffy eyes, red nose, horrid hair.  The works.  Thus, I just couldn't justify wearing something cute.  Who would want to ruin a cute outfit with an atrocious face?  Not me.  So that's how I wound up in head to toe basics.  With red shoes for good measure.  Just glad I had these items in my 30 for 30 picks.

Hoping tomorrow I am back to at least 80% and can put together something that's at least 80% interesting.

Top: Banana Republic / Skirt: The Limited Black Collection / Shoes: Michael Kors
Necklace: Bedford Ave. street vendor

30 for 30: Day Four
Karen says...

Well, well, well, look who bought a new car.  The only (and best) opportunity to get a photo today was with Steve (he of the many brown shoes).  And, apparently, a vintage Ford truck.  This truck is the perfect background for a standard black pencil skirt and white peplum outfit.  Of course.

I matched all this with a loud, vibrantly green necklace today.  It's a super cheap piece ($7, in fact) that I got on the streets of Williamsburg.  A man selling vinyls and old books was also selling fun jewelry.  It got a few compliments today, but I also wondered if these complimentors privately thought I got my necklace from a vending machine.  Four down, twenty-six to go!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Back and At It (Sorta)

We both took Friday off (blogwise) to keep us on track and in sync for our 30 for 30.  Monday, and back at it - except that Paloma's out sick.  And Karen is barely making it after an early morning flight from JFK...

Shirt: Anthropologie / Skirt: L'Agence / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini
Sunglasses: Vintage Christian Dior / Clutch: Clare Vivier

30 for 30: Day Three
Karen says...

I could've done better today, what with the rumpled skirt and misty photo, but it's all back to the grind after a weekend plus a couple days in New York.  I'm just glad I don't look as out of commission as I feel.  The shoes are an accident; intended to wear last Wednesday's Jeffrey Campbells with this, but whoops!  Pulled the wrong pair out of my suitcase in my car right before dashing up the building to my office.

This is after a very needed sugarfish lunch ("welcome back to LA"-style), thus the wrinkle in the skirt.  Or that the skirt was sitting in my trunk?  Also, the ruffle detail of the shirt is not visible here.  Eh, either way, I'm still dressing by the rules!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Solo Duty

Only Paloma reporting today - Karen is off galavanting in NYC for some socializing and maybe a little NYFW - lucky girl!!

Shirt: Old Navy / Skirt: The Limted / Cardigan: The Limited / Shoes: Target 
Earrings: J.Crew Factory / Belt: Urban Outfitters

30 for 30: Day Three
Paloma says...

Though this outfit photographs a little frumpy, its very cute in person - I swear! ;)  I would normally tuck this blouse into the skirt, but decided in the spirit of the 30 for 30 to change it up a bit and belt it over the skirt.  Look at me, getting all creative and stuff.

Spotted: The lovely Karen in Brooklyn sporting her best hipster/gangsta attire - at a food truck no less! Definitely not "work wear" but certainly adorable!

Necklace: Madewell / Everything Else: Urban Outfitters 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spots and Stripes

On Day Two of our 30 day project, we are as always in sync as we both sport patterns of the neutral variety. 

Dress: Madewell / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Necklace: Madewell

30 for 30: Day Two
Karen says...

Still ferociously having a Madewell moment.  Went back and got this "Pretty Woman" dress - couldn't resist.  An easy outfit today, look forward to matching this with the other items in the next 28 outfits to come!

Shirt: Forever 21 / Skirt: The Limted / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Earrings: Handmade in New Mexico

30 for 30: Day Two
Paloma says...

Day 2 of the 30 items and still feeling great.  Love the limited selection - it makes picking out clothes so much easier!

Have been wanting to pair stripes and leopard for awhile now and today is the day! I love that both of these patterns act as a neutral.  I swear, I could wear stripes all day every day.  This particular striped top is a recent Forever 21 purchase ($17 - holla!) that I just love. Hope the 30x30 doesn't make me sick of it. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brightest Blues

Starting Day One, Monday, and September off with our brightest blues!

Shirt: The Limited / Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Necklace: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day One
Paloma says...

Yay, 30 for 30 - day one!  I suspect this is the most excited I will feel about this project over the next 30 days.  In fact, I just hope I don't feel like burning these 30 items at the end of it all.  But I guess that's the whole point, right?  Just when you feel like burning your clothes, instead you have to get creative and hopefully discover some new outfits you hadn't thought of before.

Anyway, here's what I put together for day one: navy shirt, purple skirt, black accessories.  I tried to not go with something super basic by doing an unusual color combo - and one that I've never done before.  I like the result.  Here's to the next 29 combos!

Shirt: J. Crew Factory / Skirt: Banana Republic / Shoes: Sole Society / Clutch: Clare Vivier

30 for 30: Day One
Karen says...

I realized my little Polyvore below needs three more items.  Phew!  I was wondering how I'd get anything casual in there.

This thing might really work well for someone like me, whose mind is off to the races every time I'm presented with too many options.  I liked the facility of taking one thing and necessarily finding a match from a finite range.  Of course, it's day one, so the options will start to really narrow by, like, the end of this week... However, mathematically, it's all supposed to work out.

I know what I said about white, but except for the clutch, the skirt is... cream!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

30 for 30 in September!

Paloma says...

Hi all.  Paloma here.  So... We've decided to tackle a little project here on the blog for the next few weeks, in the interests of shaking things up a little bit and to continue our ever-present desire to shop our own closets more and malls/the internet less.

The project is a little something called "30 for 30," and was invented by one of my absolute favorite fashion bloggers, Kendi of Kendi Everyday.  The idea is to wear only 30 items from your closet for 30 days.  The 30 items includes shoes but doesn't include accessories.

For our purposes, we will limit the 30 days to work days (since those are the only days we blog), which means the whole shebang should last about 6 weeks.  We start Tuesday after our lovely long weekend.

I am personally super excited. I've always loved the concept since its a great exercise in living with a smaller wardrobe and I think it forces you to use your clothes in ways you maybe normally wouldn't. In short: I'm just all about it.

SO. Now for my 30 items.  I toyed with the idea of taking a picture of them all but honestly it just looked like crap when I did that.  And since I am an ultra huge nerd at heart, I went ahead and made a Polyvore.  Its also an easier way for me to look at all my items and envision re-mixing them.

I used the actual items when I was able to find them online, but if I couldn't find the item online, then I used the closest alternative I could find.  At the bottom there are links to the items featured in the Polyvore.  Here we go...

30 for 30 items

Karen says...

Oh my gosh, it was so difficult to put this Polyvore together.  But what a lot of fun it turned out to be, and now I kinda wanna make Polyvores all day.  Some of these items are just facsimiles of what I actually have (much higher-end ones, I'm afraid), but I made sure to edit accordingly on the list below of what is accurate.  Couldn't believe how hard it was to pull up thumbnails of stuff that is constantly available online... like my Limited pumps, which are like, their site staple.  Also, there's lots to pick from Sole Society, but not my blurred leopard pumps.

Anyway, this will be interesting.  I made a point to pick mostly fall-appropriate clothes, so hopefully the weather agrees with what I've done.  Here we go!

30 for 30