Let's Go Jewel Tones

We'd be a spectrum of jewels today, if we had been able to get together.

Dress: Zara / Cardigan: The Limited / Shoes: Calvin Klein / Faux pearls: Target

Paloma says...

Another day I am so sad we weren't able to swing a get-together for pics, because I love my outfit.  Boo.  The color of the dress is not done justice by this picture - it's a gorgeous emerald (Pantone's color of the year, people!) and is all sorts of perfect.

In other sad news, I didn't go outside of my building all day, and barely even left my office.  This means that no one got to see my dress in all its glory.  Thank goodness for you, internet peeps.  Thank goodness.

Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Pleated Skirt: S.Y.L.K. / Heels: The Limited / Necklace: J.Crew Factory

Karen says...

Today has just been stupid in all kinds of ways.  The weather is weird, and work is draining, not for any particular reason except that it's not as interesting today as it can be.  Also, I have other little life stressors, like security breaches with my banking institution, and feeling under the weather.  Cue sad violin.

The photo screams wet blanket and despondency.  However, I, too, am pleased with my J.Crew Factory purchases.  When in doubt, just wear that shiz together.  After all, they're all just jewel tones.

I bet this outfit would look cuter with a smile.