New Year's Resolutions

Now that our 2013 project is done, we're planning ahead for how to revamp (aka, the escapist project from the day job) for 2014...

Tank: J.Crew / Shirt: Zara / Jeans; H&M / Shoes: Sole Society Kella

Karen says...

It took a year, but I finally gave in to the cap-toe pump craze.  Granted, mine are "French taupe" and not black, but even the black ones are pretty awesome.  And as for this photo of my backside, well, it was the clearest one we got among all the lunchtime melee.

So here are some of my fashion resolutions for 2014:

Be OK with wearing my size - or a size up.  All I ever wanted out of life was a tiny dancer's body and a huge head of hair.  I have always said this.  It's not that I shop under my size, or shop for my ideal size, because that's just a waste of money.  But I sometimes refuse to buy a size up, even when it looks better, just for the principle of it.  And then shopping for exactly my size creates particular misery on my fat days.  I resolve to be comfortable with buying things a size up, not because I plan to gain weight, but because size ain't nuthin' but a number and if it looks fabulous, then why not?

Be better about wearing work clothes to... uh, work.  I resolve to look prim and proper as a lady lawyer should.  When there are days to sneak in jeans, or get away with a trendy outfit, boy, do I do it.  But it probably suits me better to dress for the part each and every day, blog be damned!

Shop smart.  I resolve to give in less to trends in black and give in more to colorful staples.  That may sound boring, but I often struggle to find that last piece to liven up an outfit, and that's what's missing.

Shop less.  Obviously.

I somehow feel this list is not exhaustive.  But four rules are already a lot for me.

Paloma says....

Fashion resolutions?  Hm.  Somehow not as easy to come up with as I imagined.  Honestly, I feel like I have found a great groove in terms of fashion this year.  I am shopping for the job I have, not the one I want (i.e., appropriate lawyerly items, not weekend wear); I am making my purchases more consciously (not just buying whatever is on sale - in fact, I've started a spreadsheet of purchases which includes a 'wish list' so when I shop I have something in mind); and I am dressing my age/size (I have only recently started purchasing size medium as opposed to small - small fits fine but medium just keeps me covered and comfortable when I'm running around after kids).

I guess the moral of the story here is that my resolutions for 2014 are to continue doing what I'm doing. And, of course, to make this blog even better. :)