This One's For Connie...

Karen says...

Off the blogging map.  Settling cases, writing motions, taking trips.  I think that's both of us.

Blouse; Zara / Cardigan: Gentlefawn / Skirt: Bebe / Shoes: Michael Kors / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Well, another one of our loyal NTTF readers is apparently my wonderful friend Connie.  Mags and Connie, we love you!  Connie was very thoughtful today when she told me that she missed our posts.  So my thanks to Connie for restoring me to the blogging world.

I really love this blouse.  It's a $19.99 find from Zara, which I picked up over the weekend in New York.  They were having a bananas sale at the SoHo store and it was not easy sifting through racks and racks of discounted clothing with four layers on and tons of bundled up crazed New York fashionistas around you.  I didn't even try it on; giving up, nearly at my wit's end, I just took a chance on it.  One of the best shopping decisions ever, since I love this blouse and can match it up a bunch of different ways.

The cardigan is a 50% off find from Fred Segal.  Fred Segal deserves its own little blog post, as it ever remains a mystery to me.  You never know where they are harvesting a lot of their stock, as it could be cheap Chinese inventory marked up 500%.  I somehow think that's the case with this cardigan that, though I got half off, is a brand I've never heard of in all my born shopping days, and has a conspicuous "Made In China" emblazoned on its tag.  But it's comfy and sturdy and basically the ideal slouchy grandpa cardigan.

And, here's a tidbit from last weekend's trip to New York:

Jacket: Spiewak / Bag: Zara / Jeggings: Uniqlo / Sneaks: Topshop / Glasses: Uniqlo

I am "smiling," but it was absolutely miserably cold.  I love this picture for the backdrop and the snow you can see coming down.  But it was really tough getting around in 18-degree weather bundled up in all discomfort.  I never understood, like really understood, coats and winterwear in general, until this last weekend.  Wearing UGGs in Mammoth just does not count.  This was in front of Tokio 7 in the East Village, a fantastic consignment/vintage store. 

It's nice to be back!  Back to work, and back to the blog.