Monday, January 27, 2014

This One's For Maggie....

Paloma says...

Sigh.  We have indeed fallen off the wagon.  Twelve days without a post!  It's a travesty.  I guess we've had a hard time re-focusing since we hit the 'one year' mark.  We just thought we'd have all sorts of new ideas and vision for our blog in the new year but alas, it has not come to us. Yet.  Not to mention, and I obviously can't speak to Karen on this but wow I have been busier than ever.  So not blogging sorta just became a lot easier than blogging.

Anyway, when my beloved friend Maggie (and perhaps the most loyal NTTF reader?) Gchatted me today and asked where the blog had gone, I decided to get up off my ass, take a selfie, and post it. Just for her. So here you go, Mags...

Cardigan: Martin + Osa / Pants: The Limited (exact stretch flare) / Shirt: Forever 21 / Shoes: Enzo Angiolini
Belt: Urban Outfitters / Gold hoop earrings: gift

So there you have it - my complete un-blog-worthy outfit.  But hey, I actually like it better in picture than in person, so that's good news!  Let's hope we get our blogging mojo back soon! 

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