30 for 30 in September!

Paloma says...

Hi all.  Paloma here.  So... We've decided to tackle a little project here on the blog for the next few weeks, in the interests of shaking things up a little bit and to continue our ever-present desire to shop our own closets more and malls/the internet less.

The project is a little something called "30 for 30," and was invented by one of my absolute favorite fashion bloggers, Kendi of Kendi Everyday.  The idea is to wear only 30 items from your closet for 30 days.  The 30 items includes shoes but doesn't include accessories.

For our purposes, we will limit the 30 days to work days (since those are the only days we blog), which means the whole shebang should last about 6 weeks.  We start Tuesday after our lovely long weekend.

I am personally super excited. I've always loved the concept since its a great exercise in living with a smaller wardrobe and I think it forces you to use your clothes in ways you maybe normally wouldn't. In short: I'm just all about it.

SO. Now for my 30 items.  I toyed with the idea of taking a picture of them all but honestly it just looked like crap when I did that.  And since I am an ultra huge nerd at heart, I went ahead and made a Polyvore.  Its also an easier way for me to look at all my items and envision re-mixing them.

I used the actual items when I was able to find them online, but if I couldn't find the item online, then I used the closest alternative I could find.  At the bottom there are links to the items featured in the Polyvore.  Here we go...

30 for 30 items

Karen says...

Oh my gosh, it was so difficult to put this Polyvore together.  But what a lot of fun it turned out to be, and now I kinda wanna make Polyvores all day.  Some of these items are just facsimiles of what I actually have (much higher-end ones, I'm afraid), but I made sure to edit accordingly on the list below of what is accurate.  Couldn't believe how hard it was to pull up thumbnails of stuff that is constantly available online... like my Limited pumps, which are like, their site staple.  Also, there's lots to pick from Sole Society, but not my blurred leopard pumps.

Anyway, this will be interesting.  I made a point to pick mostly fall-appropriate clothes, so hopefully the weather agrees with what I've done.  Here we go!

30 for 30