Happy Birthday to... Paloma!

Extra special day!  It's Paloma's birthday, all the more reason to look and feel fabulous.

Dress: Zara / Cardigan: LOFT / Shoes: Target / Belt: borrowed from a dress purchased at Twill in PDX

30 for 30: Day Eight
Paloma says...

Happy Birthday to me!  Celebrated the big double-3 by finally getting up early and working out (first time in years!), working from home for a few hours, taking my daughters to the dentist, then having a sushi lunch with my hub.  Hub snapped this pic of me post-sushi binge, and I'm just happy I wore such a forgiving dress because I'm feeling uncomfortably full.

I adore this Zara dress but have only worn it once before (here), so I added it to my 30 for 30 so I would be forced to wear it more. Its sooo comfy and the color is great - love it paired with the complementary jewel tone purple.  And!  I just discovered it has pockets. So yea, awesome.

Shirt: H&M / Skirt: Zara / Cardigan: Charlotte Tarantola / Shoes: Sole Society

30 for 30: Day Eight
Karen says...

These are all new items to my 30 for 30, and I actually have to sneak the cardigan onto my incomplete (and soon to be redacted) Polyvore.  I'm not quite sure how these items will recur in the next 22 outfits, but today we'll go with this committed full-flirty-flouncy look.  

The skirt is the troublesome item.  Skirts that "pop" like this seem to be a basic, because they're black and white, but end up being tough to match.  I've tried many things, and usually end up color-blocking the colorblock with some other... color.  

Anyway, Steve was kind enough to oblige me today, but as you can see from the blurry effort, this was all a bit rushed.

Happiest of birthdays to the most fabulous fashionista, Paloma!