Thursday, January 30, 2014

Going Profesh

Ah, the way we were... a time when we would get together for a quick lunch and snap a couple of photos.  And wear the same color scheme?  The nostalgia is just too great.

Sweater: The Limited / Shirt: The Limited / Pants: The Limited
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini / Locket necklace: gift from the hub

Paloma says...

So I love that Karen and I matched once again today - it's truly remarkable how often we've done that without knowing it.  I guess no amount of breaks from blogging will stop us from having outfit ESP.

What I don't love is that I am wearing The Limited from head to toe.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just kinda boring.  As this outfit is.  But I had court this morning which generally calls for boring.  The cardigan was replaced with a blazer and I looked super profesh.

Shirt: Maison Scotch / Cardigan: Banana Republic / Skirt: S.Y.L.K.
Shoes: Franco Sarto / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Glasses: Uniqlo

Karen says...

I have a new appreciation for workwear combinations after my weekend jaunt in New York.  I was just so acutely aware of the difficulty of putting pieces together when nobody would see them under your coat anyway.  And cute little pumps?  Forget it.  Paloma and I definitely felt the brisk breeze walking to our lunchtime meetup, but here's to LA, where you can wear an ensemble like this year round and others actually get to see it.  I mean, If you really love shoes, that whole Carrie Bradshaw thing is a myth.  Beautiful Manolos have no business walking the blocks of SoHo and the Village.  Exquisite Jimmy Choos will never survive the cold weather.  The urbanites laugh at your need to have a heel, at all costs, because real New Yorkers wear flats and boots.  This all happened to me across the last year.

Not to entirely turn my back on New York, I do admit that the ladies there understand the composition of an outfit and look infinitely sleek in their black and layers.  I am just bemoaning the limitation of the elements.

So I inventoried all my pretty little 3- and 4-inchers last night and vowed to give them their due through our no-rain California winter.  Paloma also pointed out that this is the first time my hunter green heels came out as their real color.  Yes to proper photos under a cloudless sky, and yes to more lunches with Paloma!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Color Crush

Paloma says...

Sooooo I'm not too sure about the color combo I have going on today - earthy mustard + bright coral + bright turquoise (earrings)? Not so sure.

Cardigan: The Limited / Shirt: Old Navy / Pants: Express / Earrings: J.Crew Factory
Belt: came with a dress / Shoes: Banana Republic

However, I will say it's comfy!  And I love each piece individually so why the hell not?

In other news, I have not bought even one item of clothing/shoes/accessories for about three weeks now!  It's a miracle!  Trying to hold off entirely until March 1 but oh man, it is hard. Temptation is everywhere, in the form of emails declaring "Shop Spring!" and "40% off!"  Damn it.

This One's For Connie...

Karen says...

Off the blogging map.  Settling cases, writing motions, taking trips.  I think that's both of us.

Blouse; Zara / Cardigan: Gentlefawn / Skirt: Bebe / Shoes: Michael Kors / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Well, another one of our loyal NTTF readers is apparently my wonderful friend Connie.  Mags and Connie, we love you!  Connie was very thoughtful today when she told me that she missed our posts.  So my thanks to Connie for restoring me to the blogging world.

I really love this blouse.  It's a $19.99 find from Zara, which I picked up over the weekend in New York.  They were having a bananas sale at the SoHo store and it was not easy sifting through racks and racks of discounted clothing with four layers on and tons of bundled up crazed New York fashionistas around you.  I didn't even try it on; giving up, nearly at my wit's end, I just took a chance on it.  One of the best shopping decisions ever, since I love this blouse and can match it up a bunch of different ways.

The cardigan is a 50% off find from Fred Segal.  Fred Segal deserves its own little blog post, as it ever remains a mystery to me.  You never know where they are harvesting a lot of their stock, as it could be cheap Chinese inventory marked up 500%.  I somehow think that's the case with this cardigan that, though I got half off, is a brand I've never heard of in all my born shopping days, and has a conspicuous "Made In China" emblazoned on its tag.  But it's comfy and sturdy and basically the ideal slouchy grandpa cardigan.

And, here's a tidbit from last weekend's trip to New York:

Jacket: Spiewak / Bag: Zara / Jeggings: Uniqlo / Sneaks: Topshop / Glasses: Uniqlo

I am "smiling," but it was absolutely miserably cold.  I love this picture for the backdrop and the snow you can see coming down.  But it was really tough getting around in 18-degree weather bundled up in all discomfort.  I never understood, like really understood, coats and winterwear in general, until this last weekend.  Wearing UGGs in Mammoth just does not count.  This was in front of Tokio 7 in the East Village, a fantastic consignment/vintage store. 

