People To See

Comfortable workwear today for meetings and getting around.  Paloma is off with clients, Karen is the next building over with co-counsel.  No need to take out the suit, but must look nice.

Shirt: I.Madeline / Pants: ASOS / Heels: The Limited / Bracelet: David Yurman / Watch: Burberry / Portfolio: Muji

30 for 30: Day Five
Karen says...

Very schoolmarm today.  But chic schoolmarm, I hope, or 50's-era cafe chic.  This morning was when I started to realize: I'm running... outta... options.  This is the type of shirt I should only wear once a month, and at this rate I really will have to wear it once a week.

This was after lunch with Jamie, who I scooped up at the firm across the street after another meeting in the same building.  I love having meetings across the street.  You don't have to switch shoes for the walk, and you can feel very urban at the same time.  A fun lunch with a co-worker and clutching a folder all day - kinda felt I was on my way back to homeroom.

Tank: Target / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson "Calie" / Necklace: Forever 21

30 for 30: Day Five
Paloma says...

Today's photo was taken in an oh-so-glamorous locale: behind a shopping center in middle of Nowhere, California (aka the Inland Empire).  But you know what?  Even though I had to snap this by propping my phone up on my car bumper and striking a pose in front of truck drivers unloading cargo, I am so glad I did because it looks way better than my sad office selfies.

Anyway, continuing to be pleased by my 30 picks, including this brand new top from Target (shocking, I know) that I picked up for the unconscionable price of $8.98 (just checked again - now it's $7.18 - buy now!).  It's hard to tell from this pic, but it's loose fitted, pleated, and made of jersey, so it's ridiculously comfy and it's at least a little bit more interesting than your basic black tank.  Perfect for days like today,  when I have to wear something under a suit (suit coat not pictured since it was hot as the dickens).