It's nice to be back!  Back to work, and back to the blog.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Wear?

Paloma says...

I think Winter in LA may finally be upon us.  And to celebrate, I am yet again sporting black and charcoal with a bit of red.

Sweater: Target / Skirt: J.Crew / Shoes: Sole Society / Necklace: Forever 21

Well, although I wish I didn't look quite so bedraggled in this picture, I really can't complain since I am feeling even more frazzled than the picture portrays.  I've been knee-deep in an MSJ yet again, which means I have to stop blogging now and return to my Separate Statement of Undisputed Material Facts and Taylor Swift jamming full blast on Spotify.  See ya!

Monday, January 27, 2014

This One's For Maggie....

Paloma says...

Sigh.  We have indeed fallen off the wagon.  Twelve days without a post!  It's a travesty.  I guess we've had a hard time re-focusing since we hit the 'one year' mark.  We just thought we'd have all sorts of new ideas and vision for our blog in the new year but alas, it has not come to us. Yet.  Not to mention, and I obviously can't speak to Karen on this but wow I have been busier than ever.  So not blogging sorta just became a lot easier than blogging.

Anyway, when my beloved friend Maggie (and perhaps the most loyal NTTF reader?) Gchatted me today and asked where the blog had gone, I decided to get up off my ass, take a selfie, and post it. Just for her. So here you go, Mags...

Cardigan: Martin + Osa / Pants: The Limited (exact stretch flare) / Shirt: Forever 21 / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini
Belt: Urban Outfitters / Gold hoop earrings: gift

So there you have it - my complete un-blog-worthy outfit.  But hey, I actually like it better in picture than in person, so that's good news!  Let's hope we get our blogging mojo back soon! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Walk in the Park

It's a lovely 80-degree day for meeting up and getting coffee.

Shirt: Anthropologie / Sweatshirt: Stateside / Skirt: J.Crew / Shoes: The Limited / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Karen says...

In a strange way, I still have not adapted to the change back from Casual December.  This must  be why I continue to mix casual items with my worky work clothes, like this chambray top and My Current Favorite Sweatshirt which I slung over my shoulders to make its relaxed vibe a little less discernible.

But, both my awesome lunch companion (my pal Duke) and my awesome coffee companion (my pal Paloma) approved of my look, so I feel aces!

Cardigan: LOFT / Tank: Target (maternity!) / Skirt: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Paloma says...

I am a busy lady these days at work, had to take a break when Karen told me she was having lunch across the street from my office so I could have coffee and a photo session with my dear buddy - the best!

Another day dressed like it's summer - I don't mean to keep talking about the weather but it really is kinda crazy.  Beginning to wonder if we are just going to skip winter this year. And also wondering if this means summer 2014 will be brutally hot.  Hope not.  And hope winter comes soon! This warm weather is getting a bit boring.

In other news, this maternity tank sure has done me right over the years - its nice and long and super stretchy which means I can wear it basically forever.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Working Mom Fashion

So Karen and I are trying this little experiment where we post separately (since we no longer work in the same office, the joint post just didn't feel as effortless anymore). We still have to come up with some ideas for better quality stuff around here, but for now.... more outfits, more posts.

If you read us regularly (I know you are out there!! Even if its only 4 of you!), and have an opinion about what you would like to see on the blog, please let us know in the comments. We need some direction, people!

Blouse: Express / Skirt: Target / Belt: H&M / Shoes: Banana Republic

(Very loosely) copying a look I pinned eons ago by Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook - here .  I really wanted to do this with a chambray shirt as she did, but I just cant imagine wearing chambray to work, other than on casual Friday (and even then, I don't think I've ever done it!). So I just generally followed the loose button down/floral pencil skirt/cognac belt formula and I'm pleased with the results! I will note that this is as much of a summer-y outfit as yesterday's was winter-y.  And totally appropriate as it is still in the 80's. 

In other news, a co-worker today told me that I was "quite the fashionista for a working mom."  This was intended to be a compliment, and I definitely took it as such, but I thought it was funny that working mom does not = fashionable in most people's minds.  And I get it. Certainly this morning, when I was deliriously choosing my outfit after a glorious 4 hours of sleep, thanks to my 18-month old's "sleep regression," I considered opting for something more comfy and in the arena of loose sweater/stretchy pants/flats.  However, on second thought, I decided a more pulled-together outfit would, perhaps, make me feel more pulled together and alert.  Is it working? Perhaps. Or perhaps its the four cups of coffee.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Fashion by Bulletpoints

Just some scattered thoughts on another ordinary day of in-office selfies.

Shirt: Joie / Skirt: S.Y.L.K. / Shoes: Steve Madden

Karen says...

  • Wore these pink shoes after poring through some of SJP's upcoming designs for Nordstrom
  • Have worked out enough and eaten few enough calories where this skirt isn't unbearable to have on anymore (a cinched waistline situation)
  • Love this blouse even though it's hard to match with things because of its unusual cut; like the idea of two-toned pink
  • Have been listening to Broken Bells nonstop on for no apparent reason

Shirt: Urban Outfitters / Cardigan: J.Crew / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson "Calie"

Paloma says...

  • I am on a shopping hiatus until March 1. This is going to be hard, but I have imposed a quarterly shopping budget on myself (as opposed to a monthly one), and have somehow spent my entire quarter's budget in the month of December. Ergh. Those holiday sales were too hard to resist! 
  • I did not intend to wear all black today but I did. I can't even blame it on the winter-y weather, either, as 80 degree temps persist here in the City of Angels. I love the sun and all but I would really like to actually need a coat one of these days.  Not to mention I think we are actually having a serious drought.
  • Trying out a new part of my office for selfies because I am just so tired of the behind-the-door selfies.  Not sure this will make much of a difference, however. A selfie is a selfie, after all. :(

Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Casual Realness

Maybe we can just go two years straight and see what happens.

Shirt: Old Navy / Pants: Target / Boots: Steve Madden "Sonnya" Riding Boots

Paloma says...

Busy day = boring post.

Truly nothing to say today, since it's a bit busy around here and my blogging brain isn't working.  Just another basic Friday outfit in some of my favorite shades - black, white, and cognac.

Shirt: Merona / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Shoes: Sole Society / Coat: Spiewak
Necklace: Brooklyn street vendor / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Karen says...

Used no fewer than four filters and three apps for this photo.  And it shows the newly chopped locks in better detail,  as well the fabulous faux fur collar, the green and blue color blocking, the cute little bows on my new blue shoes, and of course, my ever-present sullen expression.

I just want to say that I have eaten 1200 calories for seven days straight (except for a Wednesday dinner), and worked out four times for an hour each.  And I've gained two pounds.  So I have nothing to smile about.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nothing Fancy

Consistency is everything.  We're continuing to reuse and remix our winter items.

Dress: Joie / Shoes: Sole Society Elisa

Karen says...

I used to dress with the knowledge that it would go to a post, but since we're in a blog limbo right now (one year is done, now what?), I sort of dress to be comfortable, and take the blogging as it comes.  Today Paloma voted yes to a post, so here I am with a retread outfit.

However, the shoes are actually new - replacing my Enzo Angiolinis, which are due to the cobbler and I think will not be salvaged.  I love this color and feel that it accents any outfit.  In this case, the dress has hints of cobalt blue, and so the shoes are perfect.  Cannot say enough about how great these Sole Society Elisas are.  Wouldn't hurt to pick them up in black, I think.

Shirt: Target / Pants: J.Crew / Shoes: Jessica Simpson "Calie" / Necklace: Forever 21

Paloma says...

Oh how I wish I had something more exciting to show you/say to the blogging world.  Instead it's just this boring little post about my outfit, and yet another selfie. At least I got my diplomas hung - holla!

I love these shoes - already have them in black and just recently got these nude ones for like 70% off. Sweetness.

I also love this top, but only wear it like once a year and whenever I do wear it get compliments up the wazoo, and wonder why I only wear it occasionally.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back and At It

Just some ordinary outfits for another ordinary day, and still waiting for inspiration to strike in 2014...

Sweater: J.Crew / Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson "Calie" / Belt: Target

Paloma says....

So much for starting 2014 off with a bang.  Here I am, once again, behind my door in a pencil skirt and cardigan, taking a selfie.  Yawn.  Although after a whirlwind 36-hour business trip to Dallas, Texas (a.k.a. The Arctic, compared to our 75 degrees here in LA), and a mountain of work greeting me upon my return, it's frankly a miracle I took a picture at all.  So there.

Anyway, today is another example of pulling out the "Tried And Trues" when you have no energy to be creative - in my case, that's gray, black, stripes, pencil skirt, and a bit of leopard. 

Jumpsuit: Topshop / Wrap: MUJI / Shoes: Sole Society Kella / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Karen says...

Well, I know this - I can't stop wearing my gold-capped heels.  These photos leave much to be desired, but we haven't figured out what our new 2014 gimmick is yet (and really dragging our heels on it), so for now it's sort of a blog-as-you-go thing.  I had dinner with friends so I dressed for day (left) and then night (right) with a black jumpsuit and the most awesome scarf-cape hybrid from Muji.  There are buttons along two sides for all kinds of cover-up combos.  I would wear it everyday and, in fact, it's perfect for the very slight Polar Vortex we are experiencing.

The only problem with this jumpsuit is that it promptly went on sale for like, um, 50% off, right after I bought it at the store.  Le sigh.  And I would have done something about it if it weren't off at the tailor being altered, and I wasn't so lazy to go back to The Grove.

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Now that our 2013 project is done, we're planning ahead for how to revamp (aka, the escapist project from the day job) for 2014...

Tank: J.Crew / Shirt: Zara / Jeans; H&M / Shoes: Sole Society Kella

Karen says...

It took a year, but I finally gave in to the cap-toe pump craze.  Granted, mine are "French taupe" and not black, but even the black ones are pretty awesome.  And as for this photo of my backside, well, it was the clearest one we got among all the lunchtime melee.

So here are some of my fashion resolutions for 2014:

Be OK with wearing my size - or a size up.  All I ever wanted out of life was a tiny dancer's body and a huge head of hair.  I have always said this.  It's not that I shop under my size, or shop for my ideal size, because that's just a waste of money.  But I sometimes refuse to buy a size up, even when it looks better, just for the principle of it.  And then shopping for exactly my size creates particular misery on my fat days.  I resolve to be comfortable with buying things a size up, not because I plan to gain weight, but because size ain't nuthin' but a number and if it looks fabulous, then why not?

Be better about wearing work clothes to... uh, work.  I resolve to look prim and proper as a lady lawyer should.  When there are days to sneak in jeans, or get away with a trendy outfit, boy, do I do it.  But it probably suits me better to dress for the part each and every day, blog be damned!

Shop smart.  I resolve to give in less to trends in black and give in more to colorful staples.  That may sound boring, but I often struggle to find that last piece to liven up an outfit, and that's what's missing.

Shop less.  Obviously.

I somehow feel this list is not exhaustive.  But four rules are already a lot for me.

Paloma says....

Fashion resolutions?  Hm.  Somehow not as easy to come up with as I imagined.  Honestly, I feel like I have found a great groove in terms of fashion this year.  I am shopping for the job I have, not the one I want (i.e., appropriate lawyerly items, not weekend wear); I am making my purchases more consciously (not just buying whatever is on sale - in fact, I've started a spreadsheet of purchases which includes a 'wish list' so when I shop I have something in mind); and I am dressing my age/size (I have only recently started purchasing size medium as opposed to small - small fits fine but medium just keeps me covered and comfortable when I'm running around after kids).

I guess the moral of the story here is that my resolutions for 2014 are to continue doing what I'm doing. And, of course, to make this blog even better. :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Rules

Well... coming soon, at least.  The blog definitely deserves a 2014 makeover, but until we decide what that is, we will continue to do our bleary-eyed thing. 

T-Shirt: The Limited / Cardigan: LOFT / Skirt: The Limited / Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Earrings: Macy's clearance rack

Paloma says...

Well, in this picture I definitely look as tired as I feel.  You would think that after two weeks of working a couple of days, then being off a couple of days, working a day, being off a couple of days, working a couple of days, being off a day ("it was like four short work weeks!" Karen lamented today), that I would be more rested.  Alas, it actually has felt very harried and crazy. Not so relaxing.  Doesn't help that there was holiday mayhem in the midst of all that, sick kids, kids home from school, sick Mommy, sick Daddy, lots of work, etc. 

Needless to say, I am ready for the promise of boring, routine, and average that January brings.  And I am also excited to wear this very cute and comfy skirt.

Shirt: Anthropologie / Sweater: H&M / Pants: Alice + Olivia / Shoes: Franco Sarto / Necklace: The Limited

Karen says...

This amorphous blob is, in fact, me.  I'm very "long hair don't care" today but that will only last through tomorrow, with an appointment for a new 'do.  Also, can't get any more shapeless than a slightly oversized sweater and way-too-comfy skinny pants.  

This, by the way, is right outside my office.  I seem to blend right in with the olive green and pumpkin orange